Post Game Quotes: Miami vs. Georgia Tech

Oct. 13, 2007

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Miami head coach Randy Shannon

“We came out with the keys to the game. We had to win the first quarter. We had to start fast. We went up in the first quarter, 7-0. We said we had to stay out of third and long and we did that. We said we had to get good field position from the kicking game, and we didn’t get good field position consistently throughout the game. I think those were the three keys to winning the game.”

“Just to let you guys know with this team and this football coaching staff, there is isn’t anyone as tough on these kids as myself and this coaching staff. We are going to run these guys tougher because we don’t accept losses – not as coaches, not as a staff, not as players. We believe that we can win games and we are going to continue to believe that we can win games. We are going to be hard on our players. We’re going to be hard on ourselves and I’m going to be hard on myself. I don’t take losses and I don’t think anybody can take losses.”

“I know there are going to be a lot of people beating us up, but you know what, that is their job. The fans have the right to beat you up because they’re fans. I’m not going to get mad at any fan that gets mad at me and this football team because we lose. They should. I get down on myself. The staff gets down on themselves. But you know what? We’ve got to come back tomorrow, look at film, evaluate and get ready for Florida State. We’re still going to have to do some things in the ACC to help us out. Florida State could also be our first ACC win on the road. We’ve got to get better because we’re not doing a very good job on the road as a football team.”

“We’ll get better. I believe that and I’m not just saying that to say it. I just can’t accept the things that we’re getting done right now.”

“When we have mistakes, I beat myself up because I want those guys to excel. I look around and I’m not making excuses, it’s just me. I look at Spencer Adkins on field in his first year playing, it’s Darryl Sharpton’s first time back and Tavares Gooden is playing a different position. I see Joe Joseph playing defensive tackle for the first time. I see Vegas Franklin playing defensive tackle. I see DeMarcus Van Dyke, a true freshman, playing. But to me, they’re football players. They should be here [hand raised high]. That’s me. I can’t look at the time they’ve been out and the time they’ve not been in. It’s the same thing with the offense. I can’t see that Orlando Franklin is a true freshman or [Jason] Fox is a true sophomore or the two tailbacks are a true sophomore and a true freshman. I can’t see that. Even Shawnbrey [McNeal] is a true freshman. The only thing I see are football players that are good. I can’t see it when everybody says ‘hey, when you play a bunch of young guys, you’re going to have mistakes and you’re going to do some things.’ I can’t see that because I’m a different type of person.”

Miami Players

Senior quarterback Kyle Wright
“We are tired of losing. As a team we are disappointed and frustrated but you have to get yourself back up. We have to find a way to win. Our coaches and players will not accept losing.”

“The effort was not an issue. Coach said that it would come down to execution and that didn’t happen today. We started quick and finished strong, but unfortunately it didn’t result in a win.”

Junior defensive end Eric Moncur
“It is a tough loss, but we can’t afford to sit around. We have to play better and get ready for Florida State. I hate losing… everyone on the team hates losing.”

Senior offensive lineman John Rochford
On rebounding from the loss…
“We have to change our attitude. We have to step up. Instead of finger-pointing, everyone has to take a look at what they are doing as individuals and figure out how to step up.”

On Georgia Tech’s defensive adjustments…
“They made a few adjustments, but I don’t think it was anything we weren’t ready for. We stuck to our game plan. It worked for a while, but we just have to come through at the end.”

Senior offensive lineman Derrick Morse
On the team effort…
“Effort isn’t the problem – we’ve got everyone playing hard. We just aren’t executing. The plays were there. Our coaches did a great job preparing us for this game – we had a great game plan. We just didn’t execute and that was the difference.”

Georgia Tech Head Coach Chan Gailey

On Tashard Choice…
“I didn’t know he had that many carries at the end of the ball game. I was shocked, but I knew he carried it a lot and I knew that he wanted it. We tried to take him out a couple of times, but he went right back in. When they called those timeouts, he wanted to go back in and take it.”

On the offensive line…
“I can’t give enough credit to John Bond [offensive coordinator], Curtis [Modkins, running backs coach], Joe D [D’Alessandris, offensive line coach] and all of that crew. Miami was stuffing us the first half, and they came in and adjusted and did a great job with an offensive line that was hurting. [Kevin] Tuminello was coming out from time to time; those guards were shuffling in and out… The only guy who played the whole time was [Andrew] Gardner. And Colin Peek had a gut check too… some big plays in the passing game, but some good blocking.”

On Taylor Bennett’s rushing TDs…
“Well, they ran so well in the first few drives that they set him up, and he was able to get on the corner with the football. We didn’t think Taylor would end up running it, but he did. It was designed to be a pass, but they all fell off and he ran it in.”

On the Orange Bowl…
“Its got some great memories for me, to say the least. But I have been in so many; it’s hard to say one has a more special place in your heart and mind than the others. I won’t miss it. We are going somewhere else; I can’t do anything about it so why waste brain cells missing it.”

Georgia Tech Players

Senior running back Tashard Choice
On the season…
“We weren’t really worried about the season. We knew we just had to come in and try to win this game.”

On coming back from injury…
“I got hurt in the Boston College game and you guys could obviously tell by the way I was running. But that’s what I can bring to the game, and it still hurt during the game. I just need to work on that and build up my confidence.”

On his team…
“Coach D [John D’Alessandris, offensive line] plays the guys that work hard on the team. They live for me. They die for me. They get no credit, but they sacrifice themselves so we can make the plays in the backfield. The offensive line gave me the chance to be one on one… gave me the chance to be seen so I was able to create big plays.”

On playing Miami…
“Miami is Miami. They always come out to play. They’re always ready to play. We always need to be ready to play Miami, no matter what team it is… whether they’re ranked No. 3 or not ranked at all. Miami will always be a good team.”

On playing in Miami…
“I love it. I love the fans – they boo me the whole game. It’s fun in an atmosphere like this, playing in Miami. You know you grew up watching the Hurricanes and their great defense. You just want to go out there and challenge them.”

Junior quarterback Taylor Bennett

On playing this game…
“When you come to the game you don’t think about anything else but the game. So today, yesterday, Thursday… all we think about is Miami. Right now I do think the season has turned around. In the second half of the season we’re 1-0, and you have to be 1-0 before you can be 2-0 or 3-0. So next weekend we’re going to have a good Homecoming game.”

On Miami…
“They have a great defense and they’re so fast and athletic. They run a 4,3,2 and they get after you. So you have to come out here and fight hard for four quarters and hope you have enough points at the end.”