Fast Breaks: Justin Heller

Fast Breaks: Justin Heller

Oct. 30, 2011


CORAL GABLES, Fla. – They are stories of perseverance. Stories about growing up, becoming men and being a part of a family. One-by-one, we hear from them. These are the Miami Hurricanes…

Justin Heller | Guard | Sophomore | Boca Raton, Fla.

I was raised in Boca Raton by my mom and dad. I was always brought up to set goals that I wanted to achieve and to try my hardest in everything I do.

Oldest nickname I’ve ever had is J. Bird from Taurean Green, who was someone I looked up to as a kid and he went on to win two championships at the University of Florida.

Right now I’m listening to J. Cole’s first album The Sideline Story because in his music he talks a lot about overcoming obstacles and things that I can relate to.

After college I want to get a law degree to use in the business world.

One thing everyone should know about Miami Basketball is that inside the locker room there are some of the craziest guys you’ve ever met but outside you wouldn’t know it.

At The U, I’ve learned so much from Malcolm who, as a junior last year when I was a freshman, really taught me a lot about life and always made sure I was okay.

Before every game I’m usually with Durand and we go to the mall or something.

Coach Larranaga is a really old school guy. He knows a lot about basketball and his main thing is he likes to do things the right way and he’s a great guy for the program.