Captain's Log: Morgan Stroman Blog

Captain's Log: Morgan Stroman Blog

A few times a week,Morgan Stroman, one of the senior captains on the women’s basketball team willbe writing a blog of the team’s happenings. She has been an intragal part ofthe team’s transformation into a ACC and nationally recognized program.

Out of high school,Stroman was a three-time South Carolina Gatorade Player of the Year, won fourconsecutive state championships and was named a McDonald’s All-American. Afterher sophomore season at Miami, Stroman was named All-ACC Third Team and helped guidethe Canes to their first ACC Regular Season Championship.

Midway through herjunior season, Stroman tore her Achilles’ tendon in a game at Virginia. Shemissed the rest of the season. However, after an intense rehab she was readyfor her senior season. She currently leads her team in rebounding, steals,blocks and double-doubles and is second on the squad in scoring.

Below is Morgan’s secondblog entry for

The pain of defeat isn’t as bad when you don’t put forth the effortinto it. The feeling of defeat after working hard and playing the most physicalgame of the year weighs a ton! The game Sunday against North Carolina was oneof our most exciting games on the year, but we came up short after a buzzerbeater shot for them to win the game. This feeling I have now is a feeling ofdisappointment and anger. I haven’t had that feeling in a very long time, whenyou work so hard for something and it is just snatched away from you.

In the locker room after the game there was a lot of tough love speeches¬†comingfrom seniors on the team and a lot of emotions flowing. Shanel Williams, who isone respected teammate, said a lot of things that were true and needed to besaid, even though everyone was hurt. I backed her up 100 percent. As much as Iwanted to cry and just be so upset about the game, I was thinking I had to bestrong for my teammates, I didn’t want them to see me crying and I wanted tomake sure they were okay.

Monday is our off days but today, i think practice is going to bea response from our lessons from the game. I think Coach Meier will focus moreon our late game situation and show us the things we could have done differently.

Coach will show us film and also let us know what we could havechanged in that scenario, but in no way, shape or form will she back down fromthe challenge of playing against Duke. We will not back down in practice andhave a weak practice because of this loss. This should make us stronger and putthe feeling in our guts that we don’t want to have ever again.