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The University of Miami constructed two parking lots to increase the number of parking spaces for the Convocation Center. A new lot has been constructed across the street from the Student Health Center. The Pavia Parking Garage now holds an additional 561 spaces. Renovation to the Ponce Parking Garage, near Mark Light Stadium, began on May 3, 2002. The Ponce Parking Garage has an additional 424 spaces.

Pavia Parking Garage

This state of the art garage includes an information booth at the entrance and is equipped with 2 blue light emergency telephones per floor. Public Safety will station a roving guard to provide 24-hour security in the garage. Additionally, a ‘Day Pass’ Machine – similar to the one at the Ponce Garage – for individuals who require one through five day passes will be installed. The ground breaking for the Pavia Parking Garage took place March 11, 2002. The garage has 4 floors and offers 561 parking spaces.

Ponce Parking Garage

Additional parking spaces were made by adding two additional floors to the Ponce Parking Garage. The two floors have added 424 additional parking spaces for the University. The garage now holds 1052 parking spaces.

Metro Rail Parking Lots
Metro Rail Parking Lots: Additional parking will be offered on the North and South parking lots in between University Station.

Coral Gables Campus Parking Management Plan 2002

Pavia Parking Garage
Pavia Parking Garage
Ponce Parking Garage
Ponce Parking Garage