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A Few Minutes with Tamara James

A Few Minutes with Tamara James

Nov. 22, 2005

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Coming into this season, do you have any individual goals?


Personally, I would like to average double digits in rebounding and really try to limit my turnovers. Other than that, I’m not too concerned about individual statistics, I just want to win.


What do you hope to accomplish as a team this year?


As a team, we’re excited. The program has had a change and the new coaching staff is great. We trust what the coaches are going to do with the program. I think we’re going to go far and surprise a lot of people this year.


Do you see this team advancing to the postseason?


Of course! I can see us making it past the first round of the NCAA Tournament and perhaps being a Cinderella team.


What effect do you see the new coaching staff having on your game?


They have a much more up-tempo style of play and allow the players to play more freely. They let you play basketball. They aren’t too strict on running a particular set or play, although we have to know what we’re doing and be organized. Coach Meier’s style is definitely to run the other team into the ground. She loves defense. Defense is everything, if you can’t play defense, you can’t be out there at all. She prides herself in defense and I think that’s a good thing for us to know and it will help us win games.


In the off-season you had surgery on both ankles, when do you think you’ll be ready?


Definitely by ACC play. I just have to get the kinks out and get used to running and get my feet back to doing all of the hard pounding


Based on what you’ve seen in practice, who do you think is someone who is going to step up this year?


Our point guard Renee Taylor. She has a huge impact on this team. She’s a very dynamic player and she’s going to help us out a lot. She’s very quick, very dangerous. She can shoot, she can penetrate, she can finish, she can pass. She’s the total package.