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Oct. 10, 2001


It is very important, both before and after a game, to stretch your muscles properly. Stretching keeps your muscles loose, significantly reducing the risk of injury. The muscles listed below are include different suggestions on how to stretch them properly. Remember, don’t rush through any of the stretches. Make sure that you take the time to do them properly. This might be the difference between you being involved in the action from the field, or sitting on the bench.

Calf Muscles

Long muscles:
1. Bend over and put your weight on your hands. Bend one knee and stretch the other leg, keeping your heel on the ground.
2. Push your hips forward until you start to feel the stretch in your calves.Short muscles:1. Kneel with one knee raised, heel planted on the ground and toes pointing forward.2. Push the raised knee forward over your ankle until you feel the stretch.

Rear Thigh Muscles

Short muscles:1. Lying flat on your back, wrap your hands around the back of one knee.2. Raise your entire leg and hold it in that position, then straighten it partially Long muscles:1. Lying flat on your back, wrap both hands around one calf.2. Straighten your leg slowly and completely, point your toes.

Front Thigh Muscles

Starting Position1. Kneel on one knee and plant the sole of your other foot on the ground. Reach back and take hold of your ankle with one hand.2. Pull your heel up toward the middle of your buttocks. Push your hip forward on the side that you’re stretching. For Kneecap Problems1. Lie on your side and bend your bottom leg. Take hold of the top of your other foot with one hand.2. Pull your heel carefully toward the middle of your buttocks.


Short muscles: 1. Sit erect with your back straight.2. Put the sales of your feet together and pull your heels in as close to your body as possible. Push your hips forward and your knees out and down. Breathe normally and push your chest out. Long muscles:1. Sit with legs straight and spread apart2. Bend forward from the waist as far as possible (breastbone first). It is important that you keep your spine straight.

Buttocks Muscles

Side buttocks muscle:1. Sit with legs straight out in front of you. Bring one leg up and plant the foot next to your other knee. Brace the opposite arm against your raised knee, turn and look behind you.2. Turn your spine in the same direction, without shifting your buttocks. Keep both buttocks on the ground, distribute your weight evenly and sit up straight. Starting position:1. Lie on your back with one knee bent and your heel planted on the ground. Bring your other leg up and place your foot or calf on the raised leg, with your knee facing outward.2. Wrap both hands around the shin of the support leg and pull your heel towards your buttocks.