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“The history and experiences of people of diverse backgrounds has made America the greatest country in the world. While recent events have caused us to pause and reflect on our own morality, my actions will always reflect the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every human being. And so, our department celebrates the diversity of our staff. We believe our diversity gives us a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining talent. We believe our diversity encourages a more inclusive environment. We believe our diversity increases our economic value to the university and the greater South Florida area. Finally, we believe that our diversity helps us be more culturally competent and responsive to current events. People. Culture. Economics. Education. These are the pillars of focus in our pursuit of inclusive excellence.”

  • Dan Radakovich, Vice President/Director of Athletics

The University of Miami Athletics Trailblazer Award winners for 2022 are former student-athletes Aisha Chow (rowing, 1995-99) and Burgess Owens (football, 1970-72), as well as former University President Donna Shalala.

Miami Athletics launched the award in 2021 to honor and recognize current and former student-athletes of color and others affiliated with athletics who have distinguished themselves as pioneers and game changers in sports and life. The award originates from the Diversity and Inclusion unit within the athletic department.

Systemic Racism Explained (courtesy

The Americans with Disabilities Act Signing Ceremony (courtesy Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs)

Equality, sports, and Title IX - Erin Buzuvis and Kristine Newhall (courtesy TED-Ed)

What Is Judaism?


UM Pride Panel: Embracing Inclusion

  • Don’t wait for student-athletes/colleagues to come to you. Educate yourself and initiate conversations about diversity and inclusion with the entire team.
  • Accept the experiences of diverse student-athletes/colleagues as valid and important
  • Recognize that no one can avoid the forces of racism, sexism, and exclusion
  • Acknowledge your privilege and share your desire to advocate for diverse student-athletes/colleagues
  • Break the silence and embrace the discomfort of not knowing
  • Use your platform to confront and challenge racist narratives, stereotypes and policing
  • Disrupt derogatory slurs, language, racist ideas and jokes when you hear them
  • Be mindful of the trauma, fear, and emotional labor caused by racism, sexism, and exclusion
  • Apologize if you make a mistake
  • Encourage your colleagues to work with you to address exclusive and discriminatory behavior
  • Commit to growth and doing the best you can
  • Seek out campus resources and introduce campus partners to the team
  • Hold space for your diverse student-athletes/colleagues to express the full range of their emotions