Hurricanes Will Welcome Over 300 Alumni to Spring Game

April 15, 2011


From Chip Patterson

Al Golden has been in college football for over 21 years as a player and coach, but the greatest support he will have on Saturday will be from a program that he has only been a part of for less than four months.  Golden has made a point to reach out to Miami’s long and impressive list of former players and coaches since he was introduced as the next Hurricanes coach in December.  That alumni group plans to show their support of Golden and the 2011 Hurricanes at Saturday’s spring game in Fort Lauderdale.

Golden told reporters that they are expecting over 300 alumni at the event on Saturday, highlighted by the reunion of the 2001 National Championship team. Ken Dorsey,Phillip Buchanon, Antrel Rolle, Brett Romberg, Bryant McKinnie and Willis McGahee and many more notables are all expected to be in attendnace. The players in from the 2001 squad are scheduled to eat dinner with the current Canes on Friday night before the game.  After wrapping up their final practice on Thursday, Golden was asked if his players felt extra pressure with so many alumni coming in town for the weekend.

“There’s pressure?” Golden responded.  “I hope for their sake that they understand there are over 300 players back, and it’s clearly a who’s who. I hope our guys are excited about that and they don’t feel pressure, but they feel grateful to be a part of that lineage.

“I’ve never seen it. I’ve been in college football for 21 years as a player and coach and I’ve never seen 300 football alumni anywhere that would come back for a spring game.”

There are several aspects to Saturday’s game that have drawn extra attention.  The teams for the Green-Orange game were picked by two Miami alums who won the responsibility in a charity auction.  They met with the coaching staff earlier this week to draft each squad.  The team has reportedly embraced the playground-style competition, already cheering and jeering each other through practice.

John Abreu
Jose Acosta
Ottis Anderson
Leo Armbrust
Jessie Armstead
Andy Atrio
Michael Azer
Fred Azrak
Allen Bailey
Don Bailey
Kary Baker
John Barlow
Micheal Barrow
Junior Bates
Kevin Beard
Coleman Bell
Ray Bellamy
Edgar Benes
Donnell Bennett
Albert Bentley
Magic Benton
Damien Berry
Kenny Berry
Randy Bethel
Martin Bibla
Bryan Bippen
Brian Blades
Bennie Blades
Kerlin Blaise
Charles Bloxsom
Don Brandy
Dennis Breckner
Kevin Brinkworth
Nate Brooks
Selwyn Brown
Eddie Brown
Freeman Brown
Andre Brown
Hurlie Brown
Phillip Buchanon
James Burgess
Arnold Butkus
Dinavon Bythwood
Larry Cain
Kenny Calhoun
Carlos Callejas
Silvio Cardoso
Marcus Carey
Vernon Carey
Wesley Carroll
Thomas Carroll
Rod Carter
Jim Chaltas
Jermaine Chambers
Tony Chickillo
Jair Clarke
Ryan Clement
Ryan Collins
Juan Comendeiro
Glenn Cook
Booker T. Cope
Horace Copeland
Julio Cortes
Craig Cosden
Greg Cox
Mike Crissy
Shannon Crowell
Maurice Crum
Don Curtright
Dennis Dalton
Gerard Daphnis
Najeh Davenport
Marvin Davis
Ricou de Shaw
Pat Del Vecchio
Robert Della Valle
Bill Diamond
Bob Domke
Ken Dorsey
Alex Duk
Gary Dunn
Bowman Dunn
Terry Durrant
Bill Dyess
Dedrick Epps
Craig Erickson
Joe Fantigrassi
Otis Fowler
Darrell Fullington
Jorge Gaitan
Bobby Garcia
Carlos Garcia
Alex Garcia
Rene Garcia
Steve Gaunt
Chris Gibson
Joaquin Gonzalez
Barry Gonzalez
Tavares Gooden
Cornelius Green
Damacio Green
Yatil Green
David Greene
Casey Greer
Sherko Haji-Rasouli
George Halas
Darren Handy
Leonard Hankerson
Bobby Harden
Kelvin Harris
Kevin Harris
Jonathan Harris
Chris Hayes
David Heffernan
Ted Hendricks
John Hernandez
Jason Hicks
Doug Hildebrandt
Randal Hill
Quadtrine Hill
Quincy Hipps
Chuck Hirschman
Kenny Holmes
Eric Houston
Ed Hudak
Michael Irvin
James Jackson
Luis Jaramillo
Maurice Jenkins
Willie Jenkins
Jim Joiner
Larry Jones
Ernie Jones
K. C. Jones
Claude Jones
Carlo Joseph
Art Kehoe
Kenny Kelly
Dave Kintigh
Kenard Lang
Mike Langley
Larry LaPointe
Michael Lawson
Pete Levecque
Dan Levine
Damione Lewis
Chris Ley
Earl Little
Kenny Lopez
Nestor Lubowicz
Zev Lumelski
Rod Mack
Pat Magee
Gary Mahon
Bill Majewski
Jim Maler
Jeff Malley
Fred Marion
Dan Mariscal
Don Mariutto
Greg Mark
Rohan Marley
Jason Marucci
Colin McCarthy
Jerome McDougle
Doug McFadden
Bryant McKinnie
Ryan McNeil
George Michaels
Pat Millican
Danny Mitan
Eldridge Mitchell
Brian Monroe
Dan Morgan
Stephen Moser
Santana Moss
Sinorice Moss
Nathan Moss
Chris Myers
Chris Napoli
Damond Neely
Nick Nettles
Scott Nicolas
Earnie Parish
Roderick Parker
Andy Perni
Charles Pharms
Booker Pickett
Alex Pou
Jevon Rhodes
C. J. Richardson
Lorenzo Roan
Gerry Roberts
Rich Robinson
Omar Rolle
Brett Romberg
Jorge Ruiz
Mike Rumph
Twan Russell
Richard Russell
Jeff Salinger
Ethenic Sands
Warren Sapp
Sam Scarnecchia
Steve Schaap
Stuart Schnellenberger
LaVaar Scott
Leon Searcy
Brandon Sebald
Nick Seta
Jason Setchen
Loren Shayne
Baraka Short
Todd Sievers
Maurice Sikes
Dan Sileo
Karl Skoog
Darrin Smith
Roland Smith
Mark Smith
Donnie Soldinger
Dick Sorensen
Darryl Spencer
Duane Starks
Maurice Stewart
James Stewart
Danny Stubbs
Gaston Suzal
Alan Symonette
Bob Taylor
A.C. Tellison
Ralph Tezanos
Sean Thompson
Gino Torretta
Pete Upperco
Rick Valerio
Brad Vespe
Carl Walker
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Jarrell Weaver
Ed Wilkins
Darryl Williams
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Edgar Worts
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