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Back Pass: Basic Tactics

For Field Players

What can field players do to put their goalkeeper in a favorable position on back passes? Field players can avoid dangerous situations if they just follow a few simple rules and help their goalkeeper:

Pass to the goalkeeper as early as possible, while opponents are still far away from the goal.Pass to the goalkeeper’s strong foot.Pass to the side so that the goalkeeper can kick the ball away immediately if necessary, without having to set up the kick first.Pass on the ground.Be aware of your goalkeeper’s level of technical skill and kick your back passes accordingly (in terms of force, precision, etc.).Get open again immediately after passing back, to give your goalkeeper another potential pass receiver.Cheer your goalkeeper up when plays go wrong!

For Goalkeepers

What can goalkeepers do to help their field players make quick and proper decisions? The goalkeeper must be aware of the surroundings at all time. Here are a few simple rules to follow:

Call out commands to direct your team’s game. Tell your teammates when to pass back, and when not to pass back.Anticipate situations that might lead to a back pass: Call for the back pass at the right moment, and look for potential receivers.Anticipate when and where the pass will come.Demonstrate self-confidence.On back passes, pay close attention to the ball, your teammates and your opponents.Avoid risks: Always choose the simplest and safest option.Make the right decision for the situation, even under pressure.Show for “back passes” to the side.Control the ball as quickly as possible.On poorly aimed back passes, always move laterally to get behind the ball, then forward.Keep the game moving, make decisions quickly.Pass accurately to your teammates, on the ground whenever possible.Always try to avoid kicking square passes in front of the empty goal.