In Memory…

Feb. 21, 2002

J.B.-New Jersey
This is a terrible tragedy. Chris had such a bright future ahead of him. I take comfort in knowing that he is now one of Gods angels. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Scott C. Knight (Tennille, Georgia)
I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers to the family of Chris. It is so sad to see someone pass at the pinnacle of his career. His death is a great loss for the people that he surrounded himself with.

Jimmy (Knoxville,TN)
As a fan of Miami Hurricane football,the news of Chris’ death was heartbreaking and shocking, too. I feel for his family and for the university, they lost a good person and family member.

Chris was a great playeron the field and off. He will be dearly missed.He was a NFL calibur player and he missed that dream.He will be starting linebracker on God’s team.


Bev Malley, Safety Harbor, FL
There are no words that can express the deep sadness we feel for your family. My son Jeff is on the team and although he didn’t have the privilege of knowing Chris better, he wishes that he did. Everyone on the team is like a family, and filled with deep sorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with you that our Lord will comfort you and help you through this terrible nightmare. Life is so precious and we are all left with so many questions. As in the Eagles song, “in a New York minute everything can change”, and it did. All we can do is love and support one another and pray that our Lord helps you through this. Our deepest sympathy to all of you that loved Chris.

Kelvin Brookins – San Marcos, TX (Mount Pleasant)
The nation knew Chris Campbell as #48 Miami Hurricane, I knew him as #41 Mount Pleasant Tiger.

I recall a home game in high school, when Chris helped me make a tackle on a screen pass. I got up off the ground, puzzled, because Chris was supposed to stunt on that play, yet he was helping me to make the tackle. I said, “Chris what are you doing over here, you were supposed to be back there?” He answered, “I was over there, but the ball wasn’t!”

And that is how he played the game. He had a nose for the football. He gave 110% on every play, just in case someone else was only giving 90%. Chris Campbell was everything a real tiger should be-brave, relentless, and protective of his environment. When the opponent stepped onto Sam Parker Field, that was CC’s turf, and he didn’t like it! He was going to fight until the end. Not just the end of every season, but every game. Not just every game, but every quarter. Not just every quarter, but every minute. Not just every minute, but every possession. Not just every possession, but every play. He didn’t know otherwise. He always stayed focused on what he had to do to help the Black & Gold come out on top. That same unselfish attitude led us deep into the playoffs year after year. Sure, Chris could play other sports, but he was a football player to the heart, it was in his soul. He was born to play!

CC was a warrior on the field, but off he was a gentle giant, with a heart the size of Texas. Sometimes we would talk about different aspects of life. We discussed trials & tribulations we both had to overcome to get to that particular point in time that we were present in. No one knew that except Chris and myself. I have never respected a friend, like I respect Chris Campbell. May his memory live on in every life he touched, and especially the hearts of the MP and UM football faithful.

To overcome obstacles is human.
To overcome detours is honorable.
To overcome all odds is heroic.

In that respect Chris Campbell was, is, and will forever be a hero.

Now, Chris can give his all to his Maker in Heaven. 110% like always. Go, Chris, go!!!

Much respect forever #41,
Kelvin Brookins #24
MPHS Class of ’97

Mike Pounders Olathe, KS
I would like to personally thank Chris Campbell for what he helped do for the University of Miami football program. It was the hard work and dedication the he along with many others displayed over the past 4 years that helped bring the tradition back to Miami. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Lee Ivory Atlanta, Georgia
I will pray for the family and friends of Chris Campbell that they may have the strength to see it through. Amen.

Tallahassee, Florida
My Deepest Sympathies to Chris’s Friends, Family and Teammates. I am a very strong supporter of the Miami Hurricanes, and I am deeply affected by this tradegy.
The Chester Family

very tragic and sad!such great promise, gone.”only the good die young!”god bless your family

DVG – Richmond, VA
May the healing spirit and peace be with Chris’ Family and the ‘Cane Family at this time of tragic loss.

Jennifer C. Barton
My thoughts and prayers are sent to the Campbell family, the Team and to all those whose lives were touched by Chris.

God Bless,

jason sarasota,fl
my thoughts go out to the family and friends of chris im very sorry about this tragedy and to the football team thoughts in prayers are with all of us and chris soul


Vince Augustine NMB, Fl
May the soul of Chris find favor in the sight of God and rest in per-
fect peace.

Theodore Beverly
Chris Campbell, I saw
chris play in one of the
games he was a very good
football player. I do not
know him but my prayers gose out to his family
and the University of
Miami football team.

Jeff and April
This has been hard on both of us. Chris was a great football player, but even a better person. My best memory of Chris was watching him run from a little pig at Rheagan and Carren’s. He was so scared. He will be truly missed by everyone. To all of the family-we love you, we are here for you, and you know that you are in our prayers. Rest in peace Chris.

Janet Miami, Fl
Chris, you were talent on
loan from God! Rest In

Janet, UM Bookstore

Sandi (New Jersey)
We may never know why something like this happens…but we do know that the Lord will never give us something that we can’t handle. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Rest assured that Chris had such a positive affect on everyone! Look to God during this time…May He give you peace that passes all understanding! Tombi, I’m praying for you and thinking about you so much! May you be provided with God Bless you all!

Gary (G-money)
I came to respect you for more than a football player and i’m glad i had the opportunity to know you as a person. I respected you because you respected everyone. I’ll always remember you for your strong grip you gave when you said wassup and your eye of the tiger you possessed on and off the field.

It home when i heard about this tragedy knowing i just spoke to you the day before but i will miss you and we all will miss you.

R.I.P Chris Campbell
#48 for Life

Tim Finnigan Wilsonville, Oregon
Would like you to know that Oregon State fans and participants, thoughts are with all of you.

I’m sure he was a fine young man, who touched a lot of lives. As well as being one hell of a football player.

ray herr (nokomis, fl.)
to chris’ family & friends. i had the pleasure of meeting thisfine young man after a syracuse game. i can honestly say, a person like that will be missed dearly. god bless. ray

Dear Hurricane Family,
Let us hope together we can heal from the sorrow of a fellow canes’death.Pray for his family.

William Roberts wichita ks
We need to all make the
best of what little time
we have on earth. May God

Zandra Harris Miami, Florida
My heart goes out to all of Mr. Campbells family and friends, as well as his loved ones. It is sad to see tragedy like this happen. To be honest it was a wake of call. I know that no one wants to think about dead, but it is a reality. For all of those

Bob M. Boca Raton, Fl.
A class act. You surely will be missed. God Bless you Chris.

It’s a sad day when a young man, with his whole future ahead of him, passes away in a tragic accident.He had worked hard on and off the field to succeed at UM. My prayers our with him and his loved ones.

It’s a sad day for all the HURRICANES fan’s.My blessing goes out too his
teammate’s and family.

Jay Bernardo (East Greenbush, NY)
I would like to send out my condolensces to the Campbell family. Chris will never be forgotten. #48 for ever!

adam westminster california
its just to bad to see a great star shot down so early in his life my heart goes out to the family an friends here from california


Chris Davis,FL
I am part of the family here at the University of Miami and atheltic dept. I just want to say that the memorial was a moving experience that helps me recognize aspects of life that I might have forgotten. Also, My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends. Chris your life has made me realize life and with that I know that God has you in a place of no pain or worries.
God Bless Everyone

Robert Halley Miami, FL.
I just want to take tiime out to send all my prayers and condolences to Chris’ family, friends, and teammates. I know i’m not alone when I say that we are all grieving with you. I pray that God keeps and takes care of Chris now. We all love you. From now on the Canes and Cane fans will always represent #48 Chris Campbell. God Bless you Chris.


Tiko Simmons Murfreesboro, TN
To family and friends:

My heart and the hearts of others go out
to you in your time of sorrow. I never
knew this man personally, but I can see that
he was a loving person and that he will be
truely missed. Family, I want you to do one
thing. STAY and PRAY together. Amen.
When times start to get hard, which they
will, CALL ON JESUS. He answesr all calls
with no waiting. He is a on time JESUS.
Just when you begin to think that you can’t
take the pain of this rocky road, JUST call
and JESUS will pick you up, and place you
on soild ground. Just have faith in JESUS
and put you problems into his unchanging
hands. May GOD bless each and every one
of you.


Chris, you are an amazing person. I went to your service today, and I cried..I cried A LOT, but I did come out of there with some closure. I don’t feel better yet, but I am given strength by looking at the whole Miami Family and knowing that I am not along in my grief. You were proud to be from “The ‘U'”, and now I am more than ever. Your life was so short, and no one will ever understand why you left us so soon, but I will thank God every day that I am able to be a part of this Family. We’ll miss you, and don’t think any of us will ever be the same. You best be ready for a pick up game when I get up there….Love you.

Lawrence (Miami, FL)
It’s a sad day for South Florida, Hurricane fans, and the Campbell family. We have lost a real stand up class act guy, not to mention superb athlete. We hope that the lord will comfort his family during this time. We all will certainly miss him but #48 will live in our hearts forever! Once a ‘Cane, always a ‘Cane!

Cedric Blair St pete Fla
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Chris Campbell may he Rest In Peace and he will never be forgotten.

ian schenck stratfor ont canada
Chris was a wonderfull contribution too the hurricanes this year and he will be greatfully missed this year

The Bell Family–Greensburg, PA
Our thoughts and Prayers are with the Cambell family. To his parents, fiancee, and extended family. When Chris came to Miami he inherited a family of teammates, classmates, and fans. We all mourn the loss of a talented and bright young man. May you all find strength in one another.

Josh Hill, Los Angeles, CA
Chris was a great guy. I am from Dallas, very close to Mount Pleasant, Texas, where Chris was from. My thoughts and prayers are with his fiancee’ and his family. My hope is that Coach Coker and the players will honor Chris by wearing his number on their uniform somewhere. Go Canes!

Richard Istvan Bristol NH
I am very sorry for the familly of Chris Campbell. I have been a fan of Miami football for a long time and Chris is a role model for me. I just got accepted into Miami and hope to play football and Chris had a big part in that by being a player. I have the utmost respect for him and my condolences go out to his family. In an interview his father said chris wanted to support his familly by going pro, well I to share that dream to support my mom and I wanna say thanks to chris for being a great athlete and a great person. RIP Chris Campbell.

Alex (Miami, FL)

Although we never met, I feel as though I’ve known you personally. Through all the stories being shared, the images of your passion on the field, and the tears being shed, you have touched many lives. It’s great to see that you will in deed graduate from the University of Miami.

My heart goes out to your family and friends. May they find comfort and solace in your memories. There’s a saying. “All men die, but not all men really live”. #48, you lived life to it’s fullest.

kasi, Lewisville, Tx
I knew Chris in high school and he was a very dear friend to me. First and foremost, Chris was a Mt. Pleasant Tiger. He knew what he wanted in life before many of us did. He was a great person with a huge heart. I’ll never forget my freshman year at SWT.

Pat Stone, Gainesville, Florida
I share in your grief at such a loss to your school,team, fans, family and his fiance’ Tomi Bell. May you all be consoled during this very hard time. RIP #48

Ft. Laud., FL.
I never knew him and never heard of him until now. When i heard of this tragedy i was touch. He seem to be a great person and he’ll be truly missed. My prayers go out to the Campbell’s family, Thombi Bell’s Family, University of Miami Family and also the fans. Remember the Lord never gives us more than we can bare. Even though I never knew Chris I Love like the brother I never knew. God Bless you…..

Frank Millero (Miami,Fl)

One frequently meets someone by accident that makes a lasting impression. In the Christian religion many times these can be moments close to Christ. A few weeks ago while teaching my undergraduate course in Chemical Oceanography a fire alarm go off in the middle of the class. The class quickly exited the room and we congregated outside of the Cox building. I sat next to one of the students that came out of the class who was on crutches. Since I had two knee operations from football and running injuries many years ago, we started to chat about what had happen to his knee. Since I go to all the football games, I was excited when I found out he was Chris Campbell- who I enjoyed watching over the last few years. It was a short conversation that introduced me to someone that made a lasting impression. He was sad that he did not get to play in the Rose bowl, but happy with the prospects of playing in pros.
The other morning watching the news I heard that he was killed in an auto accident. Tears came to my eyes when I thought of our chance meeting. He was not registered for my class and had come into it by accident and we met by chance. But I will always remember our short time talking about life and football. One never knows how many of the short encounters with people we meet every day that can be moments that make a lasting impression- I had such a moment with Chris.

Susan (Miami, Fla
My Prayers go to The Campbell’s family, to Campbell’s wife to be and teammates. Today would be a day that I would celebrated my 30 birthday but I decided to go to Gusman Hall to give my great deal of respect to you, Chris. Not only a football player but a great friend. We will never forget you but we will have you in are hearts. WE WIL MISS YOU CHRIS. #48

Brian Rundle D
I was shocked and saddened by the tragic death of Hurricane Chris Campbell. Cane fans everywhere will never forget him or what he brought to the Hurricane football team. Once a Cane, ALWAYS A CANE!!

#48 Forever in our thoughts

Tessa Plano, Tx
Having watched football these past few years, I have rarely seen such amazing talent. This man was obviously I wonderful football player and more importantly a wonderful person. If more people were like Chris, this world would be a much better place. Chris, we pray for you and your family, and you will never be forgotten. You will be here in spirit, and the world will miss you. Much Love!

Marla, Coral Gables
Chris’s death was so tragic and sad that I cannot put it into words. It could have been avoided if there was a warning sign indicating a sharp turn after the bridge. Everyone must love Chris because so many people came out to say good-bye today at his memorial service. My son and I enjoyed watching Chris play for the past four years. He blossomed into a fantastic football player and his future would’ve held no limits. Please keep your eye on the Canes, Chris. We all love you.

Wren Sanders Savannah, GA
AS I watched Chris, I was impressed with
his natural abilities.
I am sure he is now using them in
a much greater ARENA

” 76

Chris,God bless,rest in peace.

john kirkwood havelock,nc
my prayers go out to Chris his family and of course the hurricane family

Amber Reynolds Mt.Pleasant Texas
I can remember watching Chris play in all those Friday night football games, then watching him play just as hard when he went to Miami. He is a hero to oour small town, and he will never be forgotten. Reading all the notes on here about Chris I am reminded of what a great guy he was. I am lucky to have known Chris. I remember one time my dad was dressed up for a halloween party as Frankenstein, he had on a pair of workboots, with two two x fours bolted on the bottom of them, which made him about six foot four. We stopped at the store by my house on the way to town, and Chris was in there with his cousins, and when he saw my dad he stopped and looked at him, the walked around him, and said, “Man, your Tall”. Every memory I have Of Chris, on the foeld and off makes me smile, because he was an exceptional person, and a great athelete. I am glad I had the chance to know him and to watch him play football.

Kevin, NE Ohio Canes Fan
Sometimes we get caught up in the passion of the season and talk about not being in the championship game as tragic. Or the BCS process as senseless and unfair. The UM community and football family have truly experianced tragedy, senseless, and unfair. How petty other issues now seem. I am grateful Chris was able to taste the fruit’s of his efforts with the title. Prayers of comfort to #48’s family and close friends who will surely miss him and feel his loss deeply for a long time.