Greetings from the University of Miami Compliance Office:

We define a “Covered Individual” as anyone who serves as an agent, runner, financial planner, sports marketing representative, sports public relations firm, brand manager, and employees of any of those described. University of Miami student-athletes, their parents, or representatives should disclose conversations with covered individuals to the Compliance Office. Given NCAA rules regarding agreements with agents and/or promotional activities we want to be made aware of situations that could affect current student-athletes’ intercollegiate eligibility.

Our institutional policy, as laid out in the student-athlete handbook requests that meetings take place on-campus with UM staff members present. In addition, due to NCAA rules regarding receipt of benefits form agents, any current student-athletes wishing to attend NFL draft parties or other social function must receive the approval of both their coaching staff and the Compliance Office.

Failure to abide by these polices could result in loss of eligibility and/or removal from the team. Should you have any questions please contact us at 305-284-2692.

We appreciate your cooperation in advance regarding this policy.


Craig Anderson
Senior Associate AD for Compliance

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