Hurricane Rowers Enjoy Quality Weekend

Hurricane Rowers Enjoy Quality Weekend

Oct. 5, 2008

Oklahoma City, Okla. – Head coach Robbie Tenenbaum and his new staff headed west over the weekend to the Head of the Oklahoma Regatta in Oklahoma City where the University of Miami enjoyed a successful weekend “under the lights” in one of the country’s premiere racing events on the waters at Regatta Park.

UM opened up the season at a truly beautiful event in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City on Saturday and Sunday. Following Saturday afternoon’s qualifying events, one of the best showcases in all of collegiate racing took place when a series of night races happened under the lights of numerous portable fixtures scattered along Regatta Park. A crowd of thousands was on hand in the park where a laser show and fireworks festival followed the annual event.

But there was racing to get to first for the `Canes.

UM started things out in the Collegiate Eight – Night Sprint Qualifier where the Orange and Green finished fourth with a time of 14:57.089 in order to qualify for the night sprint. The `Canes came in behind perennial powers Stanford (1st), Radcliffe (2nd) and Washington State (3rd). The Longhorns of Texas rounded out the top five. The “B” team for Miami finished 15th with a mark of 16:17.485.

“I’m incredibly proud of how hard the team worked and how they performed against some of the nation’s top 10 teams annually,” expressed head coach Robbie Tenenbaum. “It’s great to see good competition early-on in the season. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the fall, as well as the spring season.”

In the Open Four, the Hurricanes took third place for the “A” team behind the coxswain duties of Christina Crocco and the stroke of Laura Cordner, 3-Seat Nic Saner, 2-seat Karalyn Van Aken and bow Monika Sajincic. The `Canes managed a time of 16:32.549 to finish just two seconds out of second place behind Washington State’s second Boat. The Cougars “A” boat took top honors with a time of 16:02.231.

Miami also had a 12th place finish with the “B” boat collecting a time of 17:17.551 with junior Alexa Romero in the coxswain seat and stroke Stephanie Parrish, 3-seat Molly Thornton, 2-seat Marleena Eyre and bow Tara Eddings.

The night racing was a quick 500 meter sprint under the lights. The Hurricanes finished fourth in the Collegiate 8 race behind Stanford, Washington State and Harvard/Radcliffe, and ahead of Washington State’s “B” boat and SMU.

In Sunday’s action and the singles racing, sophomore Monika Sajincic captured a winning time of 17:06.421 while teammate Caitlin Augustin followed in seventh place (18:58.359). Sajincic won her race by over one minute.

The winning ways weren’t done for UM yet as the Collegiate Four returned with a winning time of 15:51.753 with sophomore coxswain Shira Kharrazi, stroke Laura Cordner, 3-seat Nic Saner, 2-seat Frida Schneider and bow Monika Sajincic. The second boat followed in sixth place (17:52.371) with coxswain Heather Hollembeak, stroke Rachael Sporko, 3-seat Lizzy Elner, 2-seat Alexa McCanick and bow Stacey Kerr.

“This regatta gave us the chance to experience multiple races against traditionally powerful teams,” stated Tenenbaum. “It’s really encouraging to see the culmination of such hard work put in throughout the fall turn out so well.”

Miami takes back to the waters again on November 1 when they host a tri-meet with Barry and Nova Southeastern in Miami Beach.

“I just want to commend the kind people of Oklahoma City University and the city of Oklahoma City, itself, for putting on such a first-class event and giving us a great experience,” added Tenenbaum. “It truly was a great event that we hope to continue to participate in for the future.”

Saturday Results…
Women’s Collegiate Eight
1. Stanford (14:25.935)
2. Radcliffe (14:36.955)
3. Washington State (14:44.287)
4 Miami “A” (14:57.089)
15. Miami “B” (16:17.485)

Women’s 4+
1. Washington State “A” (16:02.231)
2. Washington State “D” (16:30.033)
3. Miami “A” (16:32.549)
12. Miami “B” (17:17.551)

Sprint Results…
Women’s Collegiate 8
1. Stanford (1:33.38)
2. Washington State (1:35.54)
3. Radcliffe (1:37.70)
4. University of Miami (140.39)
5. Washington State “B” (1:42.38)
6. Southern Methodist University (1:43.04)

Women’s Open 4+ night racing
1. University of Tulsa (1:39.8)
2. University of Miami “A” (1:40.0)
3. University of Miami “B” (1:44.0)
4. University of Oklahoma (1:44.3)
5. University of Tulsa “B” (1:50.8)

Sunday Results…
Women’s 1x Collegiate
1. Monika Sajincic (17:06.421)
7. Caitlin Augustin 18:58.359)

Women’s 4+ Collegiate
1. Miami “B” (15:51/753)
6. Miami “A” (17:52.371)