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Miami Qualifies for Grand Final in the San Diego Crew Classic

Miami Qualifies for Grand Final in the San Diego Crew Classic

April 1, 2006

San Diego, Calif. – The University of Miami Rowing team qualified for the Grand Final in the Women’s Cal Cup division at the San Diego Crew Classic 33rd Regatta on Mission Bay. The Hurricanes were able to win the opening heat of the division despite less than ideal conditions.

Cool, overcast conditions along with a slight cross-wind made the water a little choppy for this morning’s 8 a.m. race. Despite the conditions the Hurricanes felt that the row went fairly well. “I thought it was really smooth, the pace and flow was really smooth,” said junior Laura Coltman.

Coach Debra Morgan was satisfied with the Hurricanes’ opening heat win in a time of 6:43.7. “It was a very solid, confident heat race. We’re in a good position to take it up a notch for tomorrow,” Morgan said.

Miami will have to step it up a little as they posted only the second fastest time of the day behind heat C winner and third place finisher at last year’s race, Sacramento State. Coltman agrees “I think tomorrow is going to be a lot harder and we’re going to have to race hard to win.” The final should be very challenging with only five seconds separating the fastest qualifier from the slowest.

The Grand Final is scheduled for 11 a.m. (PST) on Sunday, April 2 where Miami will face St. Joseph’s, Navy, UC Davis, Sacramento State and Kansas State. The top two teams from each heat advanced to the Grand Final.

In other action, the Hurricanes’ JV8, Varsity 4 and Novice 4 all raced in Miami against Drexel, Barry and Nova Southeastern.

UM’s Novice 4 and Varsity 4 were able to beat Barry in the first two races of the day. The JV 8 wasn’t quite as lucky falling to Barry’s Varsity 8 while holding off Drexel.

As the day went on conditions worsened with wind making the water choppy and slower but Miami’s Varsity 4 was able to defeat three Nova crews and Miami’s Novice 4 to win its second race of the day.

The Hurricanes’ JV 8 came out strong in its second race but was unable to stay with Nova’s eight dropping its second and last race of the day. Coxswain Jessica Martin was positive in the loss, “it was a good experience and it was good to know that we could critique our first performance and improve, to go out and change and row a more solid piece.”

Miami will see Barry and Nova again next weekend as the Hurricanes race against all of the Florida teams at the Florida State Championship Regatta on Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8 in Miami, Fla.

San Diego Crew Classic – Women’s Cal Cup

Heat A
Miami – 6:43.7
(Laura Comeau (coxswain), Sarah Conlon, Emy Huntsman, Laura Cordner, Laura Coltman, Natasha Lejer, Rachel Clausing, Beth Krawec, Kelly Amsler)
St. Joseph’s – 6:45.54
St. Mary’s – 6:47.77
Temple – 6:50.48
University of San Diego – 6:52.81
Stanford L/W – 7:24.11
Claremont – 7:59.99

Heat B
Navy – 6:45.8
UC Davis – 6:47.57

Heat C
Sacramento State – 6:42.1
Kansas State – 6:44.13

Miami vs. Barry, Drexel, Nova Southeastern

Novice 4
Miami – 8:14.03
(Marcy Gunning (coxswain), Meghan Hudson, Anika Arevalo, Olivia Arkell-Charbonneau, Jessica Cruz)
Barry – 9:52.02

Varsity 4
(Race 1)Miami – 8:20.76
(Meghan Leydecker (coxswain), Taurii Coyne, Julianne Parker, Mackenzie Dove, Marenda Chamberlin)
Barry – 8:26.99

(Race 2)
Miami – 8:24
(Meghan Leydecker (coxswain), Taurii Coyne, Julianne Parker, Charlotte Hillery, Marenda Chamberlin)
Nova 1 – 8:25
Nova 2 – 8:35
Miami Novice 4 – 8:52
Nova 3 – 9:48

JV 8
(Race 1)
Barry – 7:17.32
Miami – 7:30.83
(Jessica Martin (coxswain), Molly Wilson, Sarah Greyer, Marleena Eyre, Sarah Stocks, Rachael Sporko, Jaquelene Heywood, Valerie Webb, Meghan White)
Drexel – 7:35.26

(Race 2)
Nova – 7:19
Miami – 7:39