Meet Hurricane Freshman Selina Archer

Meet Hurricane Freshman Selina Archer

Sept. 21, 2010


Selina Archer, a Florida native, is the second of four Hurricane freshmen to take time to sit down with and tell ‘Canes fans what it has been like to be a new face in a new place and what expectations she has for herself and the Hurricane Women’s Basketball team this season.

What made you choose the University of Miami?

I chose the University of Miami first because of the real family atmosphere the school has. I knew on my visit that the girls on the team all really cared about each other and treated each other like sisters. I also just felt that the coaches were all cool; they seemed approachable, like you could talk to them about basketball and life.  It’s also true that I am from Florida and I have no desire to ever be in cold weather, even the road trips up north are going to take some getting used to!

What are some of the goals that you have for yourself and for the team this season?

Personally this year, I want to grow on the court and in the classroom. It is very important that I do well in the classroom as I know this takes the pressure off of you when you go to the court, you can just focus on basketball. My basketball goal is to help the team win in any way I can. I want to work hard and show the team and coaches that I am here to be a winner.

For the team’s goals, I think we have to finish in the top of the ACC and make the NCAA Tournament. The team had a great WNIT run last year, and this year our goal is the NCAA Tournament, nothing less.

You spent six weeks of your summer on-campus taking classes and working out. What did you learn during that time about being a student-athlete at the U?

 The most important thing that I learned about being a student-athlete at the U this summer is that you have to be organized and time management is so important. People tell you how much free time you are going to have even with all your classes, workouts, weights, individuals stuff like that, you have to learn to be productive in your free time and always make sure your work is done, you cannot be a procrastinator.

Of the veterans on the team, who do you look up to the most and why?

Personally, I look up to Shawnice Wilson “Pepper” the most on the team. Even though Pepper is a transfer, she has been in the same boat as me before – being new at a school, adjusting to college life – she is very mature so you can always go to her and talk, plus Pepper tells it like it is, she is not afraid to be honest, and that’s something we all need.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that the public does not know…

This may sound silly, but one of the weirdest things I can do is make a noise that sounds just like a frog, I mean, just like a frog!

Who is the best dancer/singer on the team…the funniest…the loudest?

Dancer- Maria Brown

Singer- Morgan Stroman

Funniest- Shanel Williams

Loudest- ME, of course!

Have you seen any celebrities since being in Miami?

Since being in Miami I have seen LeBron James, Michael Beasley, Pit Bull, and even Shakira, seems every day I see a new celeb either on campus, or in the Gables.

Now that you have been a Miami resident for a few weeks, what advice would you give LeBron James and Chris Bosh?

I would tell them to get ready for Hurricane season! When it rains in Miami it pours, it can be surprising how quickly these roads flood, that is definitely something they will need to be adjusted to.

What does it mean to you to be a Miami Hurricane?

For me, to be a Miami Hurricane means to be a part of a family, a unit. To be a part of the U is something special, not everyone gets this opportunity. I think the people that join the U should take advantage of it and realize the gift, make others proud that they came here.