What is the Athletic fee?

The Athletic fee supports the marching band and allows students to attend assigned home games for football, baseball, basketball and intercollegiate contests. Free transportation is included for events held at the Hard Rock Stadium.

How do I log in?

  • Go to your Student Tickets Account
  • Use your account number (your C Number with a 9 in front of it). Example: C12345678 –> Account # 912345678
  • Use your previously created password or register your account upon logging in


Student Ticket Information


The student section is comprised of both Lower and Upper Level sections on the West side of Hard Rock Stadium.

The Lower student section contains Sections 105-116.  The Upper student section includes Sections 306-314.

Each student must claim a student ticket the week of the game. Claiming a ticket does not guarantee admission.  Students must present their CaneCard and ticket at the NW Student Gate to enter.

Student Guest tickets will be made available to purchase to select home games. Prices vary.

Men's Basketball

The student section is comprised of sections 106/107 & 117/118. Each student must claim a student ticket the week of the game. Claiming a ticket does not guarantee admission.  Students must present their CaneCard and ticket at the NE Student Gate to enter.

Women's Basketball

The student section is comprised of sections 106/107 & 117/118. Students do not need to claim a student ticket. A CaneCard is required for entry. Students must enter through the main entrance of the Watsco Center located on the South side of the arena.


The student section can be found in Section G on the 3rd Baseline of Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field.

Students do not need to claim a student ticket. A CaneCard is required for entry. Students must enter through the student gate located at the 3rd Base entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Information Regarding Football Student Tickets

Each student will be wrist-banded with a certain color to indicate those students who have gained access to the lower bowl. These students are ushered to a specific entrance at Northwest Gate of Hard Rock Stadium and led to the student sections in the 100 level of the stadium. Once those wristbands have been exhausted, then all remaining students will be given wristbands of a different color at the Northwest Gate entrance and led to the open student sections in the 300 level of the stadium.

The student entrance is closed upon the conclusion of the first half. The student gates will be locked to block entrance or exit through that gate.

Do I need to claim a ticket online?

Football = YES

Men’s Basketball = YES

Women’s Basketball = NO

Baseball = NO

How many tickets can I claim?

You may claim one (1) ticket for each Football and Men’s Basketball game. All other sports you only need to show your CaneCard at the Student Gate for entry.

When can I claim my ticket?

For Football and Men’s Basketball games, you may claim your ticket starting on Sunday at noon the week of the game. Exception: For Monday games, the claims process will open the prior Sunday at noon (8 days before the game).

Tickets are not required for Women’s Basketball or Baseball. Students will need to show their CaneCard for entry.

When do I need to claim my ticket by?

Tickets are first-come, first-serve. For Football, the deadline to claim a student ticket is Wednesday at 11:59 PM before each home game. For all other sports, If tickets do not sell out, then the window will not close. Once they do sell out it will close so it is recommended you claim your ticket as soon as you can if you plan to attend the game.

Do I need my CaneCard for entry?

A CaneCard is required for student entry at all athletic events.

Is entry first-come, first-serve?

Yes, entry for students is a first-come, first-serve for all sports.

Where do I enter the game?

Football – Enter Hard Rock Stadium at the NW gate

Men’s Basketball – Enter the Watsco Center at the NE gate

Women’s Basketball – Enter the Watsco Center at the South gate

Baseball – Enter Mark Light Field at the Third Base gate

What if I want to bring a non-UM student to the game?

You may purchase up to one (1) student guest ticket for select home football games. Guest tickets will be available for purchase during the student ticket claim period. These tickets are dependent upon availability. There are no guest tickets for Men’s Basketball.

How will I receive my ticket?

Upon completing the claim process, your electronic ticket will be emailed to you and you will scan the ticket at the student gate on your mobile device. You must add the ticket to your Apple Wallet for entry. Do NOT print out any mobile delivery tickets on any paper form or take screenshot photos of your mobile ticket as both forms will be denied entry.

Can I return my ticket if I can no longer attend the game?

Yes, click on Manage My Account to return your ticket. Student priority for away and postseason games is based on games attended and claim/redeem percentage. Only claim tickets if you plan to attend.

Do I need to show my ticket upon boarding the UBus?

Yes, you will be required to show your ticket and Cane Card upon boarding the bus, so please have both items out and ready.Bus transportation is free of charge for UM students and will begin departing from Stanford Circle 3 hours prior to kick-off. The last bus will depart 30 minutes prior to kick-off. For more information on the UBus visit https://division.studentaffairs.staging.miami.edu/ubus/

Do I need anything else besides my ticket upon entering?

Yes, you will need your Cane Card as you will be asked to verify the ticket matches the Cane Card upon entering the game. If you do not have your Cane Card, you will not be able to enter the game.

What sections are the Student Section in for Football?
  • Sections 105-111 (Rows 11 & Up), Sections 114-116
  • The UM Band is located in Section 115, but you may sit in the rows directly behind them.•Sections 306-308 & 313-314
  • Student seating is available on first-come, first-serve basis, and will fill up the 100 Level seating first and then directed to the 300 level after those seats are filled.
  • You will be provided a wristband upon entry to distinguish what level you will be sitting in. Once 100 level wristbands are fully distributed, 300 level wristbands will be distributed and students will be directed to those sections.
  • If you want to sit with your friends, we advise you to arrive together as seats cannot be reserved and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Do students need a ticket for Olympic Sports?

For Olympic sports, students do not need to claim a student ticket, however, a CaneCard is required for entry. It is general admission for soccer and track located at Cobb Stadium; tennis at the Neil Schiff Tennis Center; volleyball at the Knight Complex; and swimming at the Norman Whitten Pool.