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Name Title
Athletic Care
Vinny Scavo

Senior Associate AD / Athletic Training

Dr. Lee Kaplan

Medical Director

Adam Bennett

Associate Athletic Trainer (Head Football Trainer)

Karl Rennalls

Senior Associate Athletic Trainer - Soccer/Olympic Sports Supervisor

Julia Rapicavoli

Director of Rehabilitation/Associate Athletic Trainer

Adriana Logan

Associate Athletic Trainer - Volleyball and Golf

Brianna Boyd

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Rowing

Max Elder

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Football

Julian Rivera

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Baseball/Physical Therapist

Silver Harris

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Women's Basketball

Bryan Hicks

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Football

Sam Johnson

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Men's Basketball

Amber Kingsley

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Swim & Dive

Allison Ross

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Track & Field / Cross Country

Hannah White

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Women's Tennis

Joe Girardi

Staff Physical Therapist - Football

Tommy Otley

Staff Physical Therapist - Basketball

Evelyn Columbie

Insurance/Billing Coordinator

Vanessa Escobar

Medical Assistant

Dr. Michael Baraga

Team Physician

Dr. Thomas Best

Team Physician

Dr. Stephen Henry

Team Physician

Dr. Julianne Muñoz

Co-Team Physician

Dr. Kristopher Paultre

Team Physician

Dr. Bo Brooks


Dr. Gillian Hotz

Concussion Specialist

Dr. Abraham Chileuitt


Dr. Jean Jose


Ignacio Alejandro Gaunaurd


Peter Galasso

Physical Therapy Resident

Lil Padro

Physical Therapy Resident

Brenden Seki

Physical Therapy Resident