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Watch Tuesday's Football Press Conference

Watch Tuesday's Football Press Conference

Sept. 16, 2008

Coral Gables, FLA ( — Click here to watch the press conference.

Quotes from Tuesday’s Press Conference

Head Coach Randy Shannon


Opening statements…

We just came off of a real good week of practice, concentrating on what we had to get done as far as special teams, a big difference in special teams, our receiver-and-quarterback connection, and also creating turnovers on defense. Those are the main emphases this past weekend, and improving on things we had to do from last week’s game.


On punter Matt Bosher

He’s improving every minute. The 50-yard field goal in [the Florida] game and mentally shanking the football the first snap and then coming back and punting as well as he did, I thought was tremendous. What he’s doing for us, trying to handle all three duties for us, and I’m really pleased with him, but he knows he has to be more consistent on everything that he does, and he puts a lot of pressure on himself all of the time.


On Kyle Field…

Coach [Wesley] McGriff, coach [Tommie] Robinson and coach [Bill] Young have all experienced that field. It is always a tremendous college atmosphere like normal. There is tradition there that had been there for a long time, so it is an opportunity to go into another great football environment – what college football is all about – and play a good team. [They have] very devoted fans.


On the game plan against the Aggie quarterbacks…

You just have to look at what they are doing on offense. Usually when you watch both quarterbacks on film they are doing the same things on offense. You can’t just change how you prepare because you just don’t know. You don’t know who is going to show up after an open week. Guys get healed faster and some guys don’t get healed. You have to plan for what you see on film.


On the Texas A&M running game…

They have a more pro-style offense now. You just have to run your keys and play your keys. Try to contain and control the running back.


On freshman linebacker Sean Spence

He’s doing a great job. As a freshman, you always have one guy who steps up and he has done a tremendous job at that. We are pleased with his progress. We have some guys that are young that are doing a great job for us and some older guys are doing great as well.


On importance of forcing turnovers …

Turnovers always change momentum. They come in bunches sometimes. You may not have a turnover for two or three games then you may have one in the next five or six games. The’re like sacks, they come in bunches. We stress it at practice. The guys understand what it takes.


On freshman  linebacker Arthur Brown

He’s doing okay. He is on special teams and learning. He has been nicked here and there which has slowed him down but he’s doing fine.


On the team’s confidence after the Florida game…

We came back out and we practiced well. We came out with a tempo and a mentality that was fast and positive. In different drills, we have been doing different things.


On Texas A&M Head Coach Mike Sherman…

He was at Texas A&M a long time ago. He understands what [their] traditions are and he has the NFL mentality as well. He is a very good coach with a very good staff. He has some college and NFL experience on his staff.