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Senior Salutes Continue

Nov. 24, 2000

The appreciation for the seniors is overwelming! Every attempt is being made to post your thanks to the seniors who will play in their final home game at the Orange Bowl Saturday, Nov. 25 at 3:30 vs. Boston College.

All Seniors from Rosalie, Weston, FL

Thanks for hanging in there guys. I wish you all the best in the future and hope to see lots of you playing on Sundays next year! It’s been a great year and even if you don’t get to the Orange Bowl Game, you’re #1 to us and it would be great to see you (defeat) Notre Dame or Florida!!!

James Jackson, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Al Blades from Jacqui Fountain, St Lucie FL
Hey Guys!!!! Well it’s here. You all have done very well your whole four years at Miami. I hope to see you all on tv on sundays. God Bless and hope you dreams come true. Remeber keep your head up high and follow your dreams. Love all of you.
Your # 1 fan

Dan Morgan from Mike, Shippensburg, PA
Congrats, on a heck of a career, and season at Miami. I have been a life-long Miami fan, and over the past few years, have had a great time watching the Canes, and that killer defense. Last year and my previous years, playing football in high school, I always went out and tried to emobody the Miami toughness and attitude that you have shown. You are a great LB, and a great role modle for those young LB’s starting out. Best of luck with school, and onward to brighter things. Good luck with what, I can see as a great career in the NFL. And againn, congrats with everything. IT’s time to bring the title back to MIAMI!

Santana Moss from Byron Croft, Thomasville, GA
You are the best wide receiver this team has had in a long time. All I can do is hope that Miami makes it to the Orange Bowl and win the national title. You of all players in the nation deserve it.

Dan Morgan from Tracy, Pembroke Pines, FL
I LOVE to watch you play!! I was in the “Band of the Hour” from ’87-’90. Those were great years. I know it’s been hard getting back to the top, but you have stuck with it and the rewards will be great!Good luck to you in whatever you do, too bad you couldn’t stay in the S. Florida area and play for the Dolphins, you could give Zach Thomas a run for his money!!Thanks for being you and representing the Hurricanes with such class!!

Aaron Moser from Alicia Crowd, Greenwich, N.Y.
You’ve had an incredible season and its been a pleasure watching you. Congratulations and Good Luck!!!!

Santana Moss from Jacqui Fountain, Port St Lucie, Fl
Santana thanks for all the wonderful memories. I have been a big fan since i was a baby im now 18 years old and getting ready to graduate in June. I love watching you on tv and when i can come down for the games. I will see you Saturday at the Boston college game. I hope you have great years and I will miss you alot. Love your #1 fan.

Dan Morgan from ABRAHAM AKA A.B. (#1 Um FaN) Miami, FL
Congratulations on all your accomplishments on the football field and i want to talk you for the UM memories you have given me especially vs FSU(who i hate). That was a nice interception. I have seen you play over the years and i notice u arenot the biggest linebacker out there but you play with your speed and intelligence. You have proven to me that being a linebacker is not all about goin into the gap and hittin someone comin towards you but to go in and try to take on the block and the man with the ball. WELL good luck in the NFL.

All of the Seniors from Keith DJ, Huntsville, Alabama
PLEASE talk coach Davis into staying in Miami. He loves you guys, so maybe he will listen to you. The talk up here is he’s headed to roll tide country. Oh, how that would break my heart and I am sure yours to. Thank you for bringing back the winning tradition and doing it with CLASS! CANES #1!!

Andre’ King from Bruce Raymond, Cooper City, FL
Andre as a former football coach at Stranahan you have made both myself and coach Perry very proud. I’ve been a season ticket holder for many years and I watched you mature as a player just like I watch Mark Rush mature during his time at UM.I point you out with pride as a Stranahan grad whenever I have the chance. I look forward to seeing you play not only this week against BC but in the Orange Bowl for all the marbles. I remember with pride going to the Peach Bowl to see Mark play in what was then the first trip to a bowl in many years.Now that it is expected do not let that diminish the joy for you and your teammates. I would like to take this chance to just say thanks for all the memories you have provided for my family and all the fans. Good luck in the future and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

All Seniors from Jacqueline Coleman, Atlanta, GA
Guys, I just wanted to thank you for all your hardwork and dedication at UM. I have always looked foward to every Saturday to see all of you play, and I enjoyed every minute of the games! Each of you has a lot of heart and it shows. Thanks for all the great years and exciting games. You will be greatly missed! Good Luck and God Bless!

Santana Moss from Lamar, Clarksdale, MS
I’ve been a Miami Hurricane fan ever since 1987 and I hope that you guys can bring another National Championship back to Miami. How do you feel to be placed up there with other great Miami wide-outs?How do your teammates feel about the BCS and how some people are not giving you guys any respect?
I hope that you guys beat Boston College this weekend!
Go CanesAll the seniors
=5Message : I hope that you guys beat Boston College tomorrow and go on from there to win the National Championship.It has been really fun watching you guys this season. Coach Butch Davis has really done a good job with you seniors and hope to see all of you in the NFL.
Good Luck seniors and bring a champioship back to Miami!
Go Canes

Al Blades from George Koehler, North Bay, New York
Please tell me there are at least five more younger brothers that will play football at the University of Miami. You are a credit to the Blades’ tradition at the University of Miami. Your decision to attend had to be a lot harder than your brothers because of what the sanctions were going to do to the program and F.S.U. was calling and looking good at the time. We will always be indebited to your class and what you have accomplished. Thank you.

Damione Lewis
Your play on the DL carried on the great tradition we have had at DT. You also choose Miami when it would have been easier to choose a school facing the sanctions that were coming down on us. The courage you showed in playing hurt vs F.S.U. will always be rememberd and appreciated by us.

Quincy HippsThank you for choosing the University of Miami over Syracuse University at a period when the immediate future of their program had to look much better than ours. You helped put the University of Miami football program back where it belongs and ended false hopes in cities like Syracuse which took advantage of our momentary plunge and briefly brushed elbows with college football’s elite program. We will always be grateful to your class.

Reggie Wayne from Aaron Dyer, Miami, FL

I’ve been a Cane fan for a long time dating back to the early ’80’s. I want to give you and all the other seniors tremendous credit for maintaining “Hurricane Pride” during some very tough times. I remember watching you in the spring game when you were a freshman. You were very impressive and you certainly lived up to a great tradition of receivers at Miami on your way to capturing the school record in receptions. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK IN THE NFL. I don’t think you get enough credit.

Best Wishes,

Aaron M. Dyer

Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne from Will Dunn, Branchville New Jersey

Santana & Reggie,

I have to say the two of you in my opinion are the best reseving combo in college football. I have some questions for you on approving my game as a wide reciver. What should I do to build up more speed? What is the best way to shake defenders? Good luck to the two of in the bowl games coming up.

A Big Fan,
Will Dunn

Dan Morgan

First of all things “I hope you win the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, and the Butkus award because you deserve both of those awards.” In my own opinion you are the best linebacker in college football. Are you friends with Matt Sweeney? I go to the same high school that he did. Dan good luck to you and your team in the post season.

A big Fan,
Will Dunn

P.S. GO CANES!!!!!!

Andre King from Bert Lucas, Tampa, FL
Hey Chief!Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed watching you and the team turn back into the national power that everyone had always associated with Cane Football.Thanks for the great season and if the NFL doesnt employ you I know that I can get you a job wrestling alligators.