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Senior Salute

Nov. 20, 2000

Here’s what Hurricane fans are writing to members of the senior class who will spend this week getting ready for the regular season finale in the Orange Bowl against Boston College this Saturday. Kickoff is at 3:30.

Purchase your tickets online or call 1-800-GO-CANES and come out to the Orange Bowl on Saturday!

All 17 Seniors from Jason Heller, Memphis, TN
I grew up in Miami as the biggest Hurricane fan ever. I still am. I was there when Doug Flutie broke our hearts, I was there in ’83 when we knocked down the 2-point conversion against Neb., Name the game and I was there or at least I watched it. Unfortunately, I moved to Memphis 5 years ago for college, this was right around the time the sanctions began to hit us. I know it sounds trite and lame but for every loss you suffered in that period, I suffered for as well. I love the University of Miami Hurricanes with all my heart and because of that I have the utmost respect for each and every one of you. As a former college athlete who has already played in his last game, all I can tell you is to take a few minutes on Saturday to look around the stadium. You’ll remember the smell, the score, take a pinch of the OB turf home with you, but most of all don’t be afraid to cry when it’s over, because believe me your going to want to badly. Oh one more thing guys, if the BCS even!tually does end up screwing us, don’t be upset,…be proud of a 10-1 regular season, and destroy our bowl opponent, prove the computers wrong. And next year, the championship will be dedicated to you. . . the men that brought MIAMI back. Thanks a million guys.

Andre King and all seniors!from Jarred Fishman, Washington DC
Just wanted to say thank you to all the seniors! I have been a Cane since 1984, seen the great times and the lowest times. You guys came to the U when most would have stayed away. All graduating and all great men as well as athletes! You make us all proud to be fans. Best of luck in all of your endeavors!

THE WHOLE SENIOR CLASS from Jose Garcia, Miami, FL

Santana Moss from William Cannon, Hamptonville, NC
Hi Santana Moss. I watched the team beat Syracuse. I hope you win the National championship. My name is William Clay Cannon.

Michael Stewart from Dave McWhinney, Miami, FL
Yeah, Stew. I have a feeling your catch is coming against BC. Plus you still lead the nation in kickoff fumble recoveries. Keep it up, that ring is just around the corner.

“UM” Seniors from Eric Radosevich, Pembroke Pines, Fl
Thank you: For beating F.S.U.
Thank you: For beating V.T.
Thank you: For beating G.T. (Bowl Game)
Thank you: For coming to Miami and going through the rough times, bringing respect back to the program.

Reggie Wayne from Anthony Fargnoli, Coral Gable, FL

It has been a great honor watching you play football. I do not care what the computers say. UM is the best. Good Luck with everything you do in life. Take it easy and score some more touchdowns! You totally rule! Go MIAMI!

All Seniors from Jim Grieshaber, Scottsdale, AZ

As an alum (class of ’96) and tremendous fan of Miami Hurricane football, I want to say thank you and congratulations on all your success at UM. I used to work as a producer for The Butch Davis Show, and I remember seeing the recruiting class of ’96 on campus for the first time as a unit. I remember looking at Al Blades, Damione Lewis, James Jackson, Quincy Hipps along with Edgerrin James, Bubba Franks and Nate Webster and just knowing that this group was special.

Then, along came Dan Morgan, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne and company. You all have been through so much together, especially the losing season in ’97, when most of you were asked to be key contributors very early in your careers. Who could forget the 47-0 game at FSU? Or the 66-13 game at Syracuse? I still believe the 1998 win over UCLA was the biggest turning point for the team, because that was your first BIG win, and it came right after a stunning loss. It also knocked UCLA out of the national championship game. Everyone who was there that day will always remember the feeling we had when McNown’s last pass fell incomplete.

Then there was the win over Ohio State, and the two straight bowl victories. Of course, as true champions do, you saved the best for last! Watching all of you shine in the wins over Va. Tech and FSU were such proud moments for all of us as Hurricane fans. Thank you for coming to Miami when there was no guarantee of a brighter future for the program. Thank you for coming to Miami when a once powerful giant was fast asleep, and thank you for the character, maturity and class you have all displayed. To steal a line from Coach Davis, I TRULY believe that you seniors have overcome a LITTANY of ADVERSITY to TRULY become a TREMENDOUS football team!!! GO ‘CANES!!!!!

Dan Morgan from Ray Tunnell, Seminole, Fl
DanIt was great to watch you play over the last four years..You are a great player and we will miss you! Go Canes

All Seniors from NWCANEFAN from Seattle, WA
Congratulations to the Miami Senior Class for your success on the football field and in the classroom.I have been a Cane fan since 1986 and have enjoyed watching this group of players more than any other. You guys came to Miami with the program at its lowest point. Your character and leadership has not only brought the program back to being the best in the country but has also shown the future classes what it means to be a Hurricane. Through all the tough times of the previous years this class always held their head up and worked hard. Watching you beat FSU,VT and SU this year was incredible. Good luck to the seniors in all the endeavors you shoose to pursue. Thank you for stepping up to the challenge of bringing Miami back to the top and for being Miami Hurricanes!!

Santana Moss from Chlyla Wilson, Morgantown, WvV
Hi Santana, I know that you don’t know me but we took a picture together after the WVU game this season. It came out really well…but I know Jarrett Payton because are Dads use to play for the Bears together his name is Otis Wilson. And my brother plays for WVU. Anyway I just wanted to say hi and wish you luck in the future…

James Jackson from Travis Jaminet, Sioux City, Iowa
JJ,Congrats on a great season and career! No matter what the outcome of the BCS rankings is, everyone knows that the Hurricanes are the most complete team in the country! Go out and (beat) BC and await K-states upset over OU! Then it will be time to take it to the ‘Noles for a second time and claim your rightful spot in NCAA history! Good luck from the heartland!

Santana Moss from Jentry Byleveld, Littleton, CO
Santana, Thanks for all the memories and for staying at UM for 4 years. You could’ve left early and taken large amounts of money to play pro but instead you are an excellent role-model for kids to stay in school. I really admire how humble you are on the field and let your play do your speaking. When I read that you wear John 4:10 on your arm, that said a great deal about your character. Good luck with your family and your future.

Dan Morgan from Steve Swindle, New Smyrna Beach/Fla
Hey Dan good game saturday night…How bad is the toe?Do you think u will miss any playing time…if you play this week good luck against BC…

Santana Moss from Errol Johnson, Jacksonville Florida
I would like to wish you luck in the next stage in your life and carrer. I am so proud of you and the rest of the soon to be NATIONAL CHAMPIONS MIAMI HURRICANES. Just know that you guys have alot of fans up in Jacksonville. Congratulations and best of luck with your new carrer even if choose not to play pro. I would love to see you play up in Indy with another HURRICANE THE EDGE. Good luck much respect.


The Team from Dan Hall, Titusville, FL

Dan Morgan from Derek Fernandes, Denver, COI was raised in Miami and relocated here in Colorado for two years now.I have followed you since you were a freshman and it has been as pleasure. The way you have developed from year to year. I know when I turn the TV on on Sunday you will be there.Good Luck this week agint BC and I hope I get to take that trip to Miami for the national Championship.I know you are real busy but I just wanted to drop a note and say make some more big hits so I can have some bragging rights with all my ‘Nole friends out here.Thanks,
Derek Fernandes

PS Congratulations on the Tackles record…

All The Seniors from Patrick Mulcahy, Pensacola, FL

Fellas, I just want to say, that it has been a privilege to watch you all the past 4 years. Most of you could’ve gone to just about any other College, but you chose Miami. Coming into a program rocked with probation, scholarship losses, and adversity, and you chose to come their anyway. You made it through the 47-0’s , and the 66-13’s, and losing at home for the 1st time. You believed in Butch, more importantly, you believed in yourselves. This will not only follow you into the NFL, but also in the game of LIFE. I live in the heart of Nole/Tide/Gator country, and it is a joy to be able to keep my head high, thanks to your heart, spirit, and leadership. It’s been an honor boys, good luck in all you do, and hope to enjoy you all on Sundays. God Bless..

Dan Morgan from Steve Vinson, Key West, Fl
Thank You! I have been a Canes fan since ’79 and have been through the highs and lows of the program. I am from Key West but I went to highschool in Brooksville, Fl. One of my best friends was Jerome Brown. Although I was a fan of the Canes before he went there it gave me somewhat of an attachment to the program. Jerome made it come alive for me. He was not only a close friend but he became somewhat of a hero. My little brother idolized him. After his death just watching Canes games were painful. Things have changed since you arrived 4 years ago. You have brought back the fire I felt inside for the Canes! For this I thank you. I have 4 children and I am enjoying sharing my enthusiasm with them. Dan Morgan, you are a Warrior, just like Jerome Brown was. Thank you again. If you are ever in Key West or plan to visit (look me up)…

All from Hurricane fan, Gainesville, FL
I want to say congrats on your accomplishments all season long. I knew you boys could do it. Although I’m a gator, thanks for putting Miami back on the map. :~)

All Seniors from Olga Charriez, Miami, FL
Thanks for the memories. Good luck on all your future endeavors. You will be missed.

Damione Lewis from Caleb Panter, Sulphur Springs, TX

Hey D Lew! I remember back in the day when you were wrecking opposing offenses up while playing for the Battlin’ Blue! You’re still doing it for the Canes and that is no surprise. It has been great to watch you on T.V. and realize that anybody can do anything! Good luck in the future and the NFL better watch out!

All of these seniors! from Paige Sanderson, Atlanta, GA

Guys – From the bottom of my heart, I just wanted to thank you for turning Hurricane football back into the powerhouse it once was! Your hard work and relentless determination has certainly paid off, and I cannot begin to express how proud I am of each of you. I have been a ‘Cane fan since birth, and have stuck with y’all through thick and thin. I know how difficult your first couple of years were, and you should be strongly commended for this year’s results. Each one of you has brought something special to the team and to the University, which is why I didn’t want to write to just one of you. Thanks again, and I will see you at the BC and National Championship game!! 🙂

GO ‘CANES!!!!! Paige

ALL 17 SENIORS from Joyce Goodin, Alexandria, VA

Wei Chiang, Miami, FLGreat Season.It doesn’t matter what is the BCS ranking. I think this is a great Hurricane season.

All Seniors and Coach Davis and staff from Paul Castagna
Guys thanks for bringing dignity back to the game of Football. You guys have made Miami proud not only because of a winning record but you guys are wining with class. Coach Davis a few years ago you told me to read a book called “Home Field Advantage” as I was having problems with two teenage boys. Well let me tell you that was the beginning of my family’s walk with the Lord.

James Jackson from Heath Smythe, Lansing, MichiganWhat’s up, James?I am a very big fan of your and the University of Mimi football team. I just wanted to wish u luck in the championship game aginst Oklahoma…Peace.U ROCK!!!!

Andre’ King from Miguel Menendez, Key West, FL
Dear Andre,
It has been a plaesure to watch you play for four years. You are my favorite player because you really epitomize what it means to be a Cane. You came back here after playing pro baseball so you could be a Cane and I appreciate that. Thanks for all the hard work in turning this program around into the best program in the country again. I wish you the best in life and I hope you get to play for the national championship and go out in style.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for the program,


Dan Morgan from Frank A. Lato, Chicago, ILDan:
Once again, I can’t thank you enough for signing my #44 jersey after your practice Friday before the Va. Tech game…You were most gracious and it was an honor meeting you. I’ll never forget it. Also, on game day, C.J. intoduced me to your father, I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He was very gracious as well.
Best of luck to you against B.C. and in the N.C. game. You deserve it baby…You are an outstanding person with a very promising N.F.L. carreer. I just want to wish you health, happiness, and success in all your future endeavors. Take care and God bless you and your family. Thanks again Dan. I’ll look for you when you come to Chicago to play the Bears!


Dan Morgan-All Miami Seniors from Joe Gonzalez, Austin, TX
Thank you Seniors for all you have done. It took great courage and love of the Miami program to sign and play for a team that could have been lost in college football. Thank you for playing and rebuilding a very proud program back to national prominence. We will miss you but look forward to hearing about you in your future endeavors. Good luck and may God Bless you.

Thanks for the years.


Damione Lewis/ Dan Morgan from Ronal Lincey, Albany, Ga
The Hurricane defense looks as strong and as talented as it did back in the late 80’s, which is a great testament to the defensive line. It has been said that we have an all-american secondary, which may be true. However, all DB’s look great when the quarterback is flat on his back. The Defensive line’s pressure has been a key factor to Hurricane success and you are our best D-lineman. Thanks for your dedication to the team, I loved that hit in the Pittsburgh game when you lost your helmet but still made the key block on Phillip’s interception return…it was a thing of beauty! God bless and Peace-out!

You are in the mold of the many great UM linebackers (Crum, Barrow, Lewis). Outside of UM great Bernard Clark you are my favorite linebacker by far. The only reason why you’re not my number one choice is b/c Benard shaved a big UM symbol in the back of his head… but you still get props though (LOL). Anyway man you are the leader of this squad so it’s on you to keep ’em all in check. Good luck and God bless!

Brian Stinson from Ed Lemmens, Tampa, FL

Hey Brian,

First, congrats on a fine season this year! I want to thank you for two things. 1. For being a Cane during our rough years. It is because of you and your senior class mates Miami’s programis back on the map. 2. After the LA TECH game you talked to my 12-year-old son after the game and gave him your gloves. You had a nice discussion with him about his solid hand shake. That gesture meant SO MUCH TO HIM! I can’t thank you enough. His team just won it’s leaguesuperbowl. You were a part of it for him.Thanks again.You will always be in the CANE family. Good luck in your future.

ALL from Darren Hodges, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Congratulations Class of 2000,The program is where it is today because of you. Your dedication and hard work are greatly appreciated. We were fortunate to meet most of you in Jacksonville last year, we live near Fletcher High. My kids still talk about it to this day.

Aaron Moser from Kerry Wilkinson, Boston, MA

Hey Aaron, how are you? I’m a graduate of the University back in 1994. I was researching Miami’s website and stumbled upon the sports sight. Their was a place to write a message and it sounded fun. Anyhow good luck in the Orange Bowl against BC. I went to last years’s UM/BC game at BC. Good luck and Happy Turkey Day. Kerry Wilkinson

Reggie Wayne from Kevin…Spring Ball ’00, Mission Viejo, CA
I don’t know if you remember me, but I was trying out for the team back in the Spring as an offensive lineman, I was the asian guy. Even though I didn’t make it, I’m still proud of at least being a part of something great. Your encouragement made me stick with it until the end. Thank you very much for all that you have done. Good luck for the rest of the year.

Kevin Salazar

ALL SENIORS!!! from Jose A. Sanchez, Miami, Florida

It’s been a pleasure to see see you grow for the past four/five years! This message comes from a true Canes fan. You have been the cream of the crop – true CHAMPS!!!We thank you for bringing back the winning tradition of years past. You did it with CLASS!!!Coach Davis has been instrumental. I humbly believe that he is the BEST COACH IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!There were some tough years, but with your determination to win, you made it happen once again. We have one game left, lets put it all together and finish the regular season on a HIGH NOTE – A BIG W!!! Lets go out and dominate BC from the start. The BCS will take care of itself. A BIG THANKS TO EACH OF YOU!!! and of course, when we conquer the FIFTH TITLE, don’t forget of future classes, they need your support to continue our winning tradition.


Ronal S. Lincey (Canes Fan 4 life)

Dan Morgan from Jim Nicol, Jupiter, FL
Want to wish you the best in your future endevours. Your determination will make you a winner know matter what you do. Thanks for some great memories from my family and all the guys that tailgate at the Sun Bank. I know that the toe hurts. I’ve had similar problem. It’s like a nerve thing with the ball of the foot somehow involved. I’m sure you will give us all you got on saturday. Coming out of the smoke one more time must be incredable.Enjoy.

Santana Moss from Robert McNorton from Valdosta, GaI just want to send a thank you message that you are a very emotional and spirited young man! I have been a Cane fan for almost 20 years! I’ve gone thru the good times and stuck with the bad! I knew that the Canes will be back! I just to let you know that I appreciate you staying with the Miami when you could have been with any team in the nation. Stay focus in your life and God will guide you with every needs of your life, family, and the Miami Hurricanes!

Santana Moss from Bill Wagner, Altamonte Springs,Fl.
Dear Santana:Since graduating from the University of Miami in 1962, I have been an enthusiastic and avid fan of the Canes. Just wanted to let you know that watching your participation the last four years as our wide receiver has brought excitement and satisfaction to every game I have seen. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors. Recognizing and appreciating your deep abiding faith, I thought the following scriptures would be meaningful for you:

The Prophet Isaiah – Isaiah 40:31″but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Psalm 18: 33″He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to stand on the heights”

Santana you did indeed “soar on wings like eagles” .

Good luck in the NFL.

God Bless you Santana Moss

The entire senior class from Neil Curtis, Lafayette, LA

Dan Morgan from Dave Dutko, St. Louis/Mo
Dan,Thanks for bringing the Canes back to where we belong. You will always have fans here in St. Louis rooting you on. Good luck with the rest of your collegiate career as well as your NFL career too. I know you will flourish there as well.

“Only God can stop a hurricane”


Santana Moss from Manny Acevedo, North Brunswick, NJ
Best of luck on your last game this weekend. I hope you have a huge game on your last home game. It’s has been fun watching you play for the Hurricanes these last couple of years. I hope you guys get in the national title game…that will be an exciting game. Best of luck with the rest of your season.

Every senior on the team from William Burzlaff, Sioux Falls, SD
I want to thank all of you for chosing Miami as the team for you to play on. For the struggles the team has been through the last five years. Thank you for hanging in there and fighting for the great school called the University of Miami. I’m originally from Minnesota, but have just always loved the Miami Canes, it was the swagger of always knowing you were going to win no matter what. And I started seeing it again with the win over the Noles. It feels so good, to be a Cane fan again, plus I have to fight off all the Huskers around here, but I wear my CANE jersey, hat, shirt, whatever PROUD. You all brought this team to where it is today. I will always believe in the CANES!

Santana Moss from Jon P. Abplanalp, Elkhart,In.
Santana, It has been great watching you and your fellow ‘canes return to the top 5of the college football world.The greatest moment for me being this year at the Orange Bowl for the FSU game. It only took me 13 years to get down to see you in person,but it was worth the wait!!! Oh, and it was a great day to be in the stands wearing #6!!

Dan Morgan from Andy Sceals, Lake City, FL
Hey man you are one of the greatest lb’s in Hurricane history and should win the Butkus Award this year!! I hope to see you in the Orange Bowl this year for the nat. championship. Good luck in the NFL AND THANKS for making the canes program #1 AGAIN!!!

Leonard Myers from Dave Bagchi, Chicago, IL
Wow. 4 years and its almost over. It has been a real pleasureas a fan watching you grow and develop Leonard. Your senior classwill go down in Miami folklore as the group that gave it their allto bring this program back to glory. The one moment that will alwaysstand out in my mind from this season was the picture of you, hunchedover in pain on the sideline after making a grueling, clutch hit onFSU’s receiver in the closing seconds of that memorable win. The factthat you were playing hurt and still gave it everything you had out therewill always burn in my mind. Also, I firmly believe the int return fora td you had vs. WVU changed our season around early.

I hope you get back to 100% health soon. I wish you the most successthroughout the remainder of the season and at the next level. Remembertwo things Leonard:
1. Only you can stop yourself.
2. Only God can stop a Hurricane.
Go Canes!

Dan Morgan from John Henry, Vista, California
Dan Morgan is unstoppable!

Aaron Moser from Bonne Terre, Missouri
We couldn’t be more proud of you. Seeing you star on the track and on the football field and still remaining the great person you are has meant so much to me and all of N.C.H.S. Go Canes!All the way to the national championship.

Santana Moss from Jamal Cadwell, Tallahassee, FL
Santana, congratulations on a superior career at UM. I’m an avid Hurricane fan, born and raised in Miami and going to school in Tallahassee. Just saw the Syracuse game–perfect. One more to go, hope the BCS doesn’t sell out!

Will be looking forward to seeing you play in the NFL. Keep playing hard and stay focused.

Best Wishes,

Jamal Cadwell, UM FAN

Dan Morgan from Glenn Barton, Braintree, UK
Congratulations on the win Saturday, and also on being named as a finalist for the Nagurski award. I’ve only had limited access to ‘Canes games this season via videotape, but what I have seen has been really impressive. My favourite play was in the Florida State game where you had to leave the field with dehydration then returned to snare that interception near the the goaline and run it back close to midfield. Anyway, good luck against B.C. next game -hopefully I’ll be watching the ‘Canes playing for the national championship in the new year (BCS allowing)!!

Al Blades and Seniors, from Robert Negrin, Locust Grove, GA
I am originally from Key West, presently we live in the atlanta, ga. area. I have been a Canes suppporter and a season ticket holder for more than 15 years. This team is so loaded with talent. In watching and going to our games, our defense dominates. With the exit of all of our seniors, what is the outlook for the up and coming…We are so loaded with talent as well as leadership, no matter the outcome over the next few weeks, you guys just take care of business and the rest will fall into place. No matter if it is Orange Bowl or any other bowl, we will be their rooting for what I believe is the BEST football team in the NATION, baring my wife doesen’t divorce me first, just kidding.

Best of luck not only with the rest of the season, but also with your life’s endeavors.

#1 hurricanes fan,
Robert, Anne, & Myles Negrin

Reggie Wayne from Maynor Gonzalez, Washington, DC

Reggie, congratulations! You guys endured a tough situation and hopefully you will reap great things from it. I wish you guys the best. I hope you and the fellows give Butch Davis some pressure on not leaving the program. May God’s grace and mercy be over your lives. Later!Reggie, congratulations! You guys endured a tough situation and hopefully you will reap great things from it. I wish you guys the best. I hope you and the fellows give Butch Davis some pressure on not leaving the program. May God’s grace and mercy be over your lives. Later!

To the Team from Colby Burt, Tallahassee, FL
I know I know the dreaded Tallahassee, well don’t worry I am 100% Hurricane. I was born in Coral Gables and moved when I was about 3, but it still counts! Anyway I wanted to say that even though I go to FSU I went to the game and died when you won, it was incredible! This team is sooo awesome I love watching all of you every game. Miami should be ranked ahead of FSU in the BCS, hopefully it will all work out. It has been an awesome season and I enjoyed every game. Congradulations to you all. And for you few who are going to go pro, I cant wait to see you all beating up on former Seminoles in the NFL! Good luck against BC and whoever you play in the bowl!
Colby Burt

Dan Morgan from Cane30, Montoursville, PA
Dan, you might have rememberd me asking you a question on when you were there. I’d like to my congrats to you for breaking Mira’s record and the big east record for tackles. I feel you are what a football player and what a MIAMI HURRICANE should be. I have an autographed picure of you in my bedroom and i’m so happy of the great thing you have done here at Miami. The blood, sweat and tears you have shed for this team for four seasons have made me proud to be a hurricane fan. I thank you for coming here and being the man you truly are. I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season and in the NFL. You are truly the best defensive in the country NO DOUBT about.Thank you DAN for everything you have done!!!!!

Greg Laffere from James Robertson, Atlanta, GA
Greg, Just want you to know that anyone who knows anything about blocking has to respect the heart and effort you give week in and week out. You don’t get the press you deserve but that’s standard for a lineman. Thank you for your hard work and commitment! Hope a team is smart enough to get you early in the draft and signs you to a considerable sum!! Best of Luck!!

Al Blades from Sid Savitz, Orlando, FL
Al, It is hard to believe that it is already your senior year. You have represented our university with grace and dignity. You have also done your family proud, as did Brian and Benny before you.
Best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for all you have contributed in returning UM to its current status.
Sid Savitz, UM class of 82

Al Blades from Vicki Kearney, Suart, FL
Hey Al, Congratulations on a great season this year! I played starting free safety for my highschool powderpuff team this year and last (wish we could have played with pads!) and I think its one of the best positions. I’m sure you know the feeling a lot better then me! Anyways, I’ve been a fan of Miami since I was 8 years old and it’s been great to watch the team do so well. You guys deserve to be in that championship bowl. Hope you have a great rest of the year, and good luck in your future.

Dan Morgan from Mike Cheyney, Cocoa, FL
Dan, thank you for coming to Miami and being such a dedicated Hurricane. You have more right than anybody that has ever ran through the smoke to say you bleed orange and green. You are the best Hurricane in our history. Thank you so much because people see you’re heart and leadership and they model themselves to be a leader as well as striving to be the best. Good luck and I will follow you wherever you are drafted. Good luck with the rest of this season and you’re career.

Dan Morgan from Mark Peterson, Northfield, MN
I’m a die hard Hurricane fan from Minnesota. The only time I’ve been to a game was in ’91 when the Canes beat Marshall Faulk and San Diego State. As you know, they went on to win the national title. Thanks for bringing the Canes back to the national spotlight. I hope…you finish out the season strong against B.C. I look forward to watching another Canes national title game at the Orange Bowl Jan. 4. Good luck in the NFL and bring the title back to Miami.

Santana Moss from Chiefy, Norton, MA
I really just love love to watch you play on the football field. You play with such grace that lacks in some of today’s Wide Receivers in college football. With your blistering speed on punt returns and receiving you will be a key asset to an NFL’s wide receiver corps. I’ve been a Miami Hurricanes football fan since 1992 and I’ve enjoyed watching you guys play through thick and thin. I just hope that the BCS computer can put you guys in second place in the standings like the coaches around the nation feel. I hope you guys get to play in National Championship game in the Orange Bowl at your home stadium on January 3. I wish you and the team good luck the rest of the way to end this season. And especially good luck to you in the NFL playing on Sunday afternoons like you played on Saturday afternoon for the Hurricanes for the past 4 seasons.

James Jackson from Alex Lockhart, Tampa, FL
You the man!

Al Blades from Chris Cotter, Quincy, MA
Al, Good luck this week. You guys should pound on BC. I am a big time Canes fan here in Boston, but I just want to ask you to please take it easy on my boy Jamal Burke (WR 84). If you see him exposed over the middle going for a pass, just knock the ball down or something. Of course if the game is on the line take his head off….I’ll tell his family you’re sorry for you. Well anyway, best of luck this week and hopefully you guys will get an invitation to the party on Jan. 3rd.

Dan Morgan from Mike Goedeker, Monaca, PA
Dan you are the best linebacker I have seen in many seasons. I got a chance to see you play in West Virginia, but I really wanted to see you play in Syracuse. I wish you the best of luck in your professional career.

Dan Morgan, Reggie Wayne from Darren Murphy, Knoxville, TN
You guys have showed great leadership the entire time you have been at UM. Dan, if it was not for your work ethic and the want to play, even through some tough injuries, this team would not be where it is today and would have suffered more losses in the past, great job man we appreciate you. Reggie, don’t know if I can say enough about you. You have made some catches that have kept drives going over and over again. You are “THE” most dependable recievers I have ever got to witness. Be smart with all that NFL money ok, really guys be careful with it, and always keep your eye’s on it, you both deserve it.


Reggie Wayne from Steven Cambra, MA
I would just like to congratulate you on your studies first and foremost. I would also like to congratulate you on a fantastic Senior season as well. You and all your teamates have done such a wonderful job this season and I just hope that the BCS Committee rewards you with a trip to the National Championship game. I truly feel that the University of Miami belongs there.Let’s just hope they don’t need a “recount.”..Good luck Reggie in all that you try to achieve in your life.The sky is the limit, remember that.

Santana Moss from Steven Lentz, Abilene, TX
I’m from Texas and I have kind of rooted for the Texas colleges my whole life but I never really got excited about any of them. After watching the Hurricanes play Virginia Tech this year I fell in love with Miami Hurricane football. I am excited to see how your career progresses in the NFL and I am also excited to have a real college team to root for now thanks to your exciting big play offense and tough defense. Good luck in the National Championship game! Let everybody know ya’ll are for real! Steven Lentz

James Jackson from Steve Scott, Panama City, FL
J.J.- I have been an AVID ‘Cane fan since I was 10 (14 years ago). I also live just outside of Tally. Let me tell you, all of you men have played with more heart than any ‘Cane team I’ve ever seen. You have made every fan in NW Florida feel like we are already National Champions. You made a great comeback this year from your injuries. Take the burden on your shoulders-take us to the promised land! Good luck, and thank you guys for giving it your all.

All of them from Brandon Conwill, Jacksonville, FL
Guys, All of you have done so much for the program. Ya’ll suffered when times were bad and overcame the adversity to become the best college football has to offer. Whatever you do in life, keep your heads high, and keep the same character each one of you possess. You will make if far in life.

James Jackson from Kayla Danielle Key, Shreveport/Monroe, LA
James, Hey! I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job yesterday against the Syracuse Orangemen. I love being a ‘Cane fan, because my twin brother is a huge SU fan. I rubbed it all in his face. Thank you for winning and looking good doing it. I believe in y’all and have followed y’all for a long time. I wish I could be there to support you guys but I have to be stuck at ULM in Monroe, La because my father didn’t want me to go there. Well, Good Luck in the future. Thank you!

All from Luis Vazquez, Miami, FL
Thank you for all the memories the past 4-5 years. I want to congratulate you for rising above the adversity that has hovered over the program and overcomed it. You guys are true champions. Best of luck in your future endeavors whether in pro football or something else.

Reggie Wayne from Brian Buturla from North Brunswick, NJ
Mr. Wayne, I wanted to thank you for coming to Miami during our worst years and raising us back to the top of the mountain! No matter what happens the rest of the way this year, I am honored to have you as part of the Miami family. Next year when you are playing on Sundays, I’ll be cheering as if you were still wearing the Miami uniform.
“Only God can stop a Hurricane!”

Santana Moss from Sylvia Hauser, Miami
Congratulations! This was a great Win!One more to go and then wait to see where we finish the season. I am so proud of you and the entire team. Thank you! You make us Proud!
God Bless and Go Canes!>

Andre’ King from Sylvia Hauser, Miami
Great game and win! Thank you I’m so proud of you and the entire team. Who is going to pick up the newsletter when you are gone. You will be greatly missed.

Dan Morgan from Ed Berry, Limerick, PA
Hi Dan,

I just wanted to congratulate you on a great season that you and the team is having!!! However there is still some work to do (National Championship), I also wanted to say thank you for hanging in there through the lean years to help bring the school back to the degree of excellence we have all come to expect from UM!!!! I look forward to seeing you play on Sundays and maybe one day playing for my favorite pro team the Bengals, they desperately need your help as well!!!!! Good luck the rest of the way!!! GO CANES!!

Dan Morgan and Santana Moss from Tom Cappa, Syracuse, NY
Santana and Dan, I am from Syracuse, New York and ya just got done destroying the Sorrycuse Orangemen 26-0 last nite. This is NOT a letter to rag on you guys, no, instead, one of praise. I have been a die-hard Miami Hurricanes fan for years and I was one of the locals who was dressed in Miami colors. Some of the Sorrycuse fans wanted to jump me, especially when they learned I lived in Syracuse. But, ya know what, that is their problem!!!!! To my point, it is going to hard to see you two go. I have watched you two on TV for the last four years and saw you two twice at the Carrier Dome and your skill amazes me! Dan, I hope you enjoy an illstrious career in the NFL and I was defnitally concerned when you left the game at Syracuse with your foot hurting. Glad you made it back!! Santana, you are the best receiver I have seen come through the NCAA in a long time! I used to think Mike Irvin was the be all end all of NCAA receivers, but your speed and hands and everything !else you do has helped to rebuild this franchise into a NCAA powerhouse again!!! I wish you a illustrious career in the NFL as well!!!

Your Friend and MIAMI HURRICANES Fan In Syracuse, New York,

Tom Cappa

Santana Moss from Paul E. Cook & Family, Albuquerque, NM

Just wanted to write and say congratulations on a brilliant career at the University of Miami! Out of all the receivers that have worn a Hurricanes uniform, in my opinion, you have been the most exciting to watch! Not even Michael Irvin, Kevin William or Randall Hill match the excitement you brought to each game!

I have been a Canes fan since moving to Boca Raton in 1982 and I wanted to thank you for being a integral part of bringing the Hurricanes back to where they deserve to be…at the top of the National rankings! The swagger is back and teams once again fear the Hurricanes and the Orange Bowl!

It has been a pleasure watching you on the playing field! #6 for Heisman!!!


Paul E. Cook & FamilyAlbuquerque, NM

James Jackson from Joey Gunn, Chapel Hill, NC
I’ve been a ‘Canes fan since my High School days in Tampa. It has been a pleasure watching you and all the other seniors represent, and persevere, through the sanction years. Good luck in the NFL!

Brian Stinson from Christine Scheets, Miami, FL
I cannot tell you how lucky we are that you were chewing your gum like a cow chews cud that day !!!! Kidding! It has been my, Lainey, and Hunter’s pleasure to become your friend! Your thoughtfulness has been overwhelming. We will miss looking for you on the field, but we know that whatever you endeavour to do, you will meet with success! Thanks is not sufficient enough for the kindness you have demonstrated to us! You will always be in our thoughts and our prayers, and of course this isn’t goodbye, cause your stuck with our friendship for the rest of your life! Love ya,
Christine, Lainey and Hunter

All Seniors from Wes Fuller, Opelika, Al
I want to congratulate all of you on a job well done this year. Yall have been through the thick and thin and this is the only way to go out by being on the top. The way yall show class on and off the field is encouraging to all the fans and I am sure to the under classmen. I am from Opelika, AL and dont get to see many games, in fact the only game I have been to was the Florida State game. The whole trip wanted me to move down there and support yall in every game. Good luck in yalls future and thanks again for a super year.

Santana Moss from Marleen Stevens, Marietta, GA
The Canes will always be National Champions to me!! My four years at the U of M were some of the best in my life. I graduated in 1975 and have been proud to be an alumni. Watching the Canes play football is sooo exciting. Thank You for a job well done. I wish you a happy, healthy and successful future.

Santana Moss from Dan Bateman, Pittsburgh PA

Whats up, Congratulations on a phenomenal carreer as a Hurricane! You are, without a doubt in my mind the best receiver in the country. In my opinion, you have the speed of Micheal Irvin, and the hands of Jerry Rice, NOTHING gets past your hands, Santana, I’ve been a Hurricane fan since I was 12 years old and the recruitment just gets better every year. I’m wishing you get a national championship cause you deserve it, …you and the Canes still prevailed, Go get BC, I know you guys can win. Oh yeah, here’s another question, did you ever consider playing for the Steelers? 🙂 I’d love to see you here.