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Miami vs. FIU Post-game Quotes

Sept. 15, 2007

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University of Miami vs. Florida International University
Miami Post-Game Quotes

Head Miami Coach Randy Shannon

On today’s game…
“It was a big victory today against FIU. It was a great win for this team to bounce back from Oklahoma. We did some things to simplify what we are doing on offense to get some big plays and to get the guys to understand what we need to get done on both sides of the football.”

“The one thing I thought was bad on the offensive side was the false starts by the offensive tackles. We’ve got to correct those mistakes. We’ve got great offensive tackles, they’ve been doing a good job all year long, but it was a situation where they panicked, and started to trying jump the gun and jump the snap to get a great pass protection because we were throwing the ball pretty well today. We’ve got to work on that in practice and get those things corrected.”

“We didn’t get any personal fouls this week. We worked on it in practice. We didn’t get the late hits, the personal fouls and the blocks in the back, which was good. It is being proven each week that we’ve got to keep correcting things to get things done.”

“The passing game opened up this week. Lance [Leggett] caught a nice ball, the receivers underneath, Darnell [Jenkins] and those guys, caught some good passes, the tight ends caught some passes and the running backs on some good check-down routes. We’ve got to make sure we get the ball in their hands and do a good job and move the chains. That is one thing we did today that I was pleased with.”

“We are going to be a running team that uses play-action passes with the deep ball. We aren’t going to line up with four or five receivers and throw the ball all across the field. That’s not us. Our strength is in the offensive line and the running backs. If we play-action pass and get the receivers the balls in some one-on-one [coverage] with eight or nine in the box, we’ll get some big plays that way.”

“Any time that you have an opportunity to finish a game, you have to finish it. You can’t just say it is over with mentally and then all of a sudden the big play comes and now they have a chance and an opportunity to get back in it. Every week is a process and there are things we have to fix. If you look at everything that we’ve talked about, we’ve fixed it every week. We’ve just got to keep going now and fix the things we’ve got to get done.”

On Quarterback Kyle Wright
“He was 10-for-19, he threw the ball well but he had two interceptions though which is unacceptable playing here at Miami. We’ve got to eliminate those mistakes and we’ll correct them next week.”

On concern over a shorter week of preparation…
“No. Not at all. We went through 18 days of two-a-days. I just told the guys in the locker room, this is the time we prepared for. We had 18 days of two-a-days and in between each one we had four days of practice and a scrimmage. Now is the time they have to turn it on and realize these are the things we worked on during two-a-days.”

FIU Head Coach Mario Cristobal

On getting booed while running out on his “home field”…
“We had plenty of cheers now too…It was actually déjà vu for the third time. I was back with Rutgers in 2001 I do believe. At least we had a strong FIU showing. Back then there was absolutely no one from New Jersey hopping on a plane to come down and watch a game against Miami. So it is something, the first time it happens, preparing that first time was really, really strange, but at the same time you really have to respect and honor the opportunity. I mean this is the Orange Bowl. It’s the last year to play football against my alma mater, against friends and family and people that I know. You couldn’t ask for a better scenario.”

On what adjustments to make for next week…
“I think we have to do a better job of throwing the football when we have to. I mean our running game has definitely picked up. Our quarterback showed that when he does have to run with the football he can do that. Our offensive line held up relatively well against a team that can really rush the passer. I mean they got a couple of creatures on that side that look like they should be in Jurassic Park. The bottom line is we have got to be able to pass or get our passing game in sync. We are freshmen across the board at wide receiver and at quarterback, but we still go to practice everyday…Let’s just work hard and stay out ’til midnight to get it done.”

FIU running back A’mod Ned

On rushing for a lot of yards…
“I’m real disappointed about our loss. I would rather have 10 yards rushing and win. We have to get better, but we are on our way. We will get better in practice this week.”

On the passing game…
“We just have to execute better and practice. That’s about it. We have to come together as a whole unit and execute better. That’s all it is, execution.”

On whether he sees improvement…
“We are getting there. We are going to be a good team. It is just a matter of time.”

FIU quarterback Wayne Younger

On today’s game…
“Well, we have to credit Miami and their defense. They created problems for us this past game. Running the ball we were effective today, but we are going to continue to practice each week and prepare.”

On improving the passing game…
“We just have to be more efficient. At practice we need to watch more film, and grow more as a team, a unit, and hopefully I will start throwing the ball a little better.”