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@CanesMensTennis Falls to VT, 4-0

@CanesMensTennis Falls to VT, 4-0

CARY, N.C. – The University of Miami was defeated, 4-0, by No. 36 Virginia Tech on Thursday at the 2016 Atlantic Coast Conference Men’s Tennis Championship at the Cary Tennis Park.

The 11th-seeded Canes end the season 8-15 overall with a 3-9 mark in the ACC. This season UM defeated a pair of nationally-ranked squads in No. 47 Florida State and No. 68 Troy. Miami was 3-0 against teams in the region, downing FAU, UCF and FSU, and posted a 7-7 mark at home.

Against sixth-seeded Virginia Tech on Thursday, No. 72 Max Andrews and Bernard Tefel faced off against VT’s top-ranked pair, No. 15 Andreas Bjerrehus and Joao Monteiro on court one. After a tough battle, the Canes duo came up short, 6-2, in the match. On court three, Jesse Flores and Kevin Bondar played a tough match against Jai Corbett and Mitch Harper, but fell, 6-4, to give the Hokies 1-0 lead.

No. 66 Piotr Lomacki and Nile Clark left their match against Amerigo Contini and Edoardo Tessaro unfinished at 5-5.

In singles, Miami lost on courts three, four and five, leaving the rest of the matches unfinished.

On court three, Flores fell 6-1, 6-1 to No. 107 Contini, then Calvo came up short, 6-0, 6-3 to No. 74 Tessaro on the fourth court. Tefel was defeated, 6-3, 6-1, in the fifth position by Mitch Harper, ending the match for the Hurricanes.

Niclas Genovese jumped out to a 6-3 first-set victory, but left his match against Jai Corbett unfinished in the second set, 5-1. No. 38 Lomacki was trailing No. 22 Monteiro, 6-3, 3-2, and Andrews was down 7-5, 1-1 to No. 66 Bjerrehus when the match was called.

This season Lomacki led the Canes with his 14-8 overall mark, all played at the top spot. Andrews and Flores each picked up 10 wins in their first season at Miami. Lomacki and Andrews both were 6-6 in singles in ACC play.

In doubles, Clark and Lomacki combined for a 7-6 mark, closely followed by a 6-6 mark from Andrews and Tefel. In league action, Clark/Lomacki and Andrews/Tefel each won three matches.

#36 Virginia Tech 4, Miami 0
Singles competition
1. #22 Joao Monteiro (VT) vs. #38 Piotr Lomacki (UM) 6-3, 3-2, unfinished
2. #66 Andreas Bjerrehus (VT) vs. Max Andrews (UM) 7-5, 1-1, unfinished
3. #107 Amerigo Contini (VT) def. Jesse Flores (UM) 6-1, 6-1
4. #74 Edoardo Tessaro (VT) def. Fermin Calvo (UM) 6-0, 6-3
5. Mitch Harper (VT) def. Bernard Tefel (UM) 6-3, 6-1
6. Jai Corbett (VT) vs. Niclas Genovese (UM) 3-6, 5-1, unfinished

Doubles competition
1. #15 Andreas Bjerrehus/Joao Monteiro (VT) def. #72 Max Andrews/Bernard Tefel (UM) 6-2
2. Amerigo Contini/Edoardo Tessaro (VT) vs. #66 Piotr Lomacki/Nile Clark (UM) 5-5, unfinished
3. Jai Corbett/Mitch Harper (VT) def. Jesse Flores/Kevin Bondar (UM) 6-4

Match Notes:
Miami 8-15
Virginia Tech 15-7; National ranking #36
Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (3,4,5)