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Our Mission

The University of Miami Athletics Compliance Office exists to protect the institution through its efforts aimed at ensuring institutional control. The Compliance Office strives to maximize opportunity for the constituents of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to the NCAA Rules. The Compliance Office shall be dedicated to ethical decision making with the highest standard of quality and professionalism while maintaining a fair balance between student-athletes and athletic department staff.

To Fans and Friends of the University of Miami Athletics,

Compliance with NCAA and ACC rules is of utmost importance to the University of Miami and its Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Athletics compliance is the responsibility of everyone associated with the University of Miami’s athletics program, including coaches, student-athletes, athletics department personnel, faculty, staff, alumni, boosters and other supporters of the University of Miami. The University of Miami Athletics Compliance Office is charged with leading and coordinating the University of Miami’s compliance efforts and shall act as a resource for internal and external constituencies regarding NCAA and ACC compliance issues.

It is critical that all of us do our part to learn and abide by NCAA rules that impact the University of Miami’s student-athletes, recruits, coaches, and boosters. The goals of the Athletics Compliance Office are to:

  • Educate coaches, student-athletes, staff, and supporters regarding NCAA and ACC rules and the compliance expectations of the University of Miami.
  • Control and operate the athletics program in accordance with all applicable NCAA, ACC, and institutional rules to maintain a culture of compliance.
  • Monitor all aspects of the University’s athletics programs to ensure compliance; identify and report to the NCAA all instances in which compliance has not been achieved, and affirm that appropriate corrective actions are taken.
  • To serve coaches, student-athletes, staff, and supporters by providing accurate and timely interpretations of the rules and assisting them in their compliance efforts.
  • Help all fans and friends of the University of Miami’s athletics program comply with all applicable NCAA, conference, and institutional rules.

Please contact the University of Miami Athletics Compliance Office with any questions regarding NCAA or ACC rules or regulations at or 305-284-2692.



Dan Raben
Executive Associate AD for Compliance

Our Staff

Dan Raben — Executive Associate Athletic Director, Compliance (
Sarah McFall —  Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance  (
Nicholas Muniz — Director, Compliance (
Paige Needham — Director, Compliance (
Dakota Davis — Assistant Director (

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