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A Few Minutes with Tatjana Marincic

A Few Minutes with Tatjana Marincic

Nov. 8, 2005 recently sat down for a few minutes with senior forward Tatjana Marincic to talk about the upcoming season. Here’s what she had to say…

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Coming in as a freshman you had some goals for set for yourself. On and off the court, do you think you have accomplished those goals yet?


“Coming in my freshman year there were a lot of goals because school and basketball are a four-year commitment. Academically, I came in wanting to do really well. I really wanted to set goals as high as possible because of the opportunity <?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>Miami was going to provide me. I think I have used the best resources they have to offer. Athletically, I have tried to be consistent with my goals. Given the situation each year it just seems to be different and I have had to adapt and change.”


On the court your production has increased every year you have been here. Coming into your senior year that has to be something to build on?


“Ending last year on a positive note definitely does help me. With a whole new coaching staff, what I have done in the past doesn’t really apply this season because the program is  kind of starting from scratch so I have to as well. My previous three years don’t apply to my goals this year because the coaches don’t really want to look back and neither do I.”


How do you think you are fitting in with the new coaching staff? Do you like their style?


“I am defiantly excited because the kind of style that they project is the kind of style I was used to before I got here. This year it seems to be going back to my old system and what I went through; playing an up-tempo style, pushing the ball up and always having a team concept of the game.”


What are your plans after you graduate?


“I am planning to graduate this May. I am looking into graduate school. But for right now, I am planning on going into my field of international marketing when the opportunity comes along.”


On or off the court, what has been the most memorable moment you can remember of your first three years here?


“Since basketball is such a big part of my life, I would say making it into the NCAA Tournament my freshman year and getting a chance to play in New Mexico.”


Where do you see this team going this year?


“I definitely see this team making it back into the NCAA Tournament. Last year was the only year we hadn’t made the tournament while I have been here, even though I think we still could have gone. I see this team making the tournament again and going further than we have gone before.”