Canes Camp Report: August 12

Canes Camp Report: August 12

by Christy Cabrera Chirinos

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – What’s been a busy week for the Hurricanes ended Saturday morning at a place they know well: their home field at Hard Rock Stadium.

Miami, which is continuing to make its way through training camp, gave its fans a glimpse at some of the work that’s being done on Greentree with an open scrimmage that was held at the stadium as part of the Hurricanes’ annual CanesFest fan event.

Fans in attendance had the opportunity to watch – and cheer – some big plays from the Hurricanes, including quarterback Tyler Van Dyke  receiver Xavier Restrepo, running backs Mark Fletcher, Jr., and Ajay Allen along with defensive lineman Rueben Bain, Jr. and kicker Andy Borregales, among several others.

Here’s what head coach Mario Cristobal had to say after the scrimmage:

On the offense’s ability to put together multiple explosive plays:

“[The offense] got downhill in the running game, made some big plays in the passing game. Protection, we looked a little bit different up front with our size and power and just overall, really controlled the line of scrimmage and marched down, and did a nice job early, but a really nice counterpunch later by the defense.”

On the defense’s performance in the scrimmage:

“When the offense was good on first down, they were good all the way through. When the defense was good on first and second down, naturally, third down was a lot more difficult. They showed their athleticism on third down with some of the stuff they did and putting us in a tough situation.”

On the defense’s focus on creating negative plays:

“There were some times when we did and some times we were there to make a play and we didn’t make it. The biggest thing we’re emphasizing is really high, high effort, physicality, and playing smart. Being a Miami Hurricane, it’s supposed to be really, really cool to work hard, to play hard, to go max effort all the time. That’s what’s really cool. That’s swag, right? Being so confident that you played so hard that you’re not going to give in, you’re not going to give up. We have worked our way there. We’re having progress there, but we still have a long way to go.”

On the mentality and physicality he wants to see from the Hurricanes:

“Football is not a fashion show. We’ve got a lot of big, good-looking body types that are learning to play. And we have got to emphasize that. You’re not walking down a runway, right? You’ve got to put your hand in the ground. You’ve got to get to work. You’ve got to knock each other around. You’ve got to make plays, understand coverages, angles. That being said, we saw some of that happen today. Then we saw some other moments where there were lapses. This game’s very unforgiving. We’ve got to be more consistent.”

On the fans who came out to Hard Rock Stadium and were a part of Saturday’s practice:

“They’re awesome. Aren’t they awesome? We’ll see them now and get a chance to meet some of them, get some autographs signed and then we’ll go right back to the Hecht [Athletic] Center, jump on the film, correct it, go through walk-throughs tonight, get our meals, get right to bed, curfew. We’re in camp.”