Athletic Training – Physical Information


Recruited student-athletes who wish to be members of a University of Miami varsity athletic team must pass an initial comprehensive physical examination which will be performed by University of Miami Team Physicians upon their arrival on campus.  A returner physical is also completed once a year by a UM Team Physician.  All potential student-athletes are required to undergo and pass this physical examination PRIOR TO practice or competition.  If any conditions warranting further follow-up are discovered during the physical examination, participation may be postponed until full clearance is granted by the Medical Director.  An EKG and blood work is also performed during the physical examination.  Potential student-athletes will be informed ahead of time of the specific date of their physical.  Prior to arriving on campus to receive the comprehensive physical, the potential student-athlete must complete all of the following steps:

·         Complete the physical packet:

Complete Physical Packet

·         Complete the NExTT Solutions Student Portal

NExTT Solutions Instructions      NExTT Solutions Student Portal

·         Complete Impact Concussion Testing

1.      Log onto .
2.      In the customer code box input: C775FED24A
3.      Then “launch baseline test”.
4.      Advance through the test and give all required information.
5.      When it asks you to print confirmation at the end do so.

·         Print a copy of the FRONT and BACK of your insurance card

If you plan to enroll in the University of Miami insurance plan make sure this is noted on the appropriate document in the physical packet.

Please mail or email the complete physical packet, Impact test completion page, and copies of your current insurance card prior to your physical date.  If you suffered any injuries or illnesses in the past that may affect your participation, please provide these medical records as well.  Doctor’s notes, surgical notes, MRIs, x-rays, and rehabilitation notes are examples. 


Potential walk on student-athletes/practice players must provide a current physical examination (performed within the last 6 months), insurance information, an EKG, and blood testing to include assessment of sickle cell trait.  If you do not want to be tested for sickle cell trait during blood testing you may complete the sickle cell waiver located in the complete physical information packet.  The complete physical information packet must also be completed.  The necessary steps that must be followed are below:

·         Go to either the Student Health Center or a physician of your choice and receive a physical examination.
·         In conjunction with your physical examination have an EKG and blood work performed.
·         Complete the physical packet:

Complete Physical Packet

Print a copy of the FRONT and BACK of your insurance card (MAKE THE COPIES LARGE SO THEY ARE EASY TO READ). 

When you have completed the following and have all of the following documents in hand you can set up an appointment with the Staff Athletic Trainer of the respective sport to go over your paperwork:

·         Completed Physical
·         Blood testing results
·         EKG Printout
·         Completed physical packet
·         Front and Back copies of current insurance card

A Team Physician will review your documents and inform the Staff Athletic Trainer of your clearance or denial to participate in tryouts.  The Compliance Department will give the potential walk-on/ practice player the final permission to officially try out.  If the potential walk-on/ practice player is selected to continue on in an official capacity NExTT Student Portal and Impact concussion testing must also be completed.  The instructions for completion of these two tasks can be located under Recruited Student-Athlete Physical Information.