Off the Field with Brooks and McKinsey

Sept. 8, 2005

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We started the week off on a rough note with a tough loss to Stetson. The game time was moved up to 4:30 because we were not sure if we would have power back yet from Hurricane Katrina. Thankfully, the power was back and we were able to have our first game with a score board and announcer.


We out-shot Stetson and controlled the game but could not connect on the final ball. In the 40th minute, Val Blanco was able to put the ball in the back of the net to put us on the scoreboard. We dominated again in the second half but made a few mistakes and Stetson was able to capitalize on them. It was such a tough game to lose because we dominated the game and weren’t able to come away with the win.


We came out fired up and ready to play Friday night against FAU. As usual, this was a hard fought game. We were able to connect passes and find our forwards, which was something we struggled with against Stetson. The scoring started early when Paulelett beat her defender down the line, was tripped in the box and drew a penalty kick. Bryn Heinicke took the PK for us and easily placed it by the FAU keeper. Then FAU came back to score a few minutes later to tie the game up.


The adrenaline was rushing and our team just kept fighting. With 12 minutes left in the game, Bryn Heinicke was able to bury another ball in the back of the net to put us ahead 2-1. We were able to hold off the all-out offensive attack by FAU for the final 10 minutes to seal the victory. Beating FAU was a huge win for us!!!


Saturday night our team dinner was at Val’s house and it was great to be able to chill with the team outside of soccer and just relax. We had a lot of fun and GREAT FOOD! Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Blanco for having all of us over!!!


Sunday’s game was awesome!  Our team worked so hard together and we played the best we have played so far this season. It was a team effort and it paid off. We upset Princeton, ranked number 14th in the nation, by a score of 3-0. We scored three goals in a 10 minute span and dominated the game. Rachael Rigamat scored two goals and Paulelett scored one. I think our team is beginning to realize how much potential we have and that now we are expected to play every game the way we played against Princeton. It is wonderful to see how much our team has developed from the first day of preseason.


Due to the long weekend and having three home games in five days, a lot of peoples’ parents came in town for the weekend. We had a post-game tailgate party on Sunday after the Princeton game. It was really nice to be able to meet everyone’s parents and to be able to socialize after the game. Thanks to all of the parents for putting the tailgate party together!! 


We leave Thursday for our first road trip of the season. We play Indiana on Friday and Marquette on Sunday in the Hoosier Classic Tournament.


Julie Brooks

Go Canes!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2005


This past weekend our team has made history. After losing 2-1 to Stetson, a game we all knew we should have won, we entered our own tournament determined to get a win against FAU, which would end their three year winning streak against us.


On Friday, we pulled through with a 2-1 win to start off a winning streak of our own. We then had another big game to look forward to against nationally ranked Princeton on Sunday.


We knew that this was a large opportunity to put Miami women’s soccer on the map and possibly get ranked as well. We beat Princeton, scoring three goals in the second half, all within a span of 11 minutes. This was the first time in history Miami has beat a NCAA Final Four team.


With two wins under our belts we won our own tournament, outscoring nationally ranked No. 3 UCLA as well.


Now having played four games, we’re becoming more comfortable with each person’s style of play and our team is starting to pull together more.


This Thursday we travel to Indiana to play in a tournament where we’ll face Indiana University on Friday and Marquette on Sunday. It’s my first time traveling as a collegiate athlete and I couldn’t be more excited. I look forward to every aspect of the trip; like flying as a team, practicing on a different field, and beating a team on their home turf.


In addition, a friend from home plays field hockey at Indiana so I can’t wait to see her because it has been nearly a month since I’ve seen a familiar face from California. It will be nice to see a friend in stands since my parents can’t make it to this game. I’ll let you know how the tournament goes when I get back!


Meghan McKinsey