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Miami-Louisiana Tech Quotes

Sept. 18, 2004


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September 18, 2004

Orange Bowl Stadium – Miami, Fla.




Larry Coker


“It was a good game for us today.  On paper this is a game that we are supposed to win and we were able to.  We played very good on special teams with Devin Hester and also Roscoe Parrish.”


“We were able to play a lot of people during the game.  It was a good team win.  We are excited to be 2-0 and it is the second step on our journey and we stayed pretty healthy.”


“We have a short week this week with Houston on Thursday night.  It will be a quick turnaround, but we were able to rest some people tonight.”


“Devin Hester is a special player.  He has good size and he is well built for that position.  With him and Roscoe Parrish we have two special returners.”


“We have good speed on defense and can really run.”


“I am very pleased with both Frank Gore and Tyrone Moss.  We have a dynamic tandem with the two of them.  I saw some good things out there with them.”


“Ryan Moats is a good player and we did well against him today.  Anytime you rush for over 500 yards in two games its good.  That is hard to do against air.”


“It is great motivation for the defense to keep the shut-out.  Anytime you get a shut-out it is special.”


“We played all three quarterbacks.  There are not a lot of opportunities and we would like to give them more opportunities to get better.”


“Lance Leggett did a good job.  He’s been here 45 days or so and those were probably the only two passes he has dropped since he has been here.  He is going to be terrific and he just needs to get the time.”





“Its hard to compare to last week it was a close, tight ball game. This week we tried to concentrate on doing a good job on offense.”


“The two first touchdowns were big for us.”


“They’re unbelievable. They do such a good job doing what they are coached to do. They’re a special group and it’s good to know you have a defense like that backing you up.”


“Wright did a good job today. He did some good things. Any time it’s your first time to do things, it’s a little difficult but he did a good job.”

Tyrone Moss


“Hopefully, we’ll be able to build on some things from this week and use that to help us the rest of the season.”


“I’m very confident in our offense; we’re improving in games and in practice.”


Chris Myers


“There are some things we still need to practice on, especially cutting down on some big penalties on offense.”


“The way we’re playing, the only direction we can go is up.”



Louisiana Tech Head Coach

Jack Bicknell


On the UM Defense

“It just a great defense, they are scary. They do a great job of putting extra guys down in there for the run so it took that away but which we knew what they we going to do. We sort had some opportunities. We could have tried to throw it deep, which we tried to do and we just didn’t make those plays. Hey its Miami, and they are a really great football team.”



Donald Allen


On the Game

“Miami just kept playing and we didn’t execute. I don’t think they did anything dramatically different just to say no more years for him (Ryan Moats) but we just didn’t execute. That’s just the bottom line. We have to block better, we have to have a better passing game, we have to our keep our running game to the standards it was two weeks ago and that’s what we have to do in order to be successful.”