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Welcome to “Ask André,” your direct link to André Kingand Hurricane football.

Submit a question to one of the most popular Hurricanes, senior widereceiver André King and check in here to see if he answers your question!

Read his bio or check out his diary.

André’s Answers

Due to an overwhelming response, André will be responding to a selectnumber of the questions asked each week. Here are his personal responses to the more popular questions submitted.

Sept. 6, 2000

Rodney Davis (Cullowhee, NC)
Wassup Andre?
It’s great to see the program back to the way it should be – on top! Is there any revenge in mind for Washington, because they ended the home winning streak at the Orange Bowl the last time we played them? Have the coaches reminded the players about this at all?

A: Rodney,
I don’t think many of the guys on our team are even old enough toremember that game, so I don’t think it is going to make a difference. Thatis the last thing on our mind because none of these guys were a part of thatteam. This team is just too far removed for that to have any affect on us.

Spencer (St. Petersburg, FL)
I’ve been a Hurricane fan for 17 years. What are the chances of a 12-0 season? Good luck and bring back the tradition!

A: Spencer,
We feel that the chances of going 12-0 are great. We just have to limit the mistakes in the big games and execute the offensive, defensive and special team game plan.

Rafael Burgos (Miami Beach, FL)
It’s great to see you guys back on top competing for the title. Beyond the back up QB spot, the offense looks to be on top of the NCAA. My question is, how good is our defense? Have they improved from a year ago? Playing against them in practice, do they seem like they are ready to shut opposing offenses down, late in games when they will be testedagainst teams like FSU?

A: Rafael, Our defense will be dominating this year, we have a lot of experience guys back and more even eger young talent waiting to step up and make plays. So I think we we’ll be fine. Going against them in practice only makes our offense that much better.

Lamar Hicks (Clarksdale, MS)
I don’t have a question, but I just want to say that I’ve been a Hurricane fan a long time. I hope that you guys beat FSU this year and play in a big bowl game, so the people on ESPN and other networks give you guys respect!


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