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In Memory…

Feb. 19, 2002

Javi, Miami,Fl.
thanks for everthing you did for our program..we will never forget you, RIP #48

Mike Abraham (Rutherford, NJ)
My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’ family and friends. You were a great team-player, and it’s a shame that you couldn’t show the NFL your talent.

Ms Rob, South Brunswick, NJ
Sincere simpathy to the family of Chris Campbell and his fellow teammates and friends.

Tallahassee, Fl.
May God’s love and warmth spread thru out the entire Miami family during this difficult time.

Charlton Jimerson
May Chris be living happily in heaven, side by side with the Lord above. You will be missed and I’ll see you when I get there. Amen

Charlton Jimerson
Univ. of Miami Baseball

CO (LA, California)
One of my closest friends died in June in a car accident. He was 17. Obviously, this man was too young to die, but his family and friends need to remember that he gave everyone many great years. It is a greater tradgedy to spend your life mourning a death, rather than celebrating a life. Remember your great friend Chris for what he was to you. Cry if you need to. Look at pictures, tell stories, laugh. Believe me, the pain will stop, but the memory of him will never. God bless all the people in Chris’ life, he loved you.

Megan Frasch – Lafayette, Ca
My deepest condolences go out to the family of Chris Campbell, I am very sorry for your loss.
May you rest in peace, Chris.

Jerry Tuttle Winter Haven Fla.
I still can’t believe he’s gone, what a great athelete and person. I’m just greatful I had the pleasure to talk with him while he was at UM.My heart go’s out to his family and the UM football team,we will all miss Chris.

Matt Brown (Mt.Pleasant , Texas)
We are so sorry to hear the tragic new of chris. All our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of CHRIS CAMPBELL

Juan G. Gomez – Miami, FL
You were a great classmate and the type of guy who’s not easily forgotten. I know you’re in a better place now and that just like we’ll never forget you, you’ll always look over your teammates and UM’s everlasting football tradition.

We’ll miss you 48 !


Erik, Miami
I had the honor of getting to know Chris pretty well. He was a great person and a great friend. I can’t believe he is gone just friday we talked and saturday he was gone I still can’t believe it. I truly believe that God has bigger plans for Chris in heaven because thats the only way to make any sense of this I will miss him greatly he was my favorite and closest football friend. CC you will alwyas be in my heart and your family will always be in my prayers.

Paul (NYC ,NY)
Chris displayed class both as a warrior on the field and a as gentleman off it. Even though his life has been cut short, he lived a life few men will ever know. He was one of the good guys and will surely be missed.

Joe Lorino(Vero Beach,FL)
Though you may have never known, because of the examples you set on and off of the field, there are children who will fare better in life. You are in the arms of God now. You will always be remembered as an outstanding role model. A loss for us is a gain for Heaven>

sonia tampa fl.
I meet him through my brother Ethenic and my prayers goes out to his family in their time of need.

Vamos family, Eighty-Four, PA
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell family for their loss. Chris will always be remembered as a great individual on and off the field. God bless,

The Vamos Family

Mike Mora (miami, FL)
I never had the pleasure of meating chris personaly but i did have the pleasure of seing him play ball at u.m. Chris was a great ball player and im sure a great man. My families hearts and prayers go to him and his family. Well miss you chris and may god bless you.


Keres Hughes Springs, Tx
I met Chris with my buddy Ben, who has known Chris for many years through Ben’s sister. The first memory I have of Chris is when he shook my hand it felt like he was going to break it. I just feel like those are the kind of memories to share; things that keep people alive in your hearts. Having many ties to Mt. Pleasant I heard all the stories and began to feel like i knew him well. I even started to watch Miami, even though I am an Aggie, rooting for a “good ol’ East Texan” When I learned of his death it truly saddened me. He was a great person to know and watch. Sometimes players get drafted onto a team that’s bigger than the NFL. To those of you who knew him well my prayers are with you. Chris- Godspeed

John – Columbus,OH
I think the biggest shame is the fact that Chris was about to enjoy the fruits of his labor with graduation and getting drafted into the NFL, and was not able to finally benefit from these results with his family. I hope the university does something such as have a patch or decal on their uniforms or helmets. God bless him and his family, including the University of Miami.

Tanisha Mangon,Mt. Pleasant,TX
I attended high school with Chris and got to know him as a sweet and really unique person. My thoughts,prayers,and heart go out to his family.

my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of chris campbell.there are too many people out there that are deserving to have there life cut short,it is a shame to have it happen to a promising individual.GOD BLESS

Pinkie Williams San Antonio, TX
Our prayers are extended to the family of Chris Campbell and the Notre Dame School family. Speaking as a parent seeking to enroll my only child in college this fall, this is a terrible lost for any parent. May God bless you with the memory of Chris forever.

ryan newble fort scott,kansas

Victoria Cabral Denver Colorado
im sorry that this happened to one of your team mates my thought go to you:)

John McMullin, Lake Mary,Fl
Though I only met Chris one time in California at the team hotel, I’m at deep loss after this weekend’s tragedy. Hearing the news Saturday I was in complete shock that a young man with a future so bright was struck down in life so tragically, it really made me think about life, and the fact that no matter how good you have it in life it can be all taken away from you like that. Though I’m not on the football team, or ever attended the University of Miami I still feel that I am apart of the Hurricane family, and we have lost one of our best and brightest and that makes me sick to my stomach. In closing I just want to tell Chris’s family, friends, teamates, and coaches how sorry I am for their loss, and even though he was only here for a short time his impact he made while he was here can never be measured. 48 will live on in my heart forever.

Sean (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Chris Campbell. It is a terrible tragidy when somebody so young is taken from the world unnecessarily. I can not even begin too think how much pain the Campbell family is feeling right now. Just know I am going to be praying for all of you. Football is so insignificant compared to a human life. I’d like to thank Chris Campbell for all the contributions he made on the field, but especially for the contributions he made off of it. You will be missed.

Marcellin Francois,miami beach Florida
God We thank you for letting us enjoy this young men wild he was with us,now we know he is in a better place, his Dream was to go into the N.F.L He got a better Dream now Heaven.Chris Campbell Rest in Peace let this season be for you we all play this season for you………..GOD Bless his family and friends.

mike lahutsky-somerset,n.j.
chris-you will be missed.god bless you and your family and friends.#48-forever a cane

ben walker mount pleasant TX
Chris was a multi talented athlete as well as a multi talented human, I am privaleged to say that i have known him for the past 6 years! The draft was coming around for him the biggest draft of his whole life, He is on GODS team now. A team way better then any NFL, rest in peace chris, #48 will never be forgetten…

James Holt (Va Beach, VA.)
I was only 8 years old when I started following the Canes in 1984. From day one I’ve felt like apart of the team, a piece of the family. As time has passed, through good times and bad, the Hurricane spirit has always endured. With the championships came glory and through the tough years humility. But despite whatever may’ve been going on at the time the Hurricanes have and will always be about family. Sadly, our family has been struck with an enormous blow. Chris Campbell’s passing is yet another reminder of how fragile life is, but also a testament to the strength of family. So in the tradition of Jerome Brown, Marlon Barnes, and other great Hurricanes from the past who have left this world a better place for their lessons taught, you will be missed, but never forgot. You were truly a blessing. Rest in heavenly peace Chris.


T.Williams Phila, PA
I’m sorry for lost of a great man, athlete, and student of the University of Miami. His memory will be treasured in the hearts of all who loved him.

Amanda Johnson (Austin, TX/ Mt. Pleasant, TX)
I went to high school with Chris and go to know
him my junior year when he was dating one of
my good friends. He was one of the most
amazing people I have ever known. He
overcame so much tragedy to do nothing
but triumph. I was so proud of him and told
everyone about the small town guy playing
football for the University of Miami. I know
that God is taking care of him, and my prayers
are with his family. We will all miss you, Chris.

laura denman,mt.pleasant,tx
We can’t believe it-we are so sad that you won’t be coming by to see us anymore-you were the greatest-chris! and God has a great one in you in heaven. From the “Good luck” cookies Margaret and I baked you and Chaun every Thursday night to the brownies you and Brock made with eggnog instead of eggs-we cling to our memories and are thankful for knowing such an outstanding person and athlete. We never missed you play one down and mom bought us all Miami sweatshirts this Christmas to wear on January 3rd!You will always be such a good role model for all of us and I will never forget the 29-0 Highland Park win and I will never let go of my “Gatorade” towel you signed for me after the Terrell game at Texas Stadium!We are so sad, Chris, but you are in a much better place and you will always be a true champion!

Donna Taylor, Mt. Pleasant, Texas

I said, “God, I hurt.”
And God said, “I know.”

I said, “God, I cry a lot.”
And God said, “That is why I gave you tears.”

I said “God, I am so depressed.”
And God said, “That is why I gave you Sunshine.”

I said, “God, life is so hard.”
And God said, “That is why I gave you loved ones.”

I said, “God, my loved one died.”
And God said, “So did mine.”

I said, “God, it is such a loss.”
And God said, “I saw mine nailed to a cross.”

I said, “God, but your loved one lives.”
And God said, “So does yours.”

I said, “God, where are they now?”
And God said, “Mine is on My right and yours will be in the Light.”

I said, “God, it hurts.”
And God said, “I know.”

To the loved ones of Chris, Mt. Pleasant is with you with love and prayers.

Vittorio Gotti, Jr. – New Hyde Park, Ny
You entered this turbulent, unstable world and made your way through successfully until your untimely departure. The blood, sweat, and tears you shed for UM football will never be forgotten. Resto nella pace, campione.

“A champion shows who he is by what he does when he’s tested. When a person gets up and says ‘I can still do it’, he’s a champion.” – Evander Holyfield

Keith Mesquite,TX
I was fortunate enough to be able to watch Chris
perform many times in high school and on the
college level. Beyond that, he was an even more
impressive person off the field. Our thoughts and
prayers are with Chris and his family.

Rob Roy, Findlay Oh
Very Tragic for someone just beginning life.

Frank G. Myers
Rest in peace!
We all will miss you.

Harrison Ditzion (Plainsboro, NJ
I would just like to say that Chris was a great football player and a great person. Nut people shouldnt drink and drive if that is how chris died. I would like to send my deepest sympathy to his family

Allataye A. Russ (Nashville/Tennessee by way of Miami)
I just want to say that it was a join to see Chris come back and play his last year at UM. It is my prayer that the Lrd Jesus Christ sustain his family through this time in their life. I want to encourage the UM players to use this hurtful time to consider their lives and relationship with God. I pray that the player use this experience as a catapolt and not a crutch, to help their success in school and on the field next year….

Jay Trapnell Fort Myers Fla
Even though i didnt know you in person. Thanks for the wonderful times you gave me and my friends watching you and your team mates playing on Saturdays.But i know in my heart your in a better place now. May God bless you and your family

Nina (Miami, FL)
Chris, as well as the other UM players, inspired many this year to be the best they can be. What happened was a tragedy but will be overcome.

Ynes Pedroso ( Miami,Fl)
Christorpher will always be in my thought’s and soul. I met chris while he was down here as a recruit. We kicked it off nice and ever since that day we always kept in touch. I guess that I can say that I am the sister he never had. Chris hated for me to call out his full name. He use to tell me “U crazy girl.” The only memories that I have of Campbell are good ones and he will never be forgotten……


sandra w Houston,Tx
chris we will truly miss you. I just hate that your niece wasn’t able to spend a little time with you here on earth but I know she will see you in the kingdom of heaven. Jacob and Eric be strong.

Ariana/Sandra & Briana

Ramon Rivera (Palmetto, FL)
It is very unfortunate to have lost such wonderful person. Chris was a integral part of restoring our schools tradition of greatness. He has become a part of our schools history and will always be remembered.

R.L.R. Class of “92

Angela Brooks,Mt. Pleasant, Texas
As Chris’s computer teacher, I remember him as a kind young man who was willing to go the extra mile to get it right. He was a hard worker and a dynamic football player who had a great future ahead of him. He will be greatly missed.

Che’ Scott, Lake Worth, Fl
I have never spoken to Chris Campbell, nor have ever seen him face to face, but I would spend so much time looking up and down UM’s roster hoping for chance to be their. His face became very familiar. so it’s not odd to understand why I can’t shake this feeling that I am having right now. I have been deeply impacted by this tragedy. But we must know that life goes on and he’s in a better place. I would like to send my prayers out to his family and friends and everyone who has ever had contact with this wonderful person.

Chenko Winchester, VA
I had the opportunity to watch Miami play over the last five years. The Rutgers game in New Jersey of 2000 was quite an experience. After the game, Chris gave me a gatorade towel and a handshake. He also had a minute to thank the Miami fans and chat with me. He was a young man who was very well mannered. I have framed that towel and will remember him for a long time. Thanks for being a hurricane Chris. God bless you and your family.

Jay Henley – West Palm Beach
The Hurricane family has lost such a quality person. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell family during this time.

Thanks for the the fantastic play as well as character on & offthe field. My heat goes out to your family. We have all been effected by this terrible loss.

New York, New York
As a long time Cane fan, I appreciate the class and dedication Chris had for the Canes. He without a doubt is starting for God in heaven, with his #48 on.

Anthonio parker sunrise FL
Chris Campbell was a great football player and its a tragedy see he’s know that he is gone.But a good thing to know that he has gone too a better place

KD Miami,Fl
My heart goes out to the friends and family Chris left behind. Although I did not know him, I’m sure he will be sadly missed. The prayers also to UM and the rest of the football team. It’s so sad that right after your victory something as tragic as this had to happen. Continue to be blessed. God is watching over all of us!

Phillip Chartier Valdosta, Georgia
Well i’d like to say that this is a total shock to all cane fans across the world. i am one of only a few cane’s fans up here (everyone else likes the gators or noles) and it just shocked me to hear about this. may god bless him and his family.

Rob Carter Pittsburgh, PA
I enjoyed watching Chris play. He will be sorely missed. God Bless him and his family

Edwardo Oliveria (Port Arhtur,Texas)
this event is a real tragety for all of the university fans. I would like to offer my condolences to his family and teammates. And my prayers are with everyone that knew him.

Thank you Chris for touching our lives with your love and care and we will not forget the beautiful gentleman you were. You were always so nice and sweet to me. I miss you Chris. Until we meet again.

John Naylor,Dixie,Georgia
When I heard this on the news,I was stunned.Miami is family to me,so when something happens to the Canes It hits me hard.I wish all the family and friends of Chris the best.He will be sorely missed….

A voice from the MPHS class of 1998
You influenced more people than you could have ever known. You were so talented and so accomplished, and when so many would boast about their ability, you always had a humble spirit. For many of us, our best memories of you came from our time spent together in high school. Despite all the great athletic feats you attained, I think your greatest accomplishment was one that you had no idea you had achieved. If only for a few short years, you united a small East Texas town. Black…white…brown…rich…poor…for all of us you were “Our Guy”. Even when you went far away and many of us lost touch, we told everyone we knew “That’s my friend Chris Campbell.” Thank you for all you did for all of us, maybe through your example we can become better people and we can see with colorblind eyes as you did and as we all did on those amazing Friday nights when #41 was the best show in town. You truly will be missed, but definitely not forgotten. Sleep well.

Harry Rothwell – Miami
I am sorry for your loss . Chris was a great young man who became a member of our Hurricane family and he made us proud on and off the field.
He will always be remembered .God Bless

Staci Sherman
My husband was Chris’s coach in Mt. Pleasant and we talked to Chris about once a month. We were always so proud of Chris. He would always let our youngest daughter ride on his back , his shoulders and would always sit with him on the bus after games. We have many fond memories of Chris. My husband has many pictures in his office displayed with Chris in them showing that winning smile. One special memory that will forever be in my heart is when my husband brought him to church with us one sunday and Chris didn’t have a white shirt to wear so we went back into my husbands closet to find him one to borrow and he couldn’t button any of them even as a Junior. What a great athete!! One who was fun to watch. We will miss him very much. I still carry his senior picture in my wallet. he was one of our special kids…

P. J. Crespo (Tampa, FL)
To Chris’ family and friends,

Please accept my heart felt sympathy
and condolences. I only knew of Chris
from what I’ve read and watching him
on the football field. I know this, he was a
good person and a great football player.
It is an unfair tragedy that took him,
but he will always be remembered by our UM
“family” alongside of others who were taken from
us too soon like Jerome Brown, Marlin
Barnes and others.

Chris, may God keep you by his side and
give you the eternal life you deserve.

P.J. Crespo

Tim (Tampa, FL)
My prayers are with his family and friends. It’s so hard to lose a loved one, but remember he will always be there in spirit. God Bless.


Joe (Detroit, MI)
Pray that God gives peace and comfort to the family and friends.

Rick Attivo, Middletown, PA
I just wanted to let the Campbell family know that our family is thinking of you and praying for you during this difficult time.

Sharon Walker, Mt.Pleasant.TX
Chris lived with my family in Mt.Pleasant for about 2 mths and was like a family member to us. We loved Chris like a brother, son and a young that had done well for himself. He had come far, and he was going far. He was loved by everyone who knew him.

Roccal Jones, Dallas, Texas

I watch Chris play in high School a few times and talk to a few times and watched him on TV. It was such a shock to hear of his death all that day thats all I was thinking about He’s going to be missed dearly. May God keep his family.

The Miller Family Miami, Florida
We will miss you. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Tippy S. Lewis, Tamarac, Fl.
Dear God, please take good care of Chris Campbell!
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’s family and his fiance.
We enjoyed every games at the OB and on TV watching Chris played his heart out. We will always miss # 48 and will always be in our memories. You are part of this perfect and the best season I have ever attended. Next season is for you. Rest in peace Chris Campbell
UM ’85

MIchael Armstrong….Stony Point NY
Hi..I live in New York and was just on vacation in Florida.I am a big Hurrcane fan and hope to go to school there to play football.I turned on the tv and saw that he had died…He was a good player and it hurts that he has passed on .I wish the best for his family,friends,and his school.

Patricia Flowers, Miami, FL
I met Chris briefly at the HealthSouth Doctors Hospital when he was in getting his knee checked in January as I had the same injury. We spoke for about half an hour about what he wanted to do with regard to football. He said he just wanted to play. He was a fine young man. One of the finest I ever had the privilege to meet. He gave me his autograph which I will treasure. I told him I’d follow his career and could say I knew him before he was famous playing football professionally. Too soon a brilliant life was cut short. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He is now God’s angel as he was a lot of peoples angel here on earth. God bless him and take care of him.

D & C McClover, N Lauderdale, FL
Our Prayers are sent out for the Family and Teammates of Chris. He will surely be missed.

mike von eiff lakeland florida
from my family to all of his i wish them strength to get through this real hard time he was a great player and i bet even a better man may GOD be with all of you during this hard time

Lee (Harrisburg, PA)
To Chris Campbells family and friends…my heart goes out to you during this horrible tragedy. I have been a Canes fan ever since I was a little tike in the 70’s. Chris was an exemplary athlete and student. He was an exciting and fun player to watch…the Canes’ family will surely miss him as well as his immediate family. I know your hand will be on the Hurricanes from above. Thank you Chris. May god bless your family and friends through this.

Nancy, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
I have been an avid Canes fan for many years and have met many of the players @ various events. Even though I wasn’t fortunate to meet Chris he will be remembered as a significant part of the #1 Cane Champsion Team that represented the school and themselves with class, character and a great desire to be the best.

May God Bless him and his family! May his family have wonderful memories to rely on.

Amber (Miami, FL)
I pray that the family and friends of Chris Campbell take comfort in the fact that people only have good things to say about him. I never had the opportunity to meet him. However, after hearing of how good a person he was, I wish I had. God only takes the best, no less.
We’ll all see him at the crossroads.
“Don’t you worry, He will hold Chris now.”

Jamie Heffner (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Although I never knew Chris, it is a saddening thing to hear of a death of someone so young, with such great potential. A tragedy this is. My thoughts and prayers got out to Chris’s family, friends, loved ones, and teammates.

Qiana Preston Dallas,TX
Hey Chris(This is your sister-in-law). I could not pass this site after reading so many kind words without dropping a thank you to everyone and without telling Chris that I love him. I know I am speaking as if you were here. But it still feels as though you are. It still feels as though you will call for my husband and say “Hello hi you doing is my Brother there “. It just does not seem real. Well both your brothers are in Miami doing the best they can with funeral arrangements. It is a shame that things have to be the way they are right now. But you best believe that your brothers loves you with all their heart. And so do I. I can’t stand to see any pictures read any news because it hurts. And Just want to thank everyone out there for sending there thoughts and prayers. If Chris could read all your thoughts he would be very proud of himself for capturing so many hearts.Your thoughts are very much appreciated. I just can’t stop crying. I love you Chris from your Sis!ter-in-law(Your only one).
Eric and Jacob Preston loves you sweetheart they are doing their best.

Eric Standard, Mt.. Pleasant Tex.
I was very upset when I heard about Chris’s death .He was my role model,and I really enjoyed watching him play football.I will truly miss him.

Lon ( biggest cane fan) LV, NV
I don’t even know where to begin. I’m still numb a day and a half after I first heard that Chris past on. I never knew him personally, but like most UM fans I view Chris and his teammates as part of my extended family. He was always the quiet, unsung hero, never receiving the accolades of some of his more celebrated teammates. Yet that never seemed to bother Chris, who simply went out and did his job week after week. I taped the um vs fsu game from 2000 and after winning the game as the players ran the field the first person you saw was chris campbell with his right arm in the air. My condolences go out to his family and friends. The next year coming will be dedicated to #48 chris campbell, we loved you man. Championship repeat next year for you.


D’Marcus Brown Mt.Pleasant, Texas
I would just like to send out a prayer to Chris’family and friends. I will always have the memories of us having fun during track season and coming back to the high school to see how you were doing. I just know that I’m going to miss you… I just know that the rest of my track season is dedicated to you…

One love,
D’Marcus Brown
University of Arkansas
2000 NCAA 110H All-American

Brett Thomas, Chattanooga,Tn
He will be forever missed by the true hurricane fans out there who were able to celebrate a national championshpi this year because of him and ohers like him.

Cheryl Chew
To the Family and Friends of Chris,

Be prayerful and know, God gave Chris talent and a warm and caring friendship to give back to the world for what seems to us a short time, yet He allowed him to leave with us a spirit to be cherished by all, for a lifetime.

May he continue to bless and keep each of you.

Trace Hamil (Fort Wayne,IN)
I think you play great. You are a good team player and has a good attitude.

Trace Hamil (Fort Wayne,IN)
I think you play great. You are a good team player and has a good attitude. I’m just sorry he died. I will pray for his family and team. May he rest in peace.

enrique ortiz (miami,florida)
the UM family has lost a good player and a good friend. goodbye chris campbell.

Margaret Denman- Mt. Pleasant TX
I went to high school with Chris and had the priviledge of knowing him quite well. Chris is someone that I am going to miss so much, but I know he is in a much better place now. Chris was an exceptional athlete who I have been watching play football for the past 8 years. He was one of the nicest guys that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone that went to our high school loved him so much, and he was pretty much a role model for everyone. I am going to miss him so much. Chris used to always come visit me and my family everytime he came back home from Florida. I will never forget him coming to my house over Christmas and he was trying to make brownies for us and we were out of eggs, so he made the brownies anyways and used eggnog. That same day he showed me a picture of his fiance and my thoughts and prayers are with you too. I am going to miss him so much,and I look forward to seeing him again one day. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, t!eammates,and friends during this hard time.

Jarrod Joyner Mt. Pleasant, TX
Chris was a wonderful athlete and he will be missed terribly. He ment a lot to many of us in Mt. Pleasant our hopes and prayers are with his family and friends.

Michelle New York
Being a student athletic trainer at UM, I got to spend alot of time with Chris. We were all like a big family, and I feel like I lost a brother. He was a great person who always brought a smile to my face. He will always be in my heart. My thought and prayers go out to his family. He will truley be missed by everyone.
R.I.P # 48
I will miss You.

Jim McCorry , ( New Jersey – CLASS of ’87)

The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want.
He maketh me lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness, for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk though the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.
-23rd PSALM

My deepest sympathies go out to the Campbell family, friends, OUR Hurricane family, and Chris’s teammates and coaches.

GOD Bless you all in this time of tragedy.

THANKS for the memories #48, we will surely miss you always.

MAC #8, class of ’87

Quentus Cumby Cleburne, Texas
I first met Chris at a Baylor Football camp he was a senior I was a junior we hit it right off because he was from Mount Plesant My mother grew up their and all my cousins and aunts live their. He was a good person and good football player The last time I spoke to him was when I tookj my recruting visit to Miami I am a junior at the Univ. of Kentucky And give my deepest sympathy to his family and prayers.

Jon Hochberg, Pace University
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell and Bell families, as well as the entire Hurricane family. God bless.

The University of Miami has a unique knack for forging some of the most impressionable, lifetime, unique, and tightest bonds. We are a family the minute we step on those grounds…My heart goes out to “my extended family”–the loved ones, teammates and friends of Chris Campbell….see you in UM Heaven brother!

john miller naples fl
he was a great player he will be well missed by friends family and fans may god be with his family sometime we cant understand death but it comes to aii of us it was his time to go and be with the lord amen

Phil& Carol , Illinois
If when you leave this world there are people who remember well of you and say they will miss you , you will always be a moment in time. Chris, we will remember you well as a Champion !

Christine Greb Whitehall, PA
My thoughts and prayers are with you Tombi. I can’t imagine what your going through. When things like this happen, I try very hard to understand why… The thing is, is that you’ll never know why…Your family will be there for you as well as your friends. Use them, it will help ease the pain.

I had the pleasure of knowing Chris from 1998. And I feel priveledged to have had him as a teamate and friend. My prayers are with your family. God bless


Sean Redfearn Killeen, TX
I had the privilege to play football with Chris when he was a soph! He was a great man and a great athlete. I haven’t spoken to Chris in over six years, but my heart sank when I heard he’d been killed. I have enjoyed watching him play the game he loved. My thoughts go out to Chris’ family and close friends. We have lost a true warrior!!!!

Cara (Dallas/Mt.Pleasant)
I don’t even know where to begin. Chris has been a very close part of my life for the last seven years and I just can’t imagine how my life will change with out him here. The past four years that Chris has been in Miami we have grown to be the best of friends. I will truly miss every memory that we made. I can only look forward to meeting you again one day in heaven. Things just won’t ever be the same without you Chris. I miss you. All of my love.