Athletic Training – Insurance Information

1.   All students attending the University of Miami must have completed the Insurance Verification forms online with the University.  All students must have appropriate insurance coverage as defined by the University of Miami.  Domestic students enrolled in six or more credit hours per semester (or considered full time, including graduate students enrolled in a 700/800 level class) are required to obtain adequate health Insurance (see exceptions). The annual premium for the health insurance plan offered through the Student Health Service is added to each student’s fees. Domestic students with adequate alternative coverage may request cancellation of the insurance fee via MyUM.  Insurance cancellation requests must be renewed each academic year via MyUM

2.   All student-athletes must have a MEDICAL INSURANCE INFORMATION AUTHORIZATION FORM on file with the athletic trainer prior to any participation. Please provide documentation (i.e., signed claim forms, copy of insurance card, and copy of prescription card).

3.   The student-athlete reports all injuries and illnesses to the athletic trainer. If the injuries or illnesses are athletically-related in accordance with the NCAA Medical Expenses Guidelines, the following statements apply.

4.   The athletic trainer refers the student-athlete to a UM team physician or UM appointed specialist. If the student-athlete chooses to have a second opinion, this will be covered only with prior approval by the athletic training staff. If the student-athlete chooses to have further care given by the second opinion physician outside the UM appointed physician, all medical expenses incurred including deductible(s) will be the responsibility of the student-athlete and parent(s)/guardian.

5.   The student-athlete must take a referral form from the Athletic Training department to all appointments with a UM team physician, UM appointed specialist, and UM Student Health Center. If a referral form is NOT taken, the student-athlete and parent(s)/guardian are responsible for the bill(s) incurred.

6.   In the case where the student-athlete is covered under a group insurance policy or an individual policy, all bills for medical care received shall be forwarded to the athletic training department for filing with the parent(s)/guardian insurance company.  A copy of the insurance company’s EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS *(worksheet of how their claim payment was calculated for each date of service) should be forwarded to The University of Miami Athletic Training Department so that the excess charges may be paid.  These two policies will pay 100% of the cost-parent(s)/guardian should have not out-of-pocket expense.

7.   Parent(s)/guardian that may have money sent to them by their insurance companies for payment of medical services must endorse the check(s) and forward the check(s) to the University of Miami Athletic Training Department. These checks are not to be cashed and kept by the parent(s)/guardian for personal use. Further, if the parent(s)/guardian falsify the insurance authorization form, insurance fraud charges would also be in order.

8.   If the student-athlete is covered by a HMO, the Athletic Training Department will contact the HMO by phone to receive instructions as to what coverage is afforded if care if provided other than by the HMO physician.

9.   Surgical expenses to a student-athlete who is injured during the academic year while participating in voluntary campus physical activities such as weightlifting and playing an intramural sport(s) that will prepare the student-athlete for competition (to be determined by the athletic training staff) will be filed using the same procedures as an in-season sports injury.

10. Dental teeth cleaning, provisional filling of teeth or other dental work not directly related to an injury that occurred during practice or competition is not covered under the NCAA Guidelines.

11. Glasses, contact lenses, or protective eye wear (i.e., goggles) for student-athletes who require visual correction in order to participate in practice or games may be provided. However, this cannot be provided for classroom use only per NCAA Guidelines.

12. Medical or hospital expenses incurred as the result of an injury that occurred while outside the supervision of the coaching staff will NOT be covered expenses.  Medical expenses as a result of appendicitis are not athletic-related: therefore, these expenses will NOT be covered under NCAA Guidelines

13. Medications for participation while working-out on UM campus during the summer will be covered under the NCAA guidelines. Medications for participation will only be paid for during the academic school year.