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Andre' King's Diary Continues

Andre' King's Diary Continues

Aug. 24, 2000

Welcome Hurricane fans to another edition of King’s Court. I am sorry that I have not been real royalty in a while. My teammates and I have been practicing really hard to bring home that Sears Trophy, if you know what I mean!

Well we had our final two-a-day practice on Tuesday in the Orange Bowl and for many of us the goose bumps were already creeping up on our bodies from head to toe. That was probably the quietest the “OB” will ever be this year because of the caliber of opponents that we have coming in.

This is where all you crazed ‘Canes fans come in. We need you to be that 12th man on the field with us because the louder you cheer, the better we play. Our home schedule is one of the most challenging we have had in a few years, but we wouldn’t like it any other way. We come to Miami to play in the big games so we welcome any and all challenges.

Fall camp was very exciting, we got a lot of work accomplished in a short period of time. Rain or shine we were practicing because we could not afford any set backs due to the weather, and you know how crazy this tropical climate is. The players came out of training camp eager to begin the season.

We have been waiting for this moment since the Georgia Tech victory in the 2000 Gator Bowl. We took a week or so off and then we were back in the weight room, on the track and in the film room preparing for this upcoming season. We took the attitude that, if we want to be the best we have to put the time in and if that meant a shorter off-season then so be it. This summer was all about making sacrifices in order to make our team better and we think it will pay off in the long run.

I just wanted to address this preseason ranking. I know a lot of our fans want to know how we felt about it. Well we feel that it is a fair assessment of our program, although we do not know how they come up with the formula for preseason ratings. We have not paid too much attention to it because it’s just like a marathon race, it’s not where you are at the beginning race, it’s where you are at in the end of it. So we will worry about that on Jan. 4th.

With that said, I want to personally invite you to our 2001 championship run season. Come on out to the Orange Bowl and support the home team and when you call our ticket office at 1-800-G0-CANES, tell them that I sent you. They will be happy to hear from you! Operators are standing by to take your call.

From a ‘Cane to all the ‘Canes fans,