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Katie Meier ACC Coaches Teleconference Quotes

Katie Meier ACC Coaches Teleconference Quotes

Dec. 13, 2005


The following quotes were taken from UM head women’s basketball coach Katie Meier’s Dec. 13th ACC Women’s Basketball Coaches Teleconference.

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Katie Meier


On the season thus far…


“The team is doing great and the best part is we just keep getting better every game. We still have a long way to go, but the team is starting to get an understanding of our personnel and our talent. That goes for me as a coach as well, things like learning who can score from what spot and what types of defenses are best for us. So far I’m very, very pleased and really having a great time with this group.”


On <?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>Miami’s upcoming game at Montana, UM’s first road trip of the season…

(Miami started the season with an eight-game home stand and travel to Montana Friday, Dec. 16 and then to Orlando to face UCF Tuesday, Dec. 20)


“I’m real excited to see the character of the team (on the road) because I’ve been very spoiled (by playing at home). It’s almost been like a spring training-type feel playing at home – getting to break down film right after the game and getting on the court the next day. We are going to learn a lot about ourselves. This is quite a trip. Montana is an extremely tough place to play and then to play at Central Florida will be a good experience for us too.”


“We are excited and I think, in terms of the maturity level of the team, I still have some things to learn and I’m sure I’ll find out on this trip.”


On the team’s defensive progression shown against Hartford…


“I was really surprised because Harford really doesn’t cough the ball up that much, so I was pleased with our intensity. I think in the Florida International game, we played with emotion for the first time. The Harford game was the first time I saw the team very business-like saying `OK, this is the job we have to do and let’s get it done.’ I keep seeing new aspects of our potential and I like it, I really do.”


On what it’s like to coach National Player of the Year candidate Tamara James


“It is a real blessing. She is the most efficient player I’ve ever coached. Sometimes, I honestly don’t believe her stat line after the game when I look at it. It’s not that I don’t notice, but she has spoiled me in the fact that if we get her the ball, it’s going to go in. Her game isn’t all that flashy, but she works very, very hard before she gets the ball so, for me, it’s a constant surprise. She does all of the right things, all of the right basketball things every possession.”


“She has been very patient this season because we are still trying to figure out our offense. It’s not like I’m calling every play to go to her. She really isn’t getting that many shots, she’s just making a high percentage of them.”


On what senior guard Melissa Knight brings to the team…


“She has a real versatile game. She can score in the paint and her three-point shot is very quick. Her shot has impressed me; she can get it off against anybody. She has been real aggressive offensively and on defense, she had five steals in our last game and two in the last thirty seconds in game before that.”