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Track & Field

ACC Track and Field Championships – Participant/Coach’s Quotes

Florida State Head Coach Bob Braman

On Women’s Team Championship


“This is a good job.¬† The women have won the triple crown now because they took cross country, indoor and outdoor titles this year.¬† So, that was huge.¬† They had some injuries, and they fought through some things.¬† But there’s no doubt about the way the women came in here today, and they wanted this one bad.¬† I think there’s only been two or three teams that have won the triple crown, so that’s pretty impressive to join that list.¬† I’m really happy for the ladies because we’re young, and we’re going to be good for a few years to come.”¬† I’m really happy to get this win, and this feels great.”


Virginia Head Coach Jason Vigilante

On Men’s Team Co-Championship


“It’s an honor for us to compete against so many great track & field teams in this conference, particularly Florida State, whose had such a history at the NCAA level and the championships.¬† We are delighted with our performance.¬† We knew if we came and competed as hard as we could, then we’d be satisfied with the outcome.¬† Obviously, tying for the championship is a big step for this program, and I’m tremendously happy and so proud at how our team has represented itself.¬† We got it done, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the season and things to come.”


Florida State Head Coach Bob Braman

On Men’s Team Co-Championship


“We’ve won 13 of the last 14 Indoor and Outdoor ACC Championships.¬† So, we’ve only had one hiccup, so to speak.¬† We just survived today.¬† Virginia’s distance runners really ran great.¬† Coach Vigilante’s a new coach, and a regular great guy.¬† We’ve just got to be ready for Virginia and Virginia Tech to be that close to us all the time.¬† If we come to this meet as fired up as our women were, then hopefully it wouldn’t come down to the mile relay.¬† We’ve won three national championships.¬† Our kids have to show more respect to the level of competition here [in the ACC], and I think today was a serious wake-up call.

Women’s Heptathlon Champion Quotes

Gabrielle Gioia – North Carolina


“It feels good to win because it gets us off to a great start.¬† We really wanted to come out and get a team title so this is a good way to get us going in that direction.”


Women’s Shot Put Championship Quotes

Lawanda Henry – NC State


“It feels good. I’ve been struggling like¬†all year. So it feels good to come home with the gold this year.”


Women’s Hammer Throw Champion Quotes

Dorotea Habazin – Virginia Tech


“I’m Not really satisfied, because I expected more. I was expecting to break my own record for ACC’s.¬† But I have been getting better each meet and have a nice progression. I think I’ll be good for the rest of the season.”


Men’s Hammer Throw Champion Quotes

Marcel Lomnicky – Virginia Tech


“I feel pretty good about week three.¬† Hopefully my performance will get better next meet.¬† I’ll train hard and we’ll see.”


Women’s Long Jump Champion Quotes

Kimberly Williams – Florida State


“It was a pretty good day.¬† It was kind of windy.¬† I just went out there and did my best. I want to thank¬†my teammates that were cheering for me and my coach that was out there looking out for me.”


Women’s Javelin Champion Quotes

Meghan Briggs – Virginia


“I think it was a great start and a great throw that was consistent heading into regionals and nationals. Having a teammate with me was great.”


Men’s Javelin Champion Quotes

Matthias Treff – Virginia Tech


“It was cool.¬† It was my first competition of the season. I pulled out a P.R.so I’m happy about that.”


Men’s High Jump Champion Quotes

Jerome Miller – Georgia Tech


“I feel great about winning, but it’s kind of bittersweet. I didn’t jump anywhere near the height I wanted to jump. I didn’t even jump anywhere near my P.R.¬† So I’m going to have to go back to practice and work on that, but I’ll take the win.¬† A gold medal is a gold medal”


Women’s 10,000-meter Champion Quotes

Natalie Sherbak – Virginia Tech


“It was a good win.¬† Ijust wanted to go out there and run in rhythm, because the field ran a great race. They made me work for it at the end.¬† I’m just excited to win and come back, winning this back 2 back.¬† So yea it was fun, I had a good time.”


Men’s 10,000-meter Champion Quotes

Steeve Gabart – Florida State


“It was big for me to be able to¬†come back home and get a win in an event that’s not really¬†what Miami people are known for, a distance event.¬† So that was really big for me.”


Men’s Decathlon Champion Quotes

Mateo Sossah – North Carolina


“This win means a lot to me. I wanted to compete in indoor and score big for the team but¬†I¬†pulled my hamstring, so I wasn’t able to do anything. I worked really hard to be back and¬†get a really big score for indoor, but like I said I got hurt and couldn’t compete. So I really wanted to get a big score today. I felt like I’ve had the potential to but haven’t had the opportunity to do so.¬† I’m really happy about this.”


Women’s High Jump Champion Quotes

Patience Coleman – North Carolina


“It started off kind of¬†rough but it came together.¬† I tried to stay focused, tried to stay positive and it came out right.¬† I’m glad it did.”


Men’s Shot Put Champion Quotes

Steve Marcelle – Georgia Tech


“In the finals Florida State’s red shirt freshman Michael Putman had a pretty nice throw and put a little pressure on me.¬† I had a good throw and beat him on the last one.”


Men’s Long Jump Champion Quotes

Jade Ellis – Duke


“It was good that this came at the right time for me.¬† I felt good warming up today, everything just clicked today.”


Women’s Steeplechase Champion Quotes

Lydia Willemse – Florida State


“It’s really awesome to have the win my senior year.¬† It’s my year for ACC’s I guess and for the steeple too. I’m really happy.¬† All the girls worked really hard in the race and my coach and my teammates have been helping me a lot. It’s just awesome.”


Men’s Steeplechase Champion Quotes

Ryan Mcdermott – Duke


“Its a great win.¬† It’s the first time doing nine minutes in the steeple, which has been my goal since junior year of high school.¬† It was a big accomplishment for me. ¬†As for this win, I didn’t think coming into this that I would be able to do it.¬† There were some good runners that were entered but didn’t end up running, so I had no problem taking a win.


Women’s Pole Vault Champion Quotes

Amy Fryt – Duke


”I feel great.¬† It was a great day to pole vault.¬† The conditions were great and the competition is always great.”


Women’s Triple Jump Quotes

Kimberly Williams – Florida State


“I’m happy with the win, but I wanted to go further, but the breeze kept messing up everything.¬† But, I’m thankful for the win.¬† Hopefully, next year I can come out and do better.¬† And I want to say `good job’ to my competitors as well.”


Women’s Discus Throw Quotes

Brittany Pryor – Virginia Tech


“I’m really happy just being able to help out my team.¬† This is my final competition for ACC’s, and I just want to take it one meet at a time.”


Women’s 4×100 Quotes

Kristin Marcus – Florida State


“I feel good.¬† I still feel like we could have done better, but overall I’m happy with the win.¬† We did what we had to do, and it feels good to get the win.”


Men’s 4×100 Quotes

Maurice Mitchell – Florida State


“I feel really good.¬† We didn’t have our fastest leg, and we had to get off to a good start.¬† It definitely feels good to win.”


Women’s 1500M Run Quotes

Pilar Mcshine – Florida State


“This win feels good.¬† The race wasn’t easy, but I came up on top with the win, and it feels great.”


Men’s 1500M Run Quotes

Billy Berlin – Virginia Tech


“I’m so happy.¬† This is the one I’ve wanted for so long–the 1500 win.¬† To finally win it my senior year is a great way to go out.”


Women’s 100M Hurdles Quotes

Queen Harrison – Virginia Tech


“I feel really good.¬† This is only my second 100 hurdle race of the season.¬† So, it feels really good to get a win, especially with my teammate [Kristi Castlin] coming in second feels really good for Virginia Tech.


Men’s 110M Hurdles Quotes

Adams Abdulrazaaq – Virginia


“Oh man, it feels good, and I worked really hard for this.¬† My coach always gets on me, and to get the win feels good.¬† It’s not all about the first day, you know.¬† The first day gets you to the second day and the finals, and you just have to better on the second [day] than you did on the first [day].¬† And we got it done.”


Women’s 400M Dash Quotes

Britany St. Louis – Florida State


“It’s all good.¬† I know it could have been harder, but I have faith and with that, victory is mine today.¬† I did exactly what I wanted to do, and it paid off.”


Men’s 400M Dash Quotes

Michael Bingham – Wake Forest


“Oh man, at ACC’s the main thing is to get the `W’.¬† It’s still kind of early in the season, and it’s just about placing, and I’ll worry about time later.”


Women’s 100M Dash Quotes

Murielle Ahoure – Miami


“It feels pretty good.¬† It was kind of tough running into a headwind, but I’m still happy.”


Men’s Triple Jump Quotes

Alphonso Jordan – Georgia Tech


“I’m happy to get the win.¬† My goal was to come in here and get the first jump in to qualify for the final, and then I was able to keep it going to get the win. ¬†So, I feel good.”


Men’s Discus Throw Quotes

Yemi Ayeni – Virginia


“Winning feels great.¬† It’s my third time in a row.¬† This is my last year, and it feels good to finish all my four years here with a championship.¬† So, it was good competition, and I think everybody competed well.¬† But I was able to do it again.


Men’s 100M Dash Quotes

Jacoby Ford – Clemson


“I feel really good about the win.¬† I just wanted to come out and execute my ritual really well.¬† We talked about trying to get a sweep in the 100, and that’s exactly what we did.”


Women’s 800M Run Quotes

Dominique Jackson – North Carolina


“To get this win, I feel great.¬† We were all-out running, smart, and putting myself out front … and it was good enough to get the win.¬† And I was able to do what I wanted to do, and get the win.”


Men’s 800M Run Quotes

Ryan Witt – Virginia Tech


“Oh, this is great.¬† I don’t think people really expected me to win [ACC] Indoors, and I was able to come out here and show that I can win [ACC] Outdoors against some good competitors.¬† It feels good.”


Women’s 400M Hurdles Quotes

Queen Harrison – Virginia Tech


“I felt really, really good out there today.¬† The 400-meter hurdles is kind of my secondary event, so for me to come out here and get a `W’ is just great.¬† And I think this was a really good time so early in the season.¬† So, I’m proud of myself, and happy to get the win.”


Men’s 400M Hurdles Quotes

Javier Garcia Tunon – Florida State


“It was good because our team needed a couple of points.¬† We didn’t get some points we thought we were going to have, and this really helps out the team.¬† I feel good about being able to do my part.”


Women’s 200M Dash Quotes

Murielle Ahoure – Miami


“I’m happy, but it was, again, very windy.¬† I just came out there, and had a good day–first place.”


Men’s 200M Dash Quotes

Charles Clark – Florida State


“Well, just coming out of the box I wanted to control the race.¬† That’s exactly what I did.¬† I wanted to maintain speed throughout the race.¬† I thank God for helping me to perform well today and that’s what’s good.”


Men’s Pole Vault Quotes

Yavgeniy Olhovsky – Virginia Tech


“A win is always nice.¬† I wanted to jump a little higher, but it’s okay.¬† I think I made up for [ACC] Indoors today.¬† The wind was a little hard, but I managed to get the win.¬† I am ready to try and do better at Regionals, and then hopefully Nationals.”


Women’s 5000 Meter Run Quotes

Susan Kuijken – Florida State


“I wasn’t as fast, I think, from my first lap to the end, but it was good enough though, I guess.¬† It feels good, and that’s all I can say.”


Men’s 5000 Meter Run Quotes

William Mulherin – Virginia Tech


“I feel great, actually.¬† My goal was to be Top 5, maybe even Top 4, and I was able to get the win.¬† Florida State is really, really tough, and I knew I had to get in front.¬† With a few meters to go, I saw I had a shot to win it.¬† I just paced myself, and kept my composure, ready to try and win the race.”


Women’s 4×400 Quotes

Keyla Smith – Florida State


“It was just a great results of teamwork.¬† All of us were tired; we had injuries.¬† We just ran for each other.¬† We were running for each other.”


Men’s 4×400 Quotes

Kevin Williams – Florida State


“The race was good.¬† We had to be focused, and we were determined to come out here and win this.¬† We won it, and everybody ran well.¬† Virginia got third place, and Wake Forest got second.¬† So, they ran well, but we were focused today, and ran our race together.”