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Head Coach Butch Davis Press Conference

Dec. 29, 2000

New Orleans, La. ( — –
Thursday, December 28, 2000


(on goals): “This past summer, we set out and came up with some goals for this season. One of those goals was obviously to get our team to play in a BCS game. We are really truly thrilled to death. We wanted to win the conference championship and be undefeated. We accomplished a high percentage of our goals.”

(on the match-up): “The match-up is truly one of the best in all of college football this season. It’s ironic that it’s two teams from the state of Florida that are playing each other, but if you look at it on paper, every indication is that it should be a terrific football game.”

(on Florida offense): “This may be the best offensive line that we’ve played against. Both of the offensive tackles of Florida are legitimately potential first-round draft choices.

(on Florida defense): “I would say that their defense is every bit as talented as anybody that we’ve played this year including Florida State. They have some big play people in every single position.”

(on rebuilding): “When I took the job one of the things I wanted to do was to rebuild the program with an image that certainly everyone would respect around the country. We’ve done a terrific job over the last 12 to 15 years of graduating football players. We want the kids to realize that character was going to be an important aspect to the rebuilding of the program. I’m thrilled that people think that we’re doing things right.”

(on being one of the top programs): “It’s extremely difficult once you get to the top because every body is shooting at you. I know that you become a target on everybody’s schedule. It also has its advantages from a recruiting standing point. The players want to be a part of your program so that gives you the opportunity to have players that can keep you in those kinds of situations.”

(on Spurrier): “He is as fiery and competitive as any coach in college football.”

(on strategy): “The nuts and bolts of the stuff we’re going to do, it’s the same things we’ve been doing for the first 11 ballgames. You don’t re-invent the wheel. The simpler you keep it, the better off you are.”