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Defensive Backs Coach Chuck Pagano Press Conference

Dec. 31, 2000

New Orleans, La. ( — –
Saturday, December 30, 2000


(on calling defensive plays) “Obviously, it’s been a while. Talking to Coach (Davis), somebody has to call it. Someone has to be responsible for getting the calls in. The (game) plan is in.

(on his play-calling) “I think everybody has a different way to do things. They’ve got certain tendencies, and I think within those different areas, you formulate a game plan. We’ll have to change some things. Last year’s bowl game (Florida vs. Michigan State), there was a menagerie of trick plays. Our kids will have to be in position.

(on opportunity) “I’m excited. I’ve coached 17 years. I had an opportunity to be a coordinator at a very young age at UNLV in 1990 and ’91. It’s a great opportunity in a national setting, going against a great outfit.

(interested in coordinator’s job full-time?) “No question.

(is this game an audition?) “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask Butch that.

(comparing passing games of FSU and Florida) “Both outfits have great passing attacks. We’ll see a receiving corps (from Florida) that’s very comparable.

(on Florida offense) “As you break them down, they obviously do a very good job of scouting themselves. You can’t be lulled to sleep with the `fun and gun.’ You have to commit enough to stop the run, or it will be a long day.

(differences for this game?) “We’re going to do the things that got us here defensively. There’ll be a few wrinkles. When you have 3 ˝ to four weeks to prepare, you can do that. We’re trying to prepare ourselves for the unexpected (from Florida’s offense), as I’m sure they are.”