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First Take with Courtney Alexander

Aug. 31, 2006

August 30, 2006

This weekend we had our season opening games. We played UCF and Samford. Keep in mind these two teams “were” ranked higher than us in the region. The past three weeks of arduous practices came down to these two games.

The first game last Friday against UCF was my first collegiate game. The atmosphere was unbelievable! Being that it was at night, the stadium lights were beaming down on Cobb stadium, making the scene just as dramatic as an ACC Championship final match. I loved being a part of this amazing season opener!

To be completely honest, our first half didn’t play out as well as we had hoped. But in the second half our concentration was keen and we played brilliant soccer. We beat one of our in-state rivals UCF, 2-0.

The second game of the weekend came in the dead heat on a Sunday afternoon against Samford – a highly ranked team in the Southeast region. Samford was a very physical ane eager team. They maintained a forceful and aggressive attitude throughout the whole first and second half but our intensity and driven concentration allowed us to advance to a 2-0 win. One thing I did learn about this weekend was the difference in a Friday night game and a Sunday afternoon game is huge!

Coming out of opening weekend with two wins gives the team an extra needed boost of confidence going into the UNC-Greensboro tournament this up coming weekend.

I have to admit my first two games as a freshman were unforgettable! From the loud cheers of the fans lining the field and packing the bleachers to the hot, boiling sun on a Sunday afternoon, my first weekend as UM women’s soccer player was nothing less than successful and above all mind-blowing!