Here are your 1991 National Championship Memories!

Sept. 17, 2002

Pete Terranova, Hilliard, OH: : The win over FSU was awesome, but I fondly remember the win overHouston. I believe that was a Thursday night game on ESPN. Houston came inwith what was supposed to be a “high powered” offense with David Klinglerwho was a Heisman candidate. Well the canes blew them away that night, andif I remember correctly Gino had an awesome night passing.

Jorge Tonos, Miami, FL: I was 12 years old and I can remember it like it was yesterday.It was in Tallahassee and a very hostile environment and Miami drove downfield for the winning score against FSU. On fourth down Torreta hitCopeland ( against All-American Buckley) and set up Larry Jones for thewinning TD.Canes # 1