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Women's Rowing Races Past UConn, West Virginia and UCF

Women's Rowing Races Past UConn, West Virginia and UCF

March 24, 2002

Miami Beach, Fla. (www.hurricanesports.com) — – University of Miami varsity women’s rowing won four of five races vs. UCF, Connecticut and West Virginia on Saturday at the Hurricanes’ home course on Indian Creek in Miami Beach.

The women’s varsity eight, which included Jenny Lee (coxswain), Jenny Krawec, Jacqui Julien, Anna Cohen, Marijka Vander Pol, Monika Manios, Alli Nelson, Ananda Chou and Mandy Turner, opened the days racing with a first-place finish over Connecticut (7:30.65) and West Virginia (7:41.71) with a time of 7:22.75.

In the last race of the day the UM varsity eight (7:09.54) came away with another first-place finish over West Virginia (7:10.88), UCF (7:21.42) and UM (JV) 7:30.54.

The Miami junior varsity eight defeated UConn head-to-head by a time of 7:39.29 to the Huskies’ 7:50.29. The JV eight featured Meg Venezia (coxswain), Julie Crane, Yassi Hairinia, Katie Weeden, Caroline Stuart, Jordanna Heywood, Yennisha Pino, Maggie Knuth and Sara Grossman.

Miami’s third varsity eight also turned a first-place finish with a 7:46.9 to UConn’s 8:01.96. The third varsity eight included April Runkle (coxswain), Tyler McHugh Merrill, Melissa Saunders, Rachel Sander, Trisha Blackwell, Liz Miller, Deirdre Curran, Laraine Martin and Dorothy Clay.

Later in the day, UM’s third eight fell to UCF by a time of 7:28.69 to 7:37.41.

On the novice side, Connecticut’s women defeated Miami’s in the eights and fours. The UM novice women’s eight also finished second to UCF and ahead of West Virginia.

The novice women’s eight was Gaby Scovazzo (at coxswain vs. UConn), Maureen Haley (at coxswain vs. UCF), Harlee Bustamante, Ericka Miller, Patrice Wakeley, Michelle Owens-Wolcott, Lisa Beezer, Mary Radlinski, Cory Bell and Joelyn Manula. The second novice women’s four was Dana Litt (coxswain), Alana Smith, May Lauron, Brandie Seuer and Makana Tocman.

The Hurricanes will next row at the San Diego (CA) Crew Classic, April 6 and 7.

Race Results

WV8Miami 7:22.75UCONN 7:30.65WVU 7:41.71

WJV8UM 7:39.29UCONN 7:50.16

W3V8UM 7:46.9UCONN 8:01.96

WN8UCONN 7:50.21UM 7:58.4WVU 8:58.94

WN4UCONN 9:39.72UM 9:41.32

W2ndN8UCF 8:18.35WVU 8:59.96

WN8UCF 7:34.23UM 7:53.56WVU 9:12.85

MN8UM 6:57.18UCF 7:05.71

WJV8UCF 7:28.69UM 3V 7:37.41

WV8UM 7:09.54WVU 7:10.88UCF 7:21.42UM JV 7:30.54