In Memory…

Feb. 16, 2002

Linda (Miami)
Our prayers go out to Chris and his family.

Brown family, Miami, Florida
Our prayers are with you in such a diffficult time.

Paul Kim (Hoboken, NJ)
Thank you, Chris Campbell, for the joy you brought me watching you give it your all in every game. You will be missed.

My thoughts and prayers go out to your loved ones. God Bless.

Wally Gossett, Sebastian, FL
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It seems yesterday that FSU lost a fine young Texan in Devaughn Darling, and now this. The Seminole Nation salutes and mourns a worthy adversary.

Wally Gossett
FSU ’72

Miami Bob – Boca Raton, FL
May the Lord bless Chris’s family and expand their capability to cope with their loss.

Drew Kochanny Midland Michigan
I never missed a Miami game in the 2000 and 2001 season and this morning when I had heard the news I didn’t know what to say. Chris was an excellent player and I was looking forward to seeing him play in the NFL some day. I hope all the Miami staff and players recover from this unfortunate tragedy.

Thomas, Tallahassee, FL
I loved watching Chris play. He was a perfect example for the University as a student and as an athlete. He will be dearly missed. I wish his family and the university well.

RIP Chris. You will be missed.

Mike, Knoxville,IL
I want to send my prayers out to Chris and his family! I really enjoeyed watching him play in every game for UM. He is a great athlete and a great person. He will be deeply missed not only by me, but by everyone that knew or heard of him. My prayers are with you.


Mr. Davis, Orlando, Fla
My prayers go out to his family and teammates. I guess the lord needed another angel!!

Serge Miam, FL
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell family, I know this is a tough time for you, I hope in time you will move on, and say he’s with the Lord now.

Jorge E.Perez, P.Rico
The good lord needed help in his team. Chris will coach our defense from heaven.

Bruce Palmer, Lansing, MI
Everytime I seen Chris play, TV or in person, always played hard on every play. Played like Miami Hurricanes should, with heart and soul. You will be missed, Chris Campbell will be a Cane forever. Thanks for the good memories. Bruce

renee (texas)
he was a wonder man. we will all miss him.

The Heyder Family Davie, FL
Our deepest condolences to Chris’ family and his many friends. His death is a tremendous loss. He will be missed.

Miami, FL
Chris was a great young man. What a horrible tragedy for a senior who knows he’s most likely going to be drafted into the nfl to have his life come to an end. My heart and prayers are with the Campbell family and close friends. R.I.P Chris.

John, Naples, Fl
I am only 14yrs old and Im greatly touched by chris’s death.I would like to start by saying I am deeply sorrowed for the whole Campbell family and the hurricane community. Im very sorry this happened and hope the family is ok. I have grown up watching the hurricanes and have greatly enjoyed watching chris make football enjoyable and exciting. Chris was an oustanding young athlete and was one of the great linebackers to play for the hurricanes. My heart goes out to the family.

Brett, Miami
Godspeed, Chris.

Kathy Brady & Sheri Gilley(Orlando,FL)
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’ family and teammates. Thanks for the memories…We will miss #48.

GB, Miami, FL
A tragic loss. Our prayers are with Chris and his family and we take comfort in that he is in a better place. The Cane family will never forget him.

Vanessa, Miami, Fl
God please give strenght to the people that have been affected by this tragedy.. Give faith for those of us that cannot find it now within our hearts, give courage for those who are in the need of it to keep on with their lives…Give patience and understanding for those trying to find answers to this tragedy…and grant us the power to cherrish all the great memories shared by all of us watching Chris Campbell representing the University of Miami-Hurricanes. Lord keep him in the safest of all places , Heaven, and let him know that we all loved him and miss him, and that he will always be in our memories , couse we humans never forget when there’s an angel with us….Rest In Peace.


Ray B. Miami,Fla.
God Bless the Campball family in this horrible time.Chris you will be missed and never forgotten.Thank you for your dedication and excellence you displayed as a student athlete.Please keep on eye on our boys from heaven you have become their guardian angel.

Fernandez family (Miami, FL)
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time.

God Bless You.

Steve Wunderlich West Palm Beach, FL
A tragic loss. Let us say a prayer for his Dad and his family. By all accounts a fine young man on and off the field. His spirit will surely live on within the UM community.

Razorback Fan Rison,Arkansas
Rest in peace Chris. Prayers from Hogfans go out to the family of Campbell and Cane football team.

Blake Davidson (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
The entire Hurricane family deeply feels the loss of one of its own. Though a life cut way too short, we should celebrate the time Chris spent with us. We will never forget you #48.

Eric L., Dunwoody, GA
God bless Chris and his family and friends. It would’ve been nice to see him on the sidelines at future UM games or tearing it up in the NFL. A big loss to our UM family. We will certainly miss him.

Joshua Pines (New York, NY)
I had the pleasure of meeting Chris in the Wellness Center many times over the past few years. He struck me as a quiet and bright young man. As well, he seemed to really enjoy not just being a Cane, but also being a UM student. I’ll miss you, Chris. My best wishes go to your family: remember his good deeds and take them to heart and he will live on.
–Joshua Pines
UM MBA 2001

jeff ekstrom, tallahassee, florida
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell family. Chris was a wonderful young man with a very bright future and hopefully some good can rise from all of this tragedy.

Precious…Rockledge, Fl
My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’s family and close friends. I want every one of his friends, teamates, and family members, to know that I’m praying for them. God bless.

Armando Alvarez WQAM, Miami, FL
Everytime I saw Chris step unto the field I knew he’d make an impact. As everyone would criticize the linebacking core this year for not being as great as years past I’d always tell people to keep their eye on big No. 48. I always saw im play with intensity and courage. Although I am deeply saddened by this, I have the faith that Chris is in a better place right now. My deepest sympathies go out to his family.

Lauren (Coral Gables, FL)
I had lost someone very special and close to me in an auto accident 4 years ago and my life has never been the same. I can understand what Chris’ family and friends are going through right now from firsthand experience.

I just want to wish Chris Campbell’s family and friends my condolences. He was a great pleasure to watch on the football field and I’m sure to his everyone who knew him he was a wonderful person off the field. He will be missed.

Richard, Miami, Fl.
I wish to offer the family of Chris Campbell my condolences. He was a great player and My prayers are with you. He will be missed.

Steve,Hamilton, Mass
My Thoughts are with you! Our prayers go out to Chris and his entire family.

We will never forget you Chris!

Richard Williamson, Palm Harbor, Fl.
Having lost my son to a tragic accident, please be assured that my thoughts and prayers are with Chris, and his family, in this time of sorrrow.
May God bless.

Justin, Cooper City, FL
Chris will always be remembered by the Hurricane family. He was a great athlete, tremendous student, and above all a great person. We will always miss #48, and next season is for you. Rest in Peace Chris Campbell.

Father James Murphy
I cried out in a prayer of agony to the Lord when I heard that Chris was killed. Our pain reflects the love we shared with a great person. I ask the Lord to comfort his family here and in Texas.

Timothy Waren ( Cooper City, FL )
Chris was a great person. We saw him at the Rose Bowl limping around and he was just so positive. I gave everything that he had. He was a great football player and an exceptional person. We will sure miss him and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Maritza Suarez
I am deeply saddened by the news of this tragedy. May God have him in His arms and console his family and teammates. My prayers go out to all who knew him and loved him. As a fan, I admired him from afar,but will remember his contributions to this perfect season.

E. Lynn New York, New York
From a Razorback fan we send our prayers for Chris and his family and the University of Miami family. Safe Passage Chris

Costau Bastien
Chris you represented the best of the University of Miami, and was a fine person indeed. I am a big hurricane fan; but what I loved most about you and the university of Miami is the class that you all continue to display. Miami has long been perceived as thugs and renagades. However Chris, you dispelled that perception. I am grieved because you were on schedule to graduate, such as myself, from college. You see you were more than just a talented football player, you were a great person. My thoughts go out to you and your family. God bless you all. I am glad to know that we recruit not only talent but character as well. I wondered what were we going to play for ? Now I know. We will play for you and what you stood for; The best. It’s great to be a hurricane.

E. Lynn New York, New York
From a Razorback fan we send our prayers for Chris and his family and the University of Miami family. Safe Passage Chris

Matt Rosenberg, Miami, FL
My condolences to the Campbell family.

Jason Wesley, Lubbock, Tx…Texas Tech Linebacker
When I heard that a linebacker from miami had passed away earlier this mourning, i didnt know which one of the linebackers was killed. It was the one that many people had envied, even in the state of Texas where he was from. Our thoughts and prayers our with the entire Miami football team

From the texas tech linebackers!

Chad (Omaha, NE)
We will miss your Chris. May you always make the perfect tackle in Heaven. My prayers go out to your family, all the Canes fans and the athletic dept.

Mark (HawgnDos) Voyles Conway, Arkansas
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, team, and university of Miami from the Arkansas Razorback family.
Having lost some of our own over the last few years, we understand the pain and wish that no one had to go through such pain. Just remember that Jesus is the answer to all things and can soothe and heal your pain if you will look to him and call upon him.
God bless you!

Todd Pensacola Florida
My prayers go out to Chris Campbell’s family. I’m a huge cane fan and he was one of the guys I loved to watch play. I will miss watching him on saturdays and would have loved to see him on sundays. Now he is playing the strogside for the lord. God Bless

Michael Shelton Pompano Beach Fl
I am so sorry about the loss of Chris Campbell.He was a great athlete to watch.God Bless Chris Campbell and family

miami fl
it is always too early to see someone u love go. my prayers to the family, friends, and teammates.

Eby P. Philadelphia, PA
Thanks for all the memories Chris. Now we have even more reason to remember this past season. Give our best to Jerome Brown, Shane Curry, Marlin Barnes, and all the other Hurricanes in Heaven.

UM girls basketball team
We are deeply mourning Chris’ death. Many of our players were close to him, but as a team, we are feeling it really hard. He was a peaceful, kind, and respectful man. He will be greatly missed. I am dedicating the rest of my season to him and all those that we lost.


The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. I don’t cry because we lost him,I cry because I didn’t get to know him that well. God bless his family and all of his friends.

Nathan Bennett Waldron, Arkansas
Condolences to family.

Jason, Miami, Fl
Chris came to this program when it wasnt the thing to do. He had one thing in mind and that was get UM to be the best again. Chris you were and always will be part of something special. My prayers are with Chris Campbell’s family and friends.

John McCreary Lehigh,Fl
My daughter was six days from her sixteenth birthday and she too was killed in an automobile accident.She was a huge Hurricane fan and would be attending UM right now had she lived. Please do not forget the Campbell family. Call them, invite them to events and remember Chris. It may be too painful for years but don’t stop trying. Knowing that your loved one is not forgotton is sometimes all you have to live on.

Apopka, FL
God only calls on those He needs. Chris will be missed but remember he will now play for the best team in Heaven and God only picks the best.
God Bless his entire family!!

D.Tillman (Hinesville, Georgia)
My prayers are with the family of Chris Campbell. He will surely be missed.

Bolanle (Bakersfield, California)
I want to send my prayers out to the family of Chris Campbell and all those who surrounded him…Chris was one of the few young men at UM who were respectable and who touched the lives of all whom he encountered…

Kevin Edmond Oklahoma
Please let his family know they are in my prayers.

John Miami Beach Florida
It is so tragic to see such as event as the death of Chris Campbell. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cambell family and the Miami football family.

Miami, FL
My condolences go out to the Campbell family. Surely this is a gigantic loss to not only the college, but to us, the students!! We will miss Chris as a friend. However, we know he’s in with our maker. And that’s a whole lot better than where we are.

Kayvon (California)
I am crying. I am at a loss of words. Only time will heal your wounds. He was a great man, a great football player and a loving son. May God bless him and your family.

Lara (College Station/Mt. Pleasant, TX)
I went to high school with Chris, and he always managed to make me smile. I knew that when he went to Miami that he would do great things, and as we all know, he definitely did great things! He put his whole heart into football and I will never forget #48. My prayers are with his family, that includes his football family, and his friends. We will miss you, Chris — you may be gone but you will NEVER be forgotten.

Fellow UM Athlete
My thoughts are with his family and girlfriend-Find calmness in knowing the fact that he is in a better place now…one day we will all be united again.

Ricardo NYC
All of our thoughts are with Chris and his family. You will be missed greatly.

Jim Walter Elk Grove, CA
I am so saddened by Chris’ death. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I htink the entire UM comunity shares the Campbell family’s grief.

Kwesi , California
Prayers to Chris’ family and friends. Watch over them and help them through this Chris. God bless

Chris McMahon, Worcester,MA.
My thoughts and prayers are with Chris and his family and the UM football team.

Jacqueline Coleman, Atlanta, GA
Our prayers go out to Chris’s family. He will greatly be missed. His contribution to the football program will always be remembered.

Matt (Boca Raton, FL)
I am a canes fan and chris was an amazing player and he would always give 100 percent. Although i didnt know him, whenever i watched there games on tape he was involved in every play or tackle in some way. It is truly unfortunate what happened and i have the best regards to his family and his team and friends.

Jamaal Harvey (United States Navy)
To the family of Chirs Campbell, my herat and condolences go out to your family.
I remeber when I was senior at the University of Miami and Chris was a junior, I met him at the Mcdonalds across the street.
He was telling me about where he was from, what position he played, why he chose Miami, and how to get to the library.
Right now I am serving my country as a naval officer, this death really hits home.
Lord Father, please take care of the Campbell Family during this tragic loss.
Lord, I would like to dedicate my next six month deployment to Chris.
We miss you Chris.
Grace and Peace.

albany ny,
we will all miss u,and dont worry your spirit will bring another national tittle to miami

Andrew Dufour, Spartanburg, SC
I never met nor spoke to Chris Campbell, but as an alumni, UM fanatic, and human being, I am numbed by this tragedy, and I feel so deeply saddened for those who were closer to him than a stranger such as myself was…To his immediate family I know there will never be any getting over this for you…I can only tell you that your son was so obviously loved and cherished by many, and we share your pain, and will always hold your son in our memories…God bless you always, you are in our hearts forever…

M. J. Green (Wilmington, DE)
Condolences go out to Chris’ family, extended family, and Hurricane family.

May God be with you all….

Scott Tanos (Kansas City, MO)
My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’ family and teammates. Thanks for the memories. You will not be forgotten.

CoastalNole (Brunswick, Georgia)
I am very sorry to hear about the tragic death of Chris Cambell. My thoughts and prayers are with his family…

Todd (New York,NY)
My thoughts and prayers go to the Campbell family. Wish there was more I could say at a time like this. This is truley a sad day for Canes around the world.

Rocky Agan (Waxahachie, TX)
I coached Chris in Mt. Pleasant, TX. He was truly a young man who had goals set for himself and knew what he needed to do to attain them. He should be an example for every up and coming athlete by the way he played the game with passion and the way he was a gentleman off the field. I will miss him dearly!

Keith Norton, Rutgers (NJ)
My prayers go ot to Chris’ family and to those he cared for.

Brandon Couzens, Tampa FL
Chris was a great football player and will always be remembered by all miami hurricanes fans. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Brent Nevers Concord, CA
Chris was, and always will be a part of a family that crosses all borders, races and ethnicities–he was a “Cane” and we love him and we will NEVER forget him. No ‘Cane should ever wear #48 again! Our thoughts and prayers are with the Campbell family…

Daniel Rivera Oldsmar, FL
I would like to offer my condolences to Chris’ family. I would also like to ask all Fellow Hurricane fans to say a prayer for Chris’ family before you go to sleep this evening. To Chris’ family, you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this very tough time. God Bless Chris’ Family and his teammates as they go through this tragedy.

The Florida Fitz’s- Clearwater,FL
Through your hard work and dedication, you touched millions of lives. Every Hurricane and every sports spectator new you had the “Gift”. Now, you have been given the ultimate gift, to be with GOD. We’ll miss you.

michael (alma, ar)
Remember GOD is never far away even when it seems he isnt there. Put your trust in the LORD and he will bring you through this tough situation. My personal thoughts and prayers are with all the family of mr campbell, may GOD richly bless you.

Clarence Mouton (Patterson,LA)
I live in Kenneth Dangerfield’s hometown. My family and I are very sad to hear of Chris’ death. Kenneth has told us of how great a friend Chris was to everyone that knew him and how he touched their lives with him manerism.

May God bless his family and team mates. I know that he will be remembered by the way that the team will perform in his honor this coming football season.

Jack V, WPB, Florida
My thoughts and prayers are with the Campbell family.

God Bless….

Michelle, Coral Gables, FL
Although Chris and I did not know each other well, I remember when we all cam in as freshman. I knew him casually, and he was friendly. He will be surely missed. His family, freinds, and teammates will be in my prayers.

Gary Hendrix St Paul MN
Chris Thoughts & Prayers are for you & your Family. So Glad that you gave your Heart & Sole to the Univ Of Miami to bring it back to the Great Tradition that it is. You will always be remembered with like’s of Jerome Brown,& Yourself as going out A Winner & A very Careing person.

John Simms, Esquire (Clearwater, FL)
My thoughts and prayers are with the Campbell family and the UM family for the loss of this wonderful young man. Chris wasn’t just a quality linebacker–he was a quality human being who will be deeply missed and remembered by all those who were fortunate enough to meet him.

Chris will always be a Cane and his spirit and memory will be honored every time the orange and green hits the field.

God Bless Chris.

Tiffany (Miami,FL)
My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those that knew and were close to Chris. This surely is a horrible tragedy.

Joe Corcoran (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
God Bless you Chris. We will miss you.

Richard Goldfarb, Southampton, PA
From the entire Penn State family, may God be with Chris and his family

Ronal (Albany,Ga)
It absolutely broke my heart to here about Chris Campbell’s passing on ESPN Sat. afternoon. Nothing I say will erase the fact that the Campbell family has suffered a terrible loss but I do want them to know that I feel for them. God Bless Chris’ soul. Peace.

Aaron Davie,Florida
Chris was a great guy and is still a great person in my memories and thoughts. The most important thing about him was that he was a great person and a great role model to myself as a college student who has been a Canes fan since I was a child. Chris and all the other Cane athletes motivate me to work hard and good things will come. Chris I will miss you and so will all Cane Fans throughout America and the South Florida Community.

Go Canes

Brian Mt.Pleasant,Tx
May God Bless his Family and we we miss u chris you r the best!

Gunnar Seaquist and family. Austin, Tx.
Another Texas family with a senior in Chris’ class send love and prayers.
Gunnar ’02 and the Seaquist family. Austin, Texas, 2/16/02.

Jerry (Miami, FL)
My prayers our with Chris and his family at this very difficult time. My heart goes out to them.

M. Shackelford , Memphis, TN
The Razorback family sends our prayers and condolences to Chris’s family and the University of Miami. May God bless you all

Jorge Alonso (Tallahassee)
My prayers go out to Chris’ family and to all the Hurricane family. I’m still numb from hearing the news and at a loss for words. We’ll never forget you #48!

Brian Caraway Mt.Pleasant,tx
May God bless his family and we will miss you Chris you are the best it wont be the same without you!

#48 You were the best we will miss you!

Margaret Adams, Houston, TX
My prayers are for Chris’ brothers and all his family members–I didn’t know him personally–but I felt as if I did because he is the brother of my son-in-law. He is and always will be loved and missed.

Trey Johnson (Mt. Pleasant, Texas)
Everyone in our community looked up to Chris and thought of him as a role model, he will forever be in our hearts.

UM student
“The Lord is my light & my salvation; I will fear no one. The Lord protects me from all danger; I will never be afraid.”
My prayers go out to the Campbell family for their tremendous loss. Chris gave us Cane fans great memories & we will forever remember him. Heaven gained an angel! Rest in peace.

A.J. Green Maimi,FL
I would like to send my regards to the Campbell family. Chris wa sa great linebacker as well as a leader on and off the field.

John Gonzalez
First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Chris Campbell. I am a first class fan of the Canes and have been with them through thick and thin. Any time i hear about a passing of a young student/athlete it really hurts me deep inside. Again my condolences to the family, and friends, and you will be remebered, always. Your friend John Gonzalez.

hugecanefan (Cumming,Georgia)
To the family of Mr. Campbell…….know that your young man is with his maker. I thank him for being a great part of our Championship team.
He will be missed……

Leon E. Essex, Winter Haven, Florida
You will be missed. So long, champ.

Miami, FL (UM Student)
It’s an unfortunate event that has occured. We all send our blessings to his family and friends.Remember he is now watching over you all and will always be with you. #48 FOREVER!

Sara Svajgl, Somerset, Kentucky
Having gone to high school with Chris I know that he is a very loving and caring young man and dedicated to what he loves. Chris is such a wonderful person. I know that he will truly be missed. He has touched so many lives in so many ways. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. RIP

Laurie (Cleveland, OH)
I had the opportunity to meet this fine young man and my heart is breaking for such a traumatic loss. My prayers are with Chris’ family and the young man, Joel Rodriguez, who is in the hospital.

You will be missed!

Amy Pantoja (Texas Tech University)
I hate to hear of such a loss, it hurts to see a young and talented soul lost. From the students of Texas Tech University I send my deepest condolences to his family, friends and teammates.

Miecha Thomas(Coral Gables, FL)
Although I have never met Chris Campbell, I feel a sense of loss with his death. I have seen him walking around campus with an air of dignity which I could not help but admire. His great skills on the field and his seemingly humble character made him a perfect example for a UM football player. My prayers are with his family and friends.

john greenwood jacksonville fla
this was tragic. chris had a great future at the next level. he will be missed god bless you chris

Pat MCabe,University of Arizona
My prayers go out to Chris’s family and friends. Also to the National Champion Canes.

Chris was a great player and mentor for many who loved him. He will be missed and always remembered by his true fans. He’s in a much better place now. My family and I sends our sympathy to the Campbell family. You are included in our prayers. May God bless you.

Miguel Lopez and family
Cutler Ridge

Bill Coll (canedawgbill) Tulsa, Ok
Chris, What a pleasure you gave all of us watching you play. I pray that I can come up to Heaven to be with you someday.You will live in my heart always. Your family and our “CANE” family will always stay together. I know you will be watching your beloved “CANES” from above. Number 48 just took a new meaning , Loved your “CANE” spirit on and off the field. God Bless your family during these sorrow times and you go rest in peace.

Jorge Miami, FL
This is simply very sad to see a player so talented go this early…but even though Chris is gone us canes will remember him as a true CHAMPION!!!

Al in Orlando
My prayer goes out to Chris’ family and those hurting from this tragedy. I pray his soul is in heaven with the Lord.

All of us at FSU join Hurricanes fans everywhere in mourning. We know how it feels.


Shareefah, Miami FL
Chris, you will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. I love you now and forever

Toney Thomas/Ft.Lauderdale
I’am so sorry to hear about the death of Chris.He was a great player and a great person,my thought and prayer go out to your family and also our canes family.God bless

Mary, Miami
Chris, you may now be in a better place, but you will be greatly missed here.

May your family find comfort in knowing you touched many people in a very positive way. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Fulvio Brooks Ellenboro, N.C.
I hope God keeps his arms around the Campbell family and the UM family in this tragic time. I know it is hard to understand, but my prayers are that we will see him again in heaven.

Mike (Bristol, CT)
Chris was not only a great player but a great person too. He had a heart of gold and was very unselfish. Chris exemplified what it was to be a Hurricane. My prayers go out to his family and friends, and there were many.

Veronica Simms and Rod Dent, Brooklyn, NY
We’d like to express our deepest sympathies and our condolences to Chris’s family. We have only known Chris for a short time but, he could run jokes and make us laugh. He was a very respectful young man. We are so deeply sadden by this tribble tragedy. Even though we cannot be there in-person, please know that Chris and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.

My prayers to Chris Campbell’s family and friends.

Damon Friedburg (Orlando, FL)
It goes without saying that it is a tragedy anytime a young person dies. This incident serves as a reminder to us all that we should enjoy life to the fullest, for it can come to an end at any moment. Thankfully, Chris had many joys in his short life. He no doubt learned about hard work, sacrifice, and team work on the football field and in the classroom. On behalf of my family we would like to wish Chris’ family and friends the best in their time of sorrow.

Damon (class of ’93)

t caraway(mt. pleasant,tx)
great person,great player,was really fun watchin chris play.he will be missed

Gretchen, Phoenix, AZ
I went to high school with Chris and he was always such a pleasant person to be around. You never heard anything negative about him,it was always very positive.
He will be extremely missed. My prayers go out to his family!

Chris was an awsome football player and would have gotten picked in the NFL draft it is devistating to have him die at such a young age.

Tony (Lemoore,CA)
My prayers go out to the family of Chris Campbell. The Lord has a good man with him. He will always be here with us, watching over us and guiding his family and friends. Always remember the good times, for now he is an angel that has spread his wings from Miami to California. God Bless to the Hurricane family and also to the Campbell family in Texas, the Lord will be with you through this hard time. Stay strong, Chris would have wanted it that way.

Keena (Canton, OH)
Although I did not know Chris I know someone who is very close to him. My prayers go out to her and Chris’ family. You are all in my prayers. God bless….

Caneman (South Bend, In.)
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell family in this tragic time, as well as the entire Hurricane football team and University. Chris will be missed dearly. He was a great person on and off the football field. My heart is with him and everyone who knew and loved Chris.

RIP Chris

Bruce (Alexandria, VA)
My thoughts and prayers are with Chris and his family. He will never be forgotten and will always be part of the hurricane family.

Jessica Miami Lakes, Fl
I can’t believe that he is gone. He was a great athelete and a huge part of the miami hurricanes.I will miss him a lot!

Love you lots.
R.I.P. Chris Campbell

Reed, St. Cloud, MN
I am so very sorry for your loss and sadness. May the Lord help you through your difficult time. You have my deepest sympathies.

W.Gibson – Charlotte, NC
Chris has moved on to a better place. Prayers be with his family and the friends he has left behind, because surely the Lord has decided he needs him in his kingdom.

Max Goodman Boca Raton, Florida
My thoughts and prayers are with the Campbell family and the univerity of miami.

The pain in my heart is the worst pain I have ever felt. He was the first guy I met here at Miami our freshman year in ’98 and just a day ago we spoke about finishing together. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH CHRIS! I would do anything to have you back. I will miss you forever. XXXOOO

Tim Dennis, Pearisburg, VA
1 Corinthians 15:54-55,”So, when this corruptible shall put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is they sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”

My thoughts and prayers are for Chris’ family and friends. And for Chris, his greatest victory was won at Calvary. And doubtless, he is celebrating now in paradise.

scott (tampa,fl)
We will all miss #48 no one can every come close to being the type person he was.

nick cedarcane linko, lake ariel,pa.
Im extremely sadden and sorry for the loss of a fallen brother in the Hurricane family. Chris you will be truly missed.

Edwin Jo (Miami, FL)
My deepest condolences to the Campbell family and to the University of Miami family. Chris, we will miss you and may God bless you, you are in a better place now.

Dave Schaffel, Rockville, MD
I feel sick on hearing the news. Chris was a man with character and enoromous heart. God Bless the Campbell family and may Chris rest in peace in a better place.

Daniel Barber aka hotnuke (New York, NY)
Dear God this is tragic. It always hurts terribly to see such a bright young life ended. While honestly he was never my favorite ‘Cane, he was a player who gave me tremendous thrills with his outstanding play.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends at this tragic time, for they’ve lost more than just someone who provided them with thrills on the field. They’ve lost someone who I’m sure touched them in ways that can’t even be spoken of.

Goodbye Chris. You were a bright star that burned out too quickly. You will always be missed.



Bill Hollingsed, Waynesville, North Carolina
Having been born in Miami, but ending up attending Florida State, the FSU-Miami rivalry has always meant alot. In times like these, tue college football fans come together in respect and mutual admiration. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris’s family and the University of Miami.

God Bless !!!

San Diego Ca
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family,friends,coaches, and players.
R.I.P.Chris we will all miss you.


Ted Ray Peoria, IL.
May God comfort his family, friends and loved one at this time of sorrow. Chris you will missed, God bless your soul.

I just wanted to express my deepest sympathy to the Campbell family on this tragic loss for you. He was one of my favorite players on the team since his arrival. He was no doubt a joy and treasure to have known by all. I bought one of his jersey’s a few years ago and I will wear it always on game will be missed Chris ..but you touched many lives and gave many thrills on the field…rest in peace ..and Gob Bless to all your family..the Canes family has their thoughts and prayers with you…


Laura… Gainesville, FL
My heartfelt condolonces to Chris’s family and to the Miami football family. Football is a miniscule part of life, you have to support of all Gators and Noles I’m sure. God Bless you all.

Terence Suggs Dallas, Texas
I have been watching Chris play since his soph. season with the canes. When I heard the new this morning on ESPN, I was sick to my stomach. He played the game like it was supposed to be played. He he approached life in the same mannor, he is looking at us from Heaven with peace and calmnmess.

Chris was a truly good guy. A good person, good friend, this is a terrible loss and he will be sadly missed.

Lugoff, SC
Despite not being a Cane fan, but a Clemson Tiger fan instead, this is the time to set everything aside, and all pull for the Campbell family. My thought, prayers, and best wishes go out to Chris’s family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss. May God be with you always!

Jerry (Clearwater, FL)
Thanks for all the memories. He was a true champion and touch more hearts than he knew. I guess God needed a great, champion linebacker on his team. He was a “true” first round pick.

Barry Krasny-Cogley-Hollywood, FL.
Condolences to Chris Campbell’s family, friends, teammates, and coaches

As a fan of the University, Chris Campbell seemed to be a wonderful person.

It’s a shame when someone so healthy and so young must die so tragically and suddenly.

May you all remember him fondly and draw strength from his memories.

LisaW 007 (Miami,Fl)
So young, so talented, so tragic!! I pray for God guidance and comfort for Chris’s Family, Friends & the UM Football Family.

“He’ll surely be missed”

John Davis, Oxford, Miss
To the Campbell family, I wish you the best in this time of tradgedy. We loved Chris, he was one of the best LBs during his career and had a promising future.

He will always be a Cane in our heart.

Paul, College Park Md
May God bless him and his family. Also I pray for players, coaches and friends whom his life has touch. Retire the number 47

Val Moore, Tampa, FL
My son, Kyle Cobia, #40, called me to relay his sadness. He said Chris was someone who would give you the shirt (or shoes in Kyle’s case) off his back. Kyle said that he was recently running late for a workout and within minutes of consequences…. he couldn’t locate his shoes and quickly evaluated his options…. he chose Chris’ shoes to borrow, for he said that Chris was the one person who would understand, not be upset. When Chris entered workout area, Kyle quickly explained about having borrowed Chris’ shoes. Chris, of course, put Kyle’s concerns to rest. “No problem, man” he said. Chris’ shoes will never be filled, but ALWAYS remembered! God’s perfect timing may not be readily apparent to us, but be assured and blessed in God’s timing for Chris. Peace be with Chris in his heavenly home. Prayers for his family’s healing.

A Family of Noles, Melbourne, Fla.
Our thoughts and sympathies are with you at this time of great loss. May your memories remain a sweetness that will be forever in your heart. He will be in our prayers.

Mark (Emporia, KS)
Chris may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. God Bless Chris and his entire family.

byron sebastian fl.
thank you chris for being such a wonderful person and a special part of this family.I went to my first game in 1965 and I have seen a lot of good people come through UM and you where one of the best!! god bless ps. I would be proud to have a son like chris god bless you mom and dad.

BigOrangeFan, Scottsboro AL
I am always sad to see these things happen to good people and classy programs; no doubt a nice young man, set to graduate from what I understand and looking forward to the next level. Knoxville shares your sadness- I’m sure we’ll all think about Chris when we meet on the field next fall.

Miami, FL
“I loved my friend
He went away from me
There’s nothing more to say,
The poem ends
Soft as it began-
I loved my friend.”
– Langston Hughes

Peace be with you Chris.

Josh, Miami
Chris was a tremendous athlete and football player. Thank you for all the joy you brought to the UM fans the last 3 seasons. You will truly be missed come NFL draft day!!!

St. Augustine, Florida
My condolences to his family, friends, the university and the football team.

A Seminole fan

Jack (Glen Rock, NJ)
Chris’ hardwork and dedication should be something we should all aspire towards. I will sorely miss rooting for #48. God Bless You Chris.

Shaneequa Cannon Miami
It is a tragedy to lose a life- especially one so young. My prayers are out to his friends and family as well as his Hurricane football family.

Theresa (Chicago, IL)
I am a big HURRICANES fan and I just wanted to let you know that everyone is in my prayers. Let this be a lesson to all of us to remember that life is too short and that we must live our life to the fullest. I know what it is like to loose a friend and it is a pain that will never go away and one that only time can heal.

“There’s healing for your sorrow, healing for your pain, healing for your spirit, there’s shelter from the rain. Lord send a healing for this we know there is a balm in Gilead to heal your soul”

May GOD bless!

UMGrrl (Lake Mary,FL)
May the Campbell family find some peace knowing that so many thoughts & prayers are being sent their way today. May you also find some comfort realizing the success, pride & joy Chris obtained from playing the game of football that he loved so much. He experienced many joys in his all too short time. I am so sorry not only for your great loss but for the loss of all football fans he so graciously entertained & inspired with his humbleness, talent & respectability. God Bless. RIP # 48 “Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease;
I shall possess, within the veil,
A life of joy and peace.”

Stephanie French, Englewood, CO
I am sorry this has happend to your son. I am sure that he was a bright guy. Your prayers are with you in this tragic time.

Jed -Tampa
Our hearts are broken.
God Speed, Chris.

The FITZPATRICKS’, Studio City, California
Dear Chris…our hearts were broken today, when we heard of your tragedy. You were an inspirational young man…not only to your teammates…but you extended your graciousness and ethics to us, your fans, as well. We will miss you…and ALWAYS will remember you. But, we also have peace in our souls, knowing that you are now starting on God’s football team and looking over your family…your friend’s and teammates, as an angel…the way you wholeheartedly played the game.

God Bless you…and your family.

Michael Attivo (Harrisburg, PA)
“As a fan, I will always remember the heart
and desire in which he played the game
of football. I am deeply saddened by his
death and just want to let his family,
friends, and teammates know that my
prayers are with them. May his memory
live on forever in our hearts and minds.
God Bless.”

Darius Paris, Kentucky
Chris was a terrific person. His untimely death is a shock not only to the team, the school, the city, but also to fans arouund the world. My prayers are with Chris’s family and his friends. May god bless his soul and his loved ones

Mike, Naples FL
My prayers are with Chris and his family.

He will be missed.

Matt Storin

Carlos (Miramar, FL)
I’m sorry for the lose of Chris, he was an exceptional student athlete. The entire Miami Hurricane family will always remember the type of character and leadership Chris showed on and off the field. Rest in Peace, God bless…

Mike Abraham (Rutherford, NJ)
My prayers and thoughts to the family, friends, and teammates of Chris.

Dave (Richmond, VA)
CC you will be missed as warrior, a Cane, but most of all as a young man of great character. We were as proud of your behavior off the field as your heart on it. You will be a cornerstone of the rebuilding of the program. Your family has our condolences for their loss as well as our thanks for allowing him to be a part of our lives.

Tremain Mack
Just wanted to say that Chris and the entire Univ. of Miami football team have been inspirational to me. They have turned around the repatation at the U. I’ve had the opportunity to follow his career at UM and his lost will be a great tradgedy to anyone who got to know him. I personally think that he is a wonderful young man and will be missed by me for sure. I am from a small town in Texas not far from his home town and I’m very proud of what he has accomplished because i know first hand that it is not easy coming from a small town like that going to the city of Miami. Hats off to Chris. He has brought joy and hapiness into many people’s lives.

Dennis M,Deleon Springs, FL
I’m deeply saddened by the loss of Chris Campbell. He played the exact way every football player should, with his heart, not his mouth. Thanks for all the memories #48. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Chris Campbell gone, but never forgotten.

Dennis M.

John Marshall Mount Pleasant, Texas
I heard about the death of Chris today(2-26-02)while my older brother Courey was at a Powerlifting meet in Mount Pleasant. I want to send my prayers to his family, friends, and school. I never met Chris but I heard he was a fine young man. He’s moved on to a much better place. RIP Chris.
John Marshall

Autumn(Mt. Pleasant)
Chris- Remember all those late night talks we would have after everyone went to sleep; sneaking out, pasture parties, high school football games; all the times you, Eric & I spent together. We always had so much fun. I’ll never forget those times. I’ll never forget you. love always

I am both shocked and sadden by the passing of such a fine young man and a solid football. Chris definitely had a future in the nfl. My prayers go out to his family and the university of miami. May he rest in peace.

Victor Calero, Homestead, Fl
Chris was a great player who brought stability and leadership to this team. May God’s love and strength be with his family during this difficult time.

Angelique (Miami, FL)
It is hard to express yourself at a time like this, but I just want to send my prayers out to his family and friends. Heaven must have needed an angel, and what better person to call on then him? He was a wonderful and caring person that will never be forgotten in any of our hearts. The Canes will never be the same…..this is definately a great loss. RIP-Chris

With Love,

Fran Delaney (Orlando,FL)
My thoughts and prayers go out the the family of Chris Campbell. His work on this earth was done. He is in a better place now.

Tyler, Landon, & Brad (Denton, TX)
As former high school classmates with Chris, we are greatly saddened by this loss. We lost a great role model this morning. Chris could always be looked up to on the field, but more importantly off the field. It is sad to see such a great talent not to be able to pursue his dreams, but we know that he is in a much better place now! God bless Chris’ family and friends. Thanks for the memories Chris!! #48 RIP

Bob Kara Benton Harbor Michigan
My deepest thoughts and Prayers go out to Chris Campbell’s Family.
When I heard the news of the Tragedy, it reminded me of hearing of A distant cousin whom I never met died, which just proves we don’t have to know each other to feel like Family….
Chris, tell Marlin and Jerome We Miss Them To.
Go Canes!
“48 Is Playing for A Better Team Now”

Ron, Norwich,CT
May the Lord keep Chris and his family in the palm of His hands.

Chris Scavetta Flushing N.Y
I would like to send my deepest sorrows to the Campbell family,and the Miami family. Chris was a great player and he will be missed.

Rheagan,Mt. Pleasant
Chris J. Campbell was not only a memeber of our family, he was a friend! A friend who my sister Carren and I could look up to one who we could count on in any and all situations. He was an amazing person, who was loved by all who knew him. I will hold close to my heart the love we shared and the memories that we made. He was truely my HERO, and a hero to many others. He will go on in my heart forever!

Matt C. Ft Lauderdale, Fl
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell Family. To one of the main corner-stones for the resurgents of the Miami Hurricanes. This Canes fan thanks you. God bless to your family, friends, and teamates.

Selah Jacksonvile, FL
You stuck with the TEAM when the times were bad. The next season should be dedicated to Chris. For the the Campbell family keep your heads high. With Love, Hurricane Fan forever.

Kory Enola, PA.
I always watch Miami football TV, and I think that he was a great player and motivational leader.I would like to pray for all his family and friends.

#46 Mike Langley (Coral Gables, FL)
SOUP: We love ya man….. #48 forever….

– Langdogg

Charles Parker(Tallahassee, Fl.)
Goodbye Chris, you will always be a Hurricane and a fine human being. My deepest thoughts and prayers to your family and the rest of the Hurricane family.

Michael (NY, NY)
May God bless the Campbell family and friends in this terrible time. It is a sad day for all Hurricanes all around the nation.

Autumn Arranz, Miami Beach FL
God Bless you and your family Chris. We will miss you dearly. Thank you for being a such great young man who represented the UM family with class and dignity. Your warm smile will live on with us forever.

Doug Carter (Los Angeles, CA)
God Bless Chris Campbell, the Campbell Family, and the University of Miami Football Family at this sad time. May Chris dwell in the house of The Lord with the other football giants of our history who have gone before us. Peace unto all.

George Muzea Reno, Nevada
My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’s loved ones. My two nephews, ages 19 and 21 were killed in a car crash about 30 years ago. Ironically, the car they were driving in was a Toyota Corolla. I remember the pain my brother and his wife endured. I know my brother never got over it but he and his wife did manage to draw close and helped each other over the years until he died six years ago. I hope Chris’s loved ones find solace in each other and in the knowledge that one day they will all be together in heaven.

Brad Kenin, Coral Gables
My mom and I have attended Canes’ scrimmages and practices for several seasons. Chris Campbell was always polite and gracious when we asked for his autograph. We will miss him. Rest in peace, my friend. Brad

Guy Daines (Tarpon Springs, FL)
My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’s family/friends and the entire CANE Nation, He was an excellent player, and an even better person. RIP Chris, you will be missed….

Cragg McFarlin (Mt. Pleasant, TX)
Tonight I will pray for Chris. It was such a privilage to be his friend, not to mention being his tackleing dummy during the season of 98 in MP, when we stepped into Texas Stadium togather with our team to carry home the Semifinals championship. He is loved and he will be missed. I will also pray for his family and guarantee that the whole city of Mt. Pleasant will be there in their loving support.

Mayo, San Antonio, Tx
A big loss for the Hurricane family but even a greater loss for Chris’s family..My condolences to his loved ones and may God give you the strength to carry on…it was time to go home…Rest in Peace

Mark MJGBoca Cane
God Bless your family. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

Watching Hurricane football gives alot of people including myself great joy. Chris was a part of that joy for me and hearing of his death has left me with a lump in my throat. May his family find comfort in all of the kind words people have written.

– David R.

It’s a real shame to see such a young and talented individual die so suddenly.

Lake McGuire (Los Angeles/Mt. Pleasant, TX)
Most people didn’t have the opportunity to know Chris. I did. Although I was a couple years ahead of him, Chris & I became pretty good friends during my senior year at Mt. Pleasant High School. He was a truely remarkable person, both funny and bright. I’ve always thought highly of Chris b/c not many people make it to college where we’re from. Mr. Searcy, I am sorry for your loss. You raised one heck of a son. He was a great representative of Mt. Pleasant, UM & his family. On behalf of our hometown & Longhorns everywhere, God Bless you Chris. You’ll always be missed.

Chris Stagg, Montreal, Quebec
My thougts and prayers go out to the family of Chris Campbell and his friends. May God bless you all.

Michael Johnson Hernando MS
As a Christian, I had always heard that the Lord takes those who are ready for his kingdom. I beleive this to be true. May God bless and watch over his children.

TonyO Rockledge,Florida
I feel for his family and his friends. I love the canes and hate for a tragady like this to happen because the people left behind are hurt hang in there and stay strong!

Kory Enola, PA.
I think before every game we should take a moment of silence in honor of Chris.

Marla, Coral Gables
My won and I are huge Canes’ fans. We adore each and every player, no matter the sport. We have enjoyed watching Chris Campbell, #48, develop into an outstanding linebacker and all-around super guy. We would have loved to see him in the NFL. Life can be so unfair and so sad. Chris was a wonderful person. We will always think of him making great plays on the Orange Bowl turf. His memory will never leave the stadium. Rest in Peace, Chris.

Donald Cline, Mt. Pleasant, Texas
I will always remeber Chris #41 (@MP) as a blur on the football field as he knew but one way to play football. Off the field I will always rememeber Chris as a great person and the type of man that every father dreams of their daughter marring. I will miss Chris but I will never forget YOu. God’s team just got alot stronger on the weak side. Love ya #41, #48

Hess Family Nantucket, MA
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Chris will be missed.

Richard Hess
UM ’95

my prayers for #48 Chris campbell the sports greatest linebacker ever- rest in peace

Dennis Adams, Hollywood, FL
Our prayers are with his family.

UM Student
Chris was one of the most determined and talented young men that I have ever known. He was always able to over come all the challenges presented to him in life and found the hidden light in every situation. May God lead him into greener pastures, and help all who love him to find the strength to let him walk with God.

You will forever be loved and missed.

God bless Chris,his family and all teammate and friends, its hard to lose any young person, he will be missed by many, it is part of ltfe, may he be in Gods hands now.

bomb, NYC
You will ALWAYS be a part of the Hurricane family, and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for becoming a part of the Miami family, Chris. Bless your soul and bless your family in this difficult time for them.

He was my favorite miami player.Although i never got his ouitograf he was, still my favorite player.God bless his famly,Rest in pease #48 Chris campbell

As a UM fan for over 45 years it is times like this that shows how precious life really is. To the family of Chris my heart breaks for you and my thoughts and prayers will always be with. God bless Chris.

Miami, Fla
Chris Campbell you are in my thoughts and my prayers. You were a great player and a greater friend I will never forget you!

Lance Carew San Antonio, Texas
I want to express my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Chris Campbell. I can’t begin to imagine the pain that you are feeling, but I hope my prayers will be ease the pain. God bless you! Your name will forever live in the minds of the Hurricane family.

Michael F. Warthen, Atlanta,Ga
My prayers go out to the Campbell family.I’m so sorry for the lost you have just suffered, personally I don’t know Chris….but I have watched him play football for Hurricanes.He was an amazing player he will be missed very much… heart and prayers go out to you.

Melbcane: Melbourne, Fl
Our sympathy and prayers go out to the Campbell family.

Mike Ross (Quincy, Fl)
To our Heavenly Father we pray for the peace that passes all understanding for the family and friends of Chris. We never understand the reasons, we don’t understand Your ways. But we thank You for Your Son and we thank You for sharing Chris with us. To Chris’ family we thank you for sharing Chris with us. He became my little six year old daughter’s favorite player on her favorite team. She will be heartbroken, but nothing like the family and friends. God bless you all.

Jorge Tonos (Miami,Fl)
May God take care of this great human being and send him to a better world. My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris Campbell and his family.
The whole Miami will truly miss you.

University of Miami
We want our athletes to feel invincible, and many times the strenght of their bodies leads us to believe that they really are. But the human body is a beautiful combination of strenght and weakness. When the body breaks under the force of the world it releases to us its true spirit. Chris, your spirit will always soar above us. We will look for you in the stars and see your smile in the sunrise. Forever remembered & forever missed.
God Bless the Campbell family
– Kim

rick gonzalez,miami lakes
condolences from a fan who enjoyed watching chris play at um,and who looked forward to watch him play in the future

The Feldmans in New Jersey
Chris Campbell, Marlin Barnes, Robert Woodus, Shane Curry, Jerome Brown…… “Only The Good Die Young” Every Cane fan’s heart is broken today.

Scott (Seattle, Washington)
May God bless Chris’s family during this time. The joy that he brought to those who were CANES fans can never be measured against the loss that the family is feeling today. May our loving God proved comfort to all of those people whose lives Chris touched during his short lifetime.

matt dryer miami, Fl
On behalf of the UM Baseball team, we all send our prayers and thoughts to Chris and his family. He was a great person as well as a great player. We will all miss him

Russell, Miami, FL
Thank you so much for your leadership on and off the field. Your intensity and dedication helped bring the Canes back where they belong. May you rest easy in the better place that you’re at. My condolences and prayers to the family

Lynn Eichin Melbourne, Fl
To Chris’s family and friends, Because of Jesus, there is comfort for sorrow and hope for the heart…For his love is with you always. May you feel his comfort. Heb 13:5

Brad Deltona FL
Thanks for all the great memories. May GOD be with your family at this most difficult time. I hope everyone will take the time to say I love you to the special people in their life and not take anything for granted. May GOD bless #48!!

jason coral gables fl
The best thing I can say about Chris, was that he was a great guy, with a great head on his shoulders, who had a bright future that was tragically cut short. He will be missed, and my thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

RIP 48

Chris (Miami, FL)
May you rest in peace, my brother. The Cane family is now in mourning. We will remember you as the true champion you will always be.

Cincinnati, OH
“May you rest, forever, in the hand of God.”

Student at UM
I met Chris 2 years ago in the cafateria and from that point on whenever I saw him we sould stop and talk and he always put a smile on my face. He was quiet and shy but at the same time friendly and kind. It seems so sureal that he is gone, but I know he has gone to a better place. He is now wathcing over all of us and is up to us to be strong and make him proud, like he has done for us. I hope that Chris and his father,and his girlfriend, and family and and friends at they are all in my prayers. Rest in Peace Chris and god bless you!

the McLaughlins C.Springs
find peace
have faith
know love
be hope………….

Ed Holtman Cincinnati Ohio
Chris was a cane but more important he was a nice guy. Living in Cincinnati I only get to see a few games but I met him on miami campus before the the FSU game last year and he spoke to me and my friends for about a 1/2 hour. He will never know how exciting that was for me. I wish the family the best and prayers.

Zeudi (New York)
In 1998 I met Chris, volunteering as a student athletic trainer in the UM training room. He was an entering freshman, then, full of life and excitement. I remember him then as I will remember him always – bright and unquestionably sweet, with one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

I had a chance to meet his father, at the bowl game in 1999, and I remember he was so proud of his son, so proud. A little of the light has gone out of the world, and it can never be recovered. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, now, and I am sure that they, as well as I, could never forget what he brought to the world, and what is lacking now that he is gone.

Nathan – Walterboro,SC
Prayers and warm wishes are extended to Chris’s family as well as the Hurricane family. May God bless all.

Gerry Liss,Baltimore,MD
We’ll miss you Chris. You were a blessing to us all. Our prayers are with you and your loved ones.

Jim (College Station, TX)
I would like to express my deepest sorrow for the family of Chris Campbell on behalf of athletes in action. The university, the friends, the team…all will mourn, but not as the family will. I pray that you may find strength, comfort, thankfulness, and understanding in the Lord through this time of mourning. May his life never be forgotten. God Bless.

Jorge Alonso, Chicago,Il
We love you CC!

Courtney, New York
Chris will be truly missed. He was a great player and a wonderful guy. May God watch over his entire family and friends in this tragic loss. Rest In Peace~Chris #48

Timmy and Jessica (Mt. Pleasant
As we sit around remembering everything we can about the times we had together, all we can do is laugh. Chris was the heart of our small town and we will never forget him. Our thought and prayers go out to his family. God bless.

Chris Sickles (Pittsburgh, PA)
I am glad that I had a chance to see the great LB play in Heinz Field. He was a great football player and will be missed all over the Big East. I bleed blue and gold, but tonight this panther sheds a tear.

Courtney, New York
Chris will be truly missed. He was a great football player and a great guy. May God Bless his family and friends. Chris, we will all miss you. #48~Rest In Peace

Steven Kratky (Mantua,NJ)
We love you and will always love you Chris. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family.

our prayers are with your family and loved ones. we will come together as we always do and make you proud. thanks for the memories. God Bless!

Renee Rancour (East Lansing, MI)
My thoughts, prayers, and a wish of strength to Chris’s family, friends, teammates, and coaches during this difficult time. Chris, you will be missed and never forgotten, R.I.P. #48.

Drew G. Canton, ohio
Thoughts are with all family and friends and teammates upon this tragic event

Steve Canter VT Football player
I was shocked to hear about Chris Campbell’s tragic death. My prayers go out to his family and friends who will be affected by this tragic event.

Brittney Richardson Pensacola, Fl
Hello, my name is Brittney Richardson and I am 14 years old. I am a former resident of Mt. Pleasant where Chris kicked off his big career. I loved going to all the games and cheering the tigers on all the way to the 1/4 finals Chris’s senior year. I have always been a big fan of Chris’s. Two summers ago we moved to florida where Chris was playing. This past year when Chris became a senior at the University of Miami, I watched the games on television as often as I could; I couldn’t wait for the big day when Chris would be drafted into the NFL. When my dad told me that the Oakland Raiders had called MPHS for chris’s records I was so excited. Although he may not have played for the Raiders I knew he had a shot at the NFL. I have been waiting to hear the first word of who Chris Campbell would play for ever since. A wise man once said although we may not know why everything happens for a reason. I didn’t know Chris well, but I can truley say that Chris has definately made a positive impact on me and changed my outlook on life forever. May God be with you all!!

Michele Summerville, SC
Just wanted to send prayers to the Campbell family, his friends, and the Miami Hurricane family. The Gamecock Nation will keep you all in our prayers as you deal with such a tragic loss. May God Bless You All.

Courtney, New York
Chris will be truly missed. He was a great football player and from what I heard a great guy. I remember when I was in the lobby of the Century Hyatt in California, I had the chance to introduce myself to Chris and I didn’t because I was embarrassed. I regret that right now. We all love him. May God bless his family and friends in this tragic time. #48~Rest In Peace*

Tyrone, PA
I just ran across the article that told of your linebacker’s untimely death–I was instantly shocked & saddened by this tragic passing! As a Penn State grad & fan, I have not been a die-hard Hurricane fan, but this loss of such a young & talented person is a sad event for NCAA football, not to mention his fellow players & friends; and of course his family. My prayers are w/ your campus, your coaches & team, his family, and of course for Chris himself! My heart truly goes out to all of you. May God bless & comfort you all. Sincerely, Dave Johnson PSU-’93

Naples, FL
Jerome, Marlin, CHRIS


Joshua Frank (Potomac, Maryland)
I obviously didn’t know Chris, but as a Hurricane fan I know what a positive part of the University of Miami he was…all Hurricanes pass our condolences to his family.

Henri Hogan (Dallas, TX)
A young man who died much to young, much too soon. My Prayers go out to Chris’s brothers and other family and friends.

kristin, a canes fan in columbus, ohio
to all those who have been touched by this terrible tragedy:
as a football fan for years and a canes fan since i saw kenny dorsey come off the bench for kenny kelly, i hope you all know that your beloved #48 was a huge part of the recent success of the miami hurricanes.

there are no answers for unexpected tragedies such as this. all we can do is keep the person close in our hearts and thoughts.

be strong and know that you have a lot of canes fans in your corner…

Joseph .S. Orlando, FL
I wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with Chris’ family, i met him at a fan fest this year and he was extremely nice to me and my two younger brothers. We’ll always remember you.

Dan S. (Miami)
As a Hurricane supporter I feel the pain and sadness that is felt by all those who were close to Chris. In his 21 years, he gave us more to cheer about then most people will in a lifetime. His memory will give us the strength to be better people, on the field and off!

Gaston Llaca (Kendall, Fl)
I grieve for the family of Chris Campbell. Losing a young son to a tragedy like the one Saturday is the worst kind of situation a parent has to deal with in their lifetime. May God help the family cope with this terrible tragedy. And please, if anybody hears of a fund to help the family pay for the funeral, etc., please e-mail me with the address at As a long-time member of the Hurricane sports family, I will never forget Chris for the wonderful way he always conducted himself on behalf of the team. Chris, may you rest in heaven and God bless your family.

Eddie Indianapolis, IN
I live, breath, and love UM football, but when a trajedy occurs such as this it seems so silly. My heart goes out to those people who hold Chris in their hearts and souls. My deepest sympathies go out to the family.

Eric Renzullo, Connecticut
I have been a Hurricane fan for over 10 years now. Being a Hurricane fan is like being part of a large family. And the family was stuck by a huge lose today. I am deeply sadden by this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Chris Campbell. God speed and to Chris, thank you for some great Hurricane football memories. You are gone, but not forgotten. We all love you.

Philip Trott, Bermuda
Me and Francisco (aka. Cisco) were good friends of Chris. He was a great guy to have around, especially when he was in good spirits. A great person as well as a great athlete gone too soon. My prayers go out to his family and his fianc?e.

Philip Trott

Dan Orlando, Fl
This has been a truly tragic day for all Hurricane community, and Campbell’s family. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I pray that they can somehow find peace of mind.

Manny Valdes, Miami, FL
God Bless you Chris, our prayers are with you and your Family.

Lance, Hagerstown, MD
Suddenly games and championships are so unimportant. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Lance-UM M.A. 2000

UMFAN, Miami, Florida
I had an opportunity to meet Chris before the National Championship parde. I remember watching him messing around with his teammates. I can’t say that I actually knew him but I can say that he was a major presence. You could feel the genuine respect of the other players for Chris just in the way they were interacting. Chris played HUGE on the field and I am certain he will leave a HUGE hole in the hearts of all that had a chance to know him intimately. It is such a shame to see such a strong young man taken so early. My family’s thoughts and prayers are with Chris, his family and his friends. We’ll all miss him. God bless.

To the football players. Sorry to hear the terrible news. Hope that you all be strong and keep the memory of Chris in all your hearts.He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him and called him a terrific person. To his mother.I’m so sorry of your that you have to hear this king of news about your son. My condolences go out to you and Chris’s siblings. Once again i’m sorry for your loss.

LG New Jersey
God bless his soul and the hearts of all who loved him….

jess Atlanta, Georgia
god bless you Chris, may god hold you deeply in his arms with love,peace,and eternal tranquility. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Kevin (Denver, Co)
I’m the ‘Canes biggest fan in Colorado, and I want to send my best regards to Chris’s family and the University. Chris you are in God’s hands now and may you show the ‘Canes way from Heaven. Godspeed Chris.

alex morrisville ny
godbless his family let hope stay alive

I’m am praying for the family of Chris Campbell. By the way people talk about him he seems to be a polite and sweet young man. He will surely be missed not only his family and the the football players but by everyone else who him personally as well. And who took the time to find out what kind of person he really was. God bless everyone who knew him. In the greatest or smallest way.

Mark (Houston, Texas)
My you find eternal life with God and may your family take solice in this fact.

Shaan Dholakia Boca Raton, FL
as a part of the hurricane fan family, i would like to send my deepest condolences to the players and family members of the Campbell family. Chris Campbell was a major part of what won a national championship, and will be truly missed by Miami fans here in South Florida. he will never be forgotten….