Dear Hurricane Supporter:

The administration and operation of a major university athletic program in a highly regulated environment requires constant attention to compliance. As a member institution of the NCAA, the University of Miami is committed to adherence to the rules of the association.

While some may disagree with some of the rules, they nonetheless have been adopted by the member institutions and must be followed and enforced.

The obligation to adhere to NCAA rules extends beyond the athletic department to the greater university community and to representatives of the institution’s athletics interests. Because of your relationship with our athletic department, it is necessary for us to inform you of certain rules which may apply to you and to provide you with the current interpretations of NCAA legislation.

By knowing and understanding the rules we can all best serve the Hurricane athletic program. Please review the booster brochure and booster presentation linked below and other information provided on our website. Should you have any questions, or need further information, please contact the Compliance Office at 305- 284-2692 or email us at

Thank you for your support of the program. Without you and other Hurricane supporters, we would not be able to have the highly successful program that we do.

Booster Brochure is available HERE

Booster Presentation is available HERE

Booster NIL Poster is available HERE

Let’s win the right way — follow NCAA rules and remember to always ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!

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