In Memory…

Feb. 23, 2002

Brooke Marshall (College Station,Tx)( Mt. Pleasant,Tx)
I will always cherish my senior year with Chris. He and Chaun never let a day go by without getting out of class to talk to Morgan and me. He was the “star” of Mt. Pleasant and will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones.

LT Marietta, Georgia
I want to say to all that Chris Campbell was a good football player but inlight of all that has happened he will always been remembered for the person he was. There is nothing we can do for Chris but all we can do is pray for his family, friends and the students at Miami. Chris one Love. “We all got to go but you got to the sunshine a little bit sooner.”

CloseFriend(Mt. Pleasant, Tx)
It’s still hard to believe that you’re really gone, and there is so much that I will miss about you. There is so much that I admired about you, and so much that we had in common. Among these were our desire to be successful, our love for our individual sports, our devotion to our family and our unyielding faith in God. Today I will say goodbye to you–not goodbye, but “I’ll see you later”, and I know that I will. Just know that you or the life that you led will never be forgotten. Your memory will always remind all of us here at home that indeed anything is possible. You are always in my thoughts and will never be forgotten in my prayers…Love always, your friend, K.

Chris was a great athlete as well as a great person I wish his family well and we all know he is in a better place.

Brooks Family, Mt Pleasant, Tx
I have always heard good things about Chis, was so glad he was doing so well. My prayers goes out to the family that cared for him. Daisy, Drico and Diamian Brooks

Ashleigh Reynolds Mt. Pleasant, TX
Chris was a senior when I was a freshman at Mt. Pleasant, and we sat next to each other in a class. I will never forget him. He was the type of person who didn’t single out anyone. I have one object from that year, that I have kept and that is a notebook with his autograph. I kept it from 5 years ago, because I just knew that I would know a famous person one day. And I did. My thoughts and prayers go out to all his family and friends.

Marcia Loyd, Mount Pleasant, TX
You were such a wonderful and unique individual. You overcame SO MANY obstacles to get to where you were in life. I admired you when we were in high school and I admire you even more so now. you were such a winner. Like someone else commented, I must agree. God’s team just got a little stronger. and you Chris will never have to fight another loosing battle. Where you are at you will always win. The entire community of Mount Pleasant loves and misses you Chris.

Andrew Coburn – Cincinnati, Ohio
Chris, it was a joy to watch you play these last three seasons. You were part of a special group of players that lead this storied program back to the top where it belongs. Its a shame that your life was cut so short. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell Family as well as the Hurricane football family. This is a program that knows tragedy all too well, and it never gets any easier to deal with. Chris, may you rest in everlasting peace.

Jerome brown
Shane Curry
Robert Woodus
Marlin Barnes
Chris Campbell

Gone but never forgotten.

98, 44, 65, 56, 48 forever…