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Dan Morgan Chat Transcript

Dan Morgan Chat Transcript

Oct. 3, 2000

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – University of Miami senior linebacker Dan Morgan stopped by Wednesday to discuss this weekend’s big matchup with FSU. In conjunction with, gave fans the opportunity to submit questions to the 2000 Butkus Award candidate. Below is the transcript of Wenesday’s chat.

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Dan Morgan at 1:29pm ET
I am here and ready for your questions. Let’s get started.

Stinky Jake at 1:30pm ET
What do you think are the keys to this weekends game?

Dan Morgan at 1:30pm ET
I think it will take a whole team effort — everyone being focused and notworried about the hype around the game. We just have to go out and do whatwe do and not make a lot of mistakes.

Nolesmasher at 1:31pm ET
What differences do you feel the Canes have that will allow you to beat FSUthis year as opposed to previous years?

Dan Morgan at 1:31pm ET
Our experience. We have a lot of senior leadership. It will also bring a lotmore plays from our play makers on this team.

Matt Gambino at 1:31pm ET
Do you think the injury to weinke makes the um blitz more affective

Dan Morgan at 1:32pm ET
We are not going to change our game plan because of an injury. No matter whois in there, we will do what we are coached.

CanesJIm at 1:32pm ET
How much crap do the Noles talk on the field – be honest

Dan Morgan at 1:32pm ET
Just about as much as us. We go back and forth the whole game.

Atl. Cane at 1:33pm ET
Us Hurricane fans here a lot about the talent level at FSU vs. the talentlevel at UM, do you feel we are even with them?

Dan Morgan at 1:33pm ET
There is no doubt in my mind that we are even. We match athlete for athletewith them at every position no problem.

YimF at 1:33pm ET
As you know, there has been torrential downpours down here in South Floridafor the past couple of days. How have you guys been coping in practice andhow have the practices been going?

Dan Morgan at 1:34pm ET
We practiced in a downpour yesterday and got a lot out of it. It was justlike any Tuesday, we practiced hard and are very focused.

CanesJIm at 1:34pm ET
are you liking middle linebacker better than the outside.

Dan Morgan at 1:35pm ET
I like both. I feel I can make plays at both positions. I like the middlethis season because I am making those plays so I like the switch.

hurricanes44 at 1:35pm ET
i know you guys are fired up how are the students are campus are they firedup as well?

Dan Morgan at 1:35pm ET
We are a little divided here on campus so we don’t really get a feel for howthe students are feeling. But we have great fans and we know they will beready.

Dee at 1:36pm ET
How has the intensity in practice been this week?

Monty at 1:36pm ET
Dan, have any former Canes players contacted you regarding this game? Do youexpect to see alot of former Canes on the sidelines during the game?

Dan Morgan at 1:38pm ET
I haven’t heard too much from anyone personally. A few guys have stopped bythe lockerroom to give us a pep talk. I am sure there will be a few on thesidelines Saturday.

ClrH20cane at 1:38pm ET
Is winning the Butkus Award a main goal for you?

Dan Morgan at 1:39pm ET
It is definitely a goal for me because so many great linebackers here havenever won it. So it would be an honor to be the first Miami LB to win it.

jane at 1:39pm ET
Do you think butch will get a bit more aggressive in coaching this game?

Chris at 1:40pm ET
Are there some plays that Miami has been saving particularly for the FSUgame and not used in earlier games this season?

Dan Morgan at 1:41pm ET
You don’t want to get away from your game plan but you want to pulleverything out in a game like this. I am sure there will be things wehaven’t seen from FSU.

buddhavt at 1:41pm ET
What do you think about the huge improvement in the Big East from top tobottom?

Dan Morgan at 1:43pm ET
Each year the Big East is getting more competitive. Look at Virginia Techplaying for the national championship. Every game is getting tougher andtougher. Plus, everyone always seems to get up for us because we are Miami.

Dan Morgan at 1:44pm ET
That is all the time I have for now. I have to get taped up for practice.

Thanks for all the questions. I hope everyone watches the game on Saturday.Take care.

To learn more about Dan Morgan, check out his page at REPLACE_ME.