August 24, 1998

CORAL GABLES, FL–The University of Miami football team continued withtwo-a-day workouts today. Practiced was moved from the GreentreePractice Field to Mark Light Stadium marking the first time the Hurricanespracticed at Mark Light since 1987, when the stadium featured artificialturf.

After the morning workout, Davis reflected on Saturday’s CaneFest scrimmageat the Orange Bowl.

“The most encouraging part of the entire scrimmage was the playersintensity and effort,” said Davis. “Our offensive play makers madesome solid plays; the running backs ran well, the tight ends caught theball well and the quarterbacks really had a good day.

“Scott Covington went 9 of 12 and Kenny Kelly was outstanding.I was very pleased with Zach Hart’s performance as the third quarterback.He moved the ball, made some completions, and showed poise.”

Davis also pointed to the battle at running back between sophomoreJames Jackson and redshirt freshman Najeh Davenport. Both are competingfor the second-team spot behind 1,000-yard rusher Edgerrin James.

“Najeh and James are really pushing each other,” Davis commented.“All three running backs are going to see playing time. But thosetwo are battling to see who will be the first one off the bench to replaceEdgerrin when we bring him out of games for a breather or to give the defensea different look. That’s the type of position battle you would liketo have at the other 21 positions.”

Davis is also pleased by the progress offensive lineman Eric Schnuppis making in the rehabilitation of his surgically repaired right knee.Schnupp had surgery to repair his ACL after injuring his knee in an off-seasonbasketball game.

“The doctor said Eric is two months ahead of schedule,” explained Davis.”Eric is looking to return for the October 31st Boston College game.His return will be a big plus for us.”

Looking ahead to mid-week, Davis said that Wednesday’s CanesFest atLockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale will be a combination of regular practicedrills and scrimmage. The Hurricanes are expected to conduct a 30-45play controlled scrimmage. Wednesday’s CanesFest is scheduled tobegin at 6:00 p.m. and is open to the public.

Injury Report: The following players did not participate in today’spractice sessions: Jevon Rhodes (hamstring), Michael Smith (sprained ankle),and Sherko Haji-Rasouli (sprained right knee). Santana Moss is stillout after sustaining a cracked jaw last Thursday and Derrick Ham continuesto nurse a sprained ankle.

Schedule of Events
August 26, CanesFest-Broward (practice), 6:00 p.m., Lockhart Stadium,Ft. Lauderdale.