In accordance with NCAA rules and regulations, all suspected or alleged violations of NCAA rules, whether they be secondary or major, shall be investigated. At no time shall any rules violation (secondary or major) go unreported to the Executive Associate Athletic Director for Compliance. If the Executive Associate Athletic Director for Compliance determines that a violation has occurred, the violation (or possible violation) will be reported to the NCAA national office, appropriate conference officials, and/or appropriate University of Miami officials.

1. Reporting a Violation

  1. Any individual (e.g., athletic department staff member, student-athlete, university employee, representative of the university’s athletics interests, member of the community) may report an alleged, rumored, or suspected violation.
  2. The individual may report the alleged, rumored, or suspected violation verbally or in writing. He/She may report an alleged violation anonymously.

2. To Whom Shall an Alleged Violation be Reported?

If an alleged or rumored violation is communicated to any athletic department staff member or individual other than an athletic department staff member, the individual has an obligation to report the alleged violation to any or all of the following persons in a timely manner:

  • Executive Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
  • Director of Athletics

Alleged violations can also now be reported online through Cane Watch:

NOTE: Assistant coaches have not met their burden by simply reporting a possible violation to their supervising head coach; they must be able to verify that the report is made to one of the two department staff members listed above.

If you have any questions, contact the Compliance Office at

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