Captain's Log: Morgan Stroman Blog

Captain's Log: Morgan Stroman Blog


A few times a week, Morgan Stroman, one of the seniorcaptains on the women’s basketball team will be writing a blog of the team’s happenings.She has been an integral part of the team’s transformation into a ACC andnationally recognized program.

Out of high school, Stroman was a three-time SouthCarolina Gatorade Player of the Year, won four consecutive state championshipsand was named a McDonald’s All-American. After her sophomore season at Miami,Stroman was named All-ACC Third Team and helped guide the Canes to their firstACC Regular Season Championship.

Midway through her junior season, Stroman tore herAchilles’ tendon in a game at Virginia. She missed the rest of the season.However, after an intense rehab she was ready for her senior season. Shecurrently leads her team in rebounding, steals, blocks and double-doubles andis second on the squad in scoring.

Below is Morgan’s third blog entry

Hey, I’m back, guys!

Last Thursday was our game against Clemson and it was onespecial game to me. It was back in my home state and I was playing there forthe last time in my collegiate career. The emotions running through me were allpositive because I wanted to have a good game. Normally, I don’t think that waybecause I feel like I psych myself out when I say that. So I decided to just gowith the flow and let the game come to me.

It seemed to have worked, because I had one of mygreatest games of the season! Stats across the boards were all in my favor andfor team. I just wanted to take responsibility and get every rebound that cameoff of the basket and to get my team involved. Sixteen boards isn’t too shabbyif you ask me.

Being able to see all my family and friends was sobeautiful. A lot of people know my mom was my high school coach and she wasable to bring her team along with her on the trip. I just loved every moment ofit, because I know those girls look up to me in so many ways. Being a rolemodel is very important to me, because I feel like I can affect somebody’s lifein a positive way, especially younger girls. Having them be there was a greatmoment. It was also a couple of days after my birthday so I got a great songand card from the team and my family.

Games don’t always work out the way it did againstClemson, though. Against certain teams, you have to have stops. You can’t justtry to outscore them. That didn’t work out so well for us against FloridaState.

We lost to a very good team, but had them on the ropes atone point in the game. Against good teams, you have to play well, very well. It’sreally tough for me to handle these losses because it is my senior year and Ijust want to go out with a bang.

Our next game is going to be against Boston College and Iknow they aren’t going to back down from us, so we have to bring what we haveand come together as a team to win.

This is a bye week for us so we have to get in the gymand get up shots, stay productive and get our study on. This is going to be funweek.