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Q&A with Freshman Linebacker Jonathan Vilma

Q&A with Freshman Linebacker Jonathan Vilma

Aug. 17, 2000

You’re on a sinking ship. Your family is already safe on a raft. What items would you want to take with you?
I would want to make sure I have my pictures of my family. So if I am floating for awhile or land on an island I will have something to keep them fresh in my mind. I would also make sure I had some music to listen to.

Who in your family do you idolize?
I idolize my Dad, Fritz. I respect the way he carries himself. He has done so much for me. I know how much he has sacrificed himself for me to be here today.

Some people would be surprised to learn this about you?
I can speak German fluently.

Last time you were amazed about one of your accomplishments?
My last season in high school, we were playing Sunset High. I made a hit on the running back so hard, that after the game I was told the hit caused a gash on him. I have never heard or seen of anyone making a hit like that, so it made a lasting impression on me.

Who do you think is the best player ever at your position?
From what I can remember, (former Chicago Bears’ linebacker) Mike Singletary.

You are on an around the world trip. Pick one book, something to listen to and a celebrity that you would like to travel with?
The book would be the Bad Place by Dean Koontz. The music would be Judgment Day by Method Man. The celebrity would have to be Salma Hayak.

What do you think was the greatest sports moment of the past century?
When Michael Johnson won the 400 meters at the Atlanta Summer Olympics. I want to feel that type of intensity one day.

What is your favorite TV show?
I like the Simpsons.