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The King's Court Returns!

The King's Court Returns!

Oct. 9, 2000

CORAL GABLES, Fla. ( – –

How ’bout them ‘Canes!!

Well ‘Cane fans thanks to you, the OB wasrocking on Saturday, and if you were not there I hope you enjoyed watchingit on television.

This was one big win for our program.

This was the type of game that weprepare for when that hot summer sun is bearing down on us. The only peoplethat believed that we would win this game were our athletic staff, coaches, you dedicated Hurricane fans and us. We just wanted to go out and give it all we had for four quarters,we felt that if we wanted to win this game we had to win it in the fourthquarter.

For all the heat that this coaching staff has taken over the last fiveyears, I really and truly thought that our coaching staff made the difference in thisgame. They pushed us all week, through some really hot days of practice to get usready for this game. Our staff put in an ultimate game plan that gave us achance to win this game, they left no stone unturned in our preparation. Inour local paper one of the Florida State linemen was quoted as saying, “Itwas like they knew what play we were running before we ran it,” when he was speaking ofour defense. We were ready.

I’ll tell you what, when the Seminoles scored late to take the lead, there was no panicin our offensive huddle. We had been in this situation hundreds of times inpractice, even with less time on the clock so we knew if we just took ourtime we would be fine. We were prepared.

I would have to give my game ball toKen Dorsey and the offensive line, because they received the most criticism early in the year and in their biggest game, they steppedup and made plays for this team. It was great! When Jeremy (Shockey) caught thatpass I can’t explain the exhilaration that went through us all, and I’m sureyou all felt it too.

Fans you can be a part of King’s Court on Saturdays by looking up at theupper level at the King’s Court banner located at the openend of the stadium directly above the student section. This group offriends were the founding fathers of King’s Court, we should be proud ofthem. To Suz-E, Jeff, Ricky, Johnny and the rest of the gang, theHurricanes thank you. And I thank you.

Well fans it does not stop here. We have six more games along with theBowl Game to look forward too. We look forward to seeing you at the OB andyour continuing support.

From a ‘Cane to all the ‘Canes fans,