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In The Pool with Claire McGinnis

“In The Pool” is a series highlighting the University of Miami swimming & diving student-athletes. Next up is one of Miami’s junior swimmers, Claire McGinnis…

My hometown is Detroit, Michigan.
I came to Miami so I could still swim in college, but go to a really strong academic school and be a part of a team. I also wanted a smaller school with sports that compete in a league like the ACC.
I love swimming because it’s a way that you can challenge yourself every single day and I like that it’s a way to control how hard you work.
The ACC Championships are going to be great this year because our team has been so much more cohesive, and it has led to so much better training. I think it’s going to lead to even better results for all of us.
My favorite quote is ‘suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’
The best parts of Miami are my teammates and my friends.
My inspiration is my dad, because he really came from nothing and then he made something of himself. He works really hard and he always does the right thing in really hard situations, especially in business.
My coaches are amazing. Andy is so funny, and Tanja has been a great addition this year. They are very supportive, and they push us really hard.
If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be ribs with collard greens and some sort of potato.
People would be surprised to know I was born in Brazil.
The U is  is one of the coolest brands in college sports and it is an honor to wear it.