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Discipline is a requirement. Discipline requires consistency of effort and inner strength.1. Do what has to be done; 2.When it has to be done; 3.As well as it can be done; and 4.Do it that way ALL THE TIME.

Respect is the key to learning. Players must first respect their teachers, coaches, teammates and opponents in order to gain knowledge from their interactions.

Nothing reflects more on a program than the intensity level that the team plays with — not only in games, but more importantly in practice. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR GUTS!

Long term goals need to stem from seemingly out of reach dreams and aspirations. We must have the courage to “DREAM BIG“. Short term goals are set as part of the immediate plan of achieving long term goals.

“Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure” – THOMAS EDISON

The love of the game is infectious. Love basketball! Love hard work! Love success! And share that love with those around you AT ALL TIMES.

“Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm” – RALPH WALDO EMERSON