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Hurricane Crew

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Welcome to the Crew Alumni Page
We are currently in the process of developing this page to what we hope will become the home for crew alumni information. Please feel free to contribute ideas and suggestions to further our progress to making this a great resource for our alumni.

There you are!
Here is a list of the alumni that we have so far. Look for your old buddies! Add your name too! Email here.

Wynne Stallings

Sandy Leichliter

Amy Federman

Brette Sadler

Marjorie Deocampo

Jim Heller

Sandy Fiedler

Wendy Zalles

Mark Brown

Carolyn Martonffy
class of ’98

Lorena Vollrath-Bueno
class of ’99

Bill Cleaveland

Ed & Michelle Montalvo

Marcus Guara

Lisa & Paul Scheller

Robert Tucker

Friends of Crew needs your support
Friends of Crew is designed to provide “grass roots” support for the women’s crew program at the University of Miami. The objective of the club is to assist the athletic department in promoting Miami Crew in Dade County and throughout South Florida and assist in generating interest and enthusiasm for the program. Your membership to Friends of Crew helps to support the club’s activities and the University of Miami Crew Program. Although Friends of Crew memberships are not accompanied with Hurricane Club benefits, you can take pride in the fact that UM Crew will remain nationally competitive because of your support. We welcome you to become a part of Friends of Crew and join other crew enthusiasts in the fun of supporting UM Crew.

What have you done for me lately??
Thanks to the alumni of Miami Crew who have been supporting the teams by donating money to buy boats! There are currently 3 boats:
Wendy’s Vanguard (women’s varsity 4+, bowloader)
Montalvo (men’s varsity 4+, bowloader)
Dan Fine ’94 (women’s varsity 8)